Volunteers Crowdsource Radiation Monitoring to Map Potential Risk on Every Street in Japan

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democracynow on Jan 17, 2014

democracynow – Safecast is a network of volunteers who came together to map radiation levels throughout Japan after the Fukushima Diiachi nuclear power plant disaster in 2011. They soon realized radiation readings varied widely, with some areas close to the disaster facing light contamination, depending on wind and geography, while others much further away showed higher readings. Safecast volunteers use Geiger counters and open-source software to measure the radiation, and then post the data online for anyone to access. Broadcasting from Tokyo, we are joined by Pieter Franken, co-founder of Safecast. “The first trip we made into Fukushima, it was an eye-opener, first of all, the radiation levels we encountered were way higher than what we had seen on television,” Franken says. “We decided to focus on measuring every single street as our goal in Safecast, so for the last three years we have been doing that, and this month we are passing the 15 millionth location we have measured, and basically every street in Japan has been at least measured once, if not many, many more times.”

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    Many things are a waste of time and energy. Example many voices are crying out today for a revolt, yet those doing the most crying out are not there to lead the host on the front line.

    Likewise are those called out to become a FACT FINDER, so sad to say the real dirty killing facts of nuclear energy have been in print for years.

    Now many are being called out to become a Fact Proof finder but when doing not much comes from that work.

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