Chris Hedges and William Binney on Obama #NSA Guidelines, Part 1 + Transcript

2013 DC Rally Against Mass Surrveillance 2

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with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Jan 9, 2014

Chris Hedges and NSA whistle-blower William Binney tell Paul Jay that there should be accountability, including the President himself, for the criminal practices used by the NSA against the American people.



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The Morning Mix Project Censored – January 10, 2014 (Mickey Huff interviews “Shahid Buttar, Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee about the NSA, surveillance”….)

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  12. If we concur with this troubling narrative ~ and personally I find it deeply compelling ~ then it grows increasingly evident that the canaries in the mine are no longer singing, that real danger is imminent, & we must face the likelihood and consequences of a dramatic cave-in.

    As dire as this prognosis is for the domestic US, it also has catastrophic implications for our mesmerized dollar-spun, corrupt “oikoumene” (or ecocidal civilization) generally.

    If the US succumbs to this tendency to mutate from inverted totalitarianism to overt, naked fascism, the critical question will be how the EU, the UK commonwealth nations so-called, S America, and other key countries and regions respond.

    This is indeed a time for strong alliances, intelligent coalitions, radical conversations and coherent initiatives. We must consolidate our strengths, and prepare for the emergence of new styles of representative governance and sustainable provisioning, much of which is already in evidence.

    Community solidarity will grow in direct proportion to the degree to which people believe in their own capabilities and capacities, are open to ecologically inspired change, invention and design, & are prepared , to experiment wisely and encourage others by sharing their experiences, generously

  13. As it is coming to light more and more, it isn’t just Americans who have been under constant surveillance all this time – the rest of the world has been graced by NSA’s attention too. It is those betraying our trust who are the traitors.

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