Gerald Celente: 2014 Will Be A Year of Extremes

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RT America on Dec 31, 2013

People have tried (with varying success) to predict the future, from soothsayers to reading tea leaves, from Nostradamus to calling Miss Cleo. But one man, Gerald Celente, has made a career out of forecasting trends as the founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of “Trends Journal.” RT’s Anastasia Churkina sits down with Celente to talk about his predictions for 2014.


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4 thoughts on “Gerald Celente: 2014 Will Be A Year of Extremes

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  2. I don’t understand you peskyvera, he is advocating direct participatory democracy not political anarchy. Can you clarify?

    The difficulty is that so many people, especially those who are attracted to the US “system” because of the glittering rewards it advertises so ostentatiously, that shining city on the hill etc. or what the Chinese used to call the promise of the Golden Mountain, are not at all sophisticated about values; but buy into a grotesque materialistic myth, & are exhorted to work & vote for selfishness and greed, not enlightened governance.

  3. Is Celente mellowing??? Not voting is WRONG!!! What people must start to watch is WHO they vote for instead of re-electing the clowns time after time.

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