Heather Wokusch: WP 2.0 (World Peace) — What Can Be Done To Help Prevent WWIII?

Love is how we’ll ask for peace-Amy

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by Heather Wokusch
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Heather Wokusch
Dec. 31, 2013


As the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII draws near, what can be done right now to help prevent WWIII?

WP 2.0 (World Peace) is an innovative and empowering project with five main goals:

· Complete a book of interviews with women across the world who experienced WWII

· Donate 1,000 digital copies of that book to libraries, schools and prisons

· Create a multimedia eLearning platform dedicated to sharing the stories of (male and female) WWII survivors around the world.

· Via the WP 2.0 online platform, globally link schools/groups and individuals interested in exploring the potential for a saner, more peaceful world.

· Film ten 28-minute televised interviews on WP 2.0 topics

Ambitious? Yes. Possible? Absolutely!


If you can’t make a contribution but would like to support the WP 2.0 project, then please share this indiegogo campaign far and wide! We’d really, really appreciate it!

via http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wp-2-0-creating-a-better-future-by-embracing-the-past-and-connecting-globally


Excerpt: US internment

WP 2.0

In the video below, a survivor of the stateside internment camps during WWII describes her experiences. This brief excerpt is taken from an award-winning television interview which was done especially for the WP 2.0 platform.


American-Japanese Veteran of WWII: Kazuo Fred Yamaguchi

WP 2.0

It is ironic that while over 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent were forced into internment camps during WWII, roughly 33,000 other Americans of Japanese descent were actively serving in the US military. Our guest, Mr. Kazuo Fred Yamaguchi was one of the roughly 6,000 Americans of Japanese descent who served in the US Military Intelligence Service (MIS). We discuss the war, what it was like to return home after it ended and the fight to have the contributions of these service members recognized. Filmed at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in September 2012. Heather Wokusch as producer and host, Gloria Messer as producer and director.


Internment of Japanese Americans during WWII – MNN interview

WP 2.0

Over 100,000 Americans of Japanese descent were put into “internment camps” during WWII, a crucial yet often overlooked part of US history. We are joined by Madeleine Sugimoto, whose family was sent to Camp Jerome; this segment also features the paintings of her father, Henry Y. Sugimoto, documenting life inside the camps. From “The Broader Implications of War,” a series directed and co-produced by Gloria Messer for the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Host and co-producer: Heather Wokusch.

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  5. no change from within simply means no change from without . projects are all fine and well , and i am always involved in many , but let there be peace and let it begin ”IN” me , is no clique . it is the truth . without it we are all sunk in more ways than we can even imagine .

    concerning Messianic things . there is simple way to test it . if the Messianic figure denys the need for inner change , then they are false , only getting at the branches . if the Messianic figure seeks peace WITHIN and lives and proclaims that ”the kingdom of heaven is within you now ” , ..then he or she is right on target and is going for the root of all problems .

  6. Don / David,
    It’s interesting that John Pilger, Seymour Hersh, and Helen Thomas had one thing in common: they are/were journalists who are elders. They all hold the same view that journalism is about confronting the powerful, and state that journalism is simply the work of truth-seeking and truth-telling. All find it kind of strange to be held up as examples when they are simply doing what journalists do. Interesting you mention Paul Hawken – we may have both seen his 2012 Bioneers Conference talk over the weekend. He is in his late 60’s to 70 years old I would guess – more proof of reason to search out the elders for wisdom.
    Thanks for the good talk.

    • Thanks Jerry, I have to agree.

      What I find slightly disquieting though, is that individuals who should have learned something in their lifetime, often display a reluctance to harvest the golden fruits of experience, and just dwell habitually on their familiar triumphs; while those who have clearly gained some insight, are seldom invited to share it, even when the opportunity presents itself…!

    • In my view many journalists do not just do their job as impartial commentators, I suggest Jerry you come and stay at my place in Australia, and I will give you a commentary on in the main Australian journalists, they are as a bunch of so called professionals inept, badly informed and aligned to deference, and are in the main toeing the political line as holding on to their job? I do not know what planet you are on Jerry, but your comment is out of touch with what is going on? are you from a well off family? if so that explains a lot to me.
      Examples I have given such as Pilger, are not welcome here in Australia, he is disliked, for his interpretation of politics, such views he has as the killing of thousands of Indonesians after WW2, by no less than British troops fighting for the Dutch, and the Dutch, who committed mass atrocities to Indonesians, as well as the British, here in Australia no journalists bring this stuff up, the journalists here on say ABC, are all pulp journalists, they are picked for the job by producers, to entertain, the masses here in Australia are virtually death warmed up, you cannot talk to Australians about the dark side of what is going on, as they are well indoctrinated not to go their.
      Australians as a group live for fucking, drugs, surfboarding, money, social standing, and having a good time, its called hedonism, having been here for over thirty years, I have been perplexed as to what makes the Australian tick? I am not sure, but in the origins of colonization in this country, I believe it would not be unusual to have what is called a posse and shoot and kill Aboriginals similar to fox hunting or killing rabbits, on the return of these men, and the conversation within the household on daily events is not to say we killed several Abo’s, but to say you had a hard day mustering the sheep, in other words you do not speak about your experience, this become the cultural norm, and the psyche of the Australian becoming a breed of the normal to be evasive.
      Another curious aspect of Australians is the the new arrivals to this country, they soon cotton on to this culture, it is surprising how they adapt to mediocrity, if you want to belong here you have to play the game, the bombastic nature of Australians abroad, is a cover up for their inherent inferiority, do not get sucked in by their front.
      If Australia is for the enlightened, ask your self why Pilger is seldom here as the same with Assange, both Australians, and they hang out abroad, if Australian journalism was on top of it, the intelligent would not stay here, the correction that Assange is bailed up of course he is unable to leave, London, but if he could would not be here, I am here as a result of persecution in London, and became a refugee as having a economic problem in not being able to get back to London, and having the misfortune of my path crossing RD Laings, by default.
      David, thanks I am still considering your writing, will reply soon.

      • Don,
        The intent behind my comment was to honor Mr. Pilger, Mr. Hersh, and Ms.Thomas for their being great journalists. I wrote “All find it kind of strange… “(all meaning Pilger, Hersh, and Thomas), but I think you may have read “I find it kind of strange…” (I meaning Jerry). So, I agree with your sentiment that real journalists have a hard time remaining true to their principles and staying employed in MSM, unless agreeing, as you mentioned, not to “go there”. My family is not financially well-off.
        Best regards,

        • Thanks Jerry for clearing this comment up, I must have misunderstood the position you are taking, what is a anomaly all the same is Helen’s commentary on the Palestine situation at the news gathering is, that after her statement she was finished, as far as I know, if this is true your statement that it is just stating a simple truth?, is not just a simple truth, or if you like it is and is not at the same time, which is if you like a parallel to quantum mechanics, as you would know what I refer to is a particle being in two separate places at the same time?
          As far as just doing their job, would say a state employed lethal injector on death row, USA, was just doing his job and as a result of say DNA, later after execution was found to be innocent? is he in part culpable as being a murderer himself? not culpable in law, but morally?
          What bothers me is the word, just?

  7. Good luck with this project but…I very much doubt that those pushing for wars – wherever/whoever they might be, are interested in listening or reading the veterans’ accounts. We are turning into a savage society motivated, it seems, by greed – regardless of consequences. What is needed is a world-wide social revolution of a scale never seen before – to dwarf the French Revolution.

    • You’re right peskyvera, our “sanctified” industrial paradigm is utterly lethal ~ and ecologically bankrupt.

      To survive and redeem life on Earth, including that of humans, we need to dramatically rectify our robotic habituation to reflexively automated habitat pillage, mindless cruelty and species extermination.

      In my opinion, any religion/moral philosophy that does not value or at the very least, “consider” the welfare of other forms of life/consciousness/intelligence, should be relegated to some hypothetical museum of perverse human deviance…starting with ALL those delusional “bonkers banksters” & their political pimps.

  8. The Christian symbolism is so entwined in war and peace, this peculiarity can be seen where Allied forces before facing danger of the intrepid kind, often offer prayers up to the prevailing highest of what is often deemed as God, as one can see in the Film All Quiet on The Western Front, the opposite force in this battle as in the trenches of the dying German, is human, not just because he having a cross of Jesus around his neck, this paradox, of futility.
    WW3, may not be avoided as we have the Holy Trinity, although personally I am at a loss to entirely understand this trio, What is significant is two is like you cannot serve two masters, and this number becomes uncomfortable, whereas three becomes the lucky three, whether the forces that instigate war, are subject to numerical superstitian is unknown to me, if we were guided by the more intelligent, no doubt war would long be all part of history, of long ago, boys will be boys, and they that have the say in using our latest toys, jet fighter planes, rockets, and so on, in the next war, the thrill of being in the fast lane, although Michael Schumacher, must have been receiving his adrenaline and testosterone rush, as he navigated and knew how the principles of staying alive on the track, and this unfortunate skiing accident evidently even at a slow pace, could not or did not know the varied obstacles that would eventually become a life and death issue for him, added to this, and I am afraid to say this, the feeling within of invincibility of being top dog, is always a bad bet to tempt fate of the unknown, for myself, it is enough for me to write this letter to you, and am thankful if I am able to despatch this off to you, before I keel over and am also having a unreasonable fear of what lies beyond of this mortal capsule I am encased in, I remain thankful to have survived so far.
    Having got thru 2013, as a wounded individual, I would hope WW.3, will not begin in 2014, and this being the first day of 2014, I have not heard of rockets or other material as such being a sign of this war, and the time now is 8.20pm, I keep my fingers crossed that we all have a jolly good 2014, as dandelion salad has been a good friend to me, and wish you David, all the best for this year.

    • Don,
      Perhaps spending a little time at nderf.org (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) will diminish your unreasonable fear of what lies beyond. Hundreds of personal NDE accounts from men, women, and children around the world.
      All the best,

      • Jerry, thank you for your positive advise, I may have conveyed to many the wrong impression of what I mean, I have been in London at the time of the German blitz, also I have been in close quarters of the rockets, the VIs and 2s, that exploded virtually in houses adjoining the house where I lived, so I am used to death that is not far away.
        I have had a considerable amount of LSD, with the kind offering from the CIA, on the MKUltra program, I suggest to those who are involved with life and death experience they may attempt the same, many of the 60s, people that took acid did never recover, from what I believe would be the same source, I suggest Jerry you may look at Syd Barret, of Pink Floyd, to see what can happen to someone on or having LSD, which I would say is akin to a death experience, so you are not talking to a greenhorn as to what its all about.
        I do not have a position on death my position with regard to this is in a constant state of flux, and is not a definite condition as to what death is, nor what it is not.
        Thank you David, always of significance.

        • Don,
          My adopted motto is to never interfere with another’s personal spiritual journey. In a spirit of harmlessness, I was hoping you could share who you believe are the authors/writers now living who people could most greatly benefit by reading/hearing. In other words, those writers (or others) who you admire the most.
          Thanks for your clarifying response.

        • Besides David being a great light in the turbulent current of this strange age and quagmire of this now strange world as a trusted interpreter, I suggest one being up their as a light in this dark age, is John Pilger, many people here in Australia dislike him, his importance to me is he seems to have courage in speaking out that which most journalists and writers are unwilling to go their, as I ponder your question, Snowden comes to mind, in courage to give up a life of comparative comfort, the journalist, USA, Helen Thomas, on Palestine, said what few would dare to say, in the situation she delivered.
          I do have a problem with the Messiah or Messiahs, I refrain from saying why, as this will open a can of worms, of complexity, as you can see the ones quoted are contemporary, and we are not relying on texts, of some hundreds of years ago, as you see this is not extensive, but is a direction of thought.
          All the same Jerry, the ability to do good or supposed good, in this world, is a problem that you lay down your life and expect no reward? this is not appetizing to many, here I am not saying that one would have the prize of what? 72 virgins? in heaven, although last night on TV, a most successful man in Hollywood in movie marketing sold up his property and went to where? Pakistan?, to the rubbish heaps to save children from a life of squalor and working on the rubbish heaps, and started a school to educate them, on their CV, what do you put? started on a rubbish tip and graduated? and become educated, as you know when individuals become educated, also they have another problem, a quagmire of existence?

        • Thanks Don. I’ve been thinking about what you are saying, your long experience, and generosity of spirit; like you I believe we need to open up to a much more unrestricted moral universe; I’d also certainly rate John Pilger as one of the most courageous truth tellers of our time.

          The fact that he is not acknowledged as such in “Oz” is curious, but I suspect it has a lot to do with conformity and denial, possibly a narrowness of outlook born of fear and guilt.

          When we try to grasp the bigger story though, it is quite mind-boggling how many initiatives there are world-wide, working to make a real difference. I was following a film the other day Awakening the Dreamer ~ a bit exaggerated & “cosmologically” disappointing I’d say, also extravagantly optimistic ~ but it does convey the sincerity that exists to bring about intelligent change.

          Not forgetting Bertrand Russell’s long-standing advisory (1926) about the “harm that good men do,” there was in this film a clip from a Bioneers talk by Paul Hawken. whose work has resonated with me for more than 25 years. He sees this global “movement” for change as the biggest in human history.

          He wrote a book about it, Blessed Unrest, and in this talk that was some years back, he says if you listed all these individuals and organizations (even then, in excess of 2 million he estimated) it would take literally months to scroll through it.

          I think the message we can take to heart, is that you can never know what you’re capable of, until you try…moreover I’d have to conclude, a live activist will invariably achieve much more than a dead “saint.”

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