Response to Barack Obama’s Eulogy for the Fourth Amendment by David Swanson + Julian Assange Responds To Obama’s #NSA Reforms Speech

DC Rally Against Mass Surveillance

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by David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
January 17, 2014

President Barack Obama gave a eulogy for the Fourth Amendment on Friday, and not even his fans are proclaiming victory.  In this moment when Obama is actually doing one thing I agree with (talking to Iran), more and more people seem to be slowly, agonizingly slowly, finally, finally, finally, recognizing what a complete huckster he is when it comes to pretty speeches about his crimes.

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Barack Obama’s #NSA Speech + Transcript + Presidential Policy Directive-28 — Signals Intelligence Activities + Rand Paul Responds

The Bug Stops Here

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Dandelion Salad

Propaganda Alert!

President Obama’s Full NSA Speech

WSJDigitalNetwork on Jan 17, 2014

At a major speech outlining revisions to U.S. intelligence operations, Barack Obama announced a number of new procedures for the NSA, including an end to the phone tapping of world allies.

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Volunteers Crowdsource Radiation Monitoring to Map Potential Risk on Every Street in Japan

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The Changers

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democracynow on Jan 17, 2014

democracynow – Safecast is a network of volunteers who came together to map radiation levels throughout Japan after the Fukushima Diiachi nuclear power plant disaster in 2011. Continue reading