Exclusive: What’s Right with Kansas by Rocket Kirchner

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
January 27, 2014

The State of Kansas has been the whipping boy from so-called progressives for decades. It has been treated as a backward Bogeyman State. The Square State. The Motionless State. The State stuck in time. But not so fast. My research has been giving me a different picture, and I am now really in a myth-busting mood. So look out! This short article with its links will be an attempt to redress this imbalanced perception that is tantamount to either bigotry, ignorance, or agenda driven ideologues. I don’t live in Kansas, but at age 59 I still love to question everything. EVERYTHING.

I will grant you right off the bat that not all States can be Vermont and give us great Socialist Senators like Bernie Sanders. But with all the negative reports on Kansas, and books like What’s the Matter with Kansas?, documentaries, massive press coverage, etc., my curiosity got the best of me. And I thought it high time to contest this manufactured consent and show what is actually right about Kansas. So let’s run the numbers:

1. Health and Education — Nancy Kassenbaum (R-Kansas) and Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) in 1996 passed the Kennedy-Kassenbaum bill.

2. Education — A. Kansas has approved teaching Climate Change.

B. Governor Brownback just last week proposed 80 million dollars for all-day Kindergarten. This will really help working mothers.

C. The very thing that Kansas educators have been criticized for ad nausem, which is the teaching of Creationism in their schools not only what statistically most Americans want, but is being adopted in Holland. Those Euroes in the Netherlands are hard thinkers reexamining this issue. Could it be that Kansas considered by many to be so far behind that they are setting a cutting edge record abroad? Stay tuned.

3. The Death Penalty — Myself being an anti-death penalty advocate, I was recently at a symposium on the matter, and was really surprised to hear that Kansas was the last State in the Union to adopt it, and the last man was executed there in 1965. Why is this?

Being in the great tradition of the early radical feminists against abortion and for fetal rights, like Susan B. Anthony and Mary Wollstonecraft, they have kept a single standard (as opposed to a double one) on innocent life. In other words, they don’t want to chance it. They would rather not execute them then chance executing an innocent life.

4. War — The conservative Kansans have in the main been known for their staunch anti-interventionism overseas.

5. The Arts — Kansas is #3 in the country for live theater.

6. Privacy issues — Bill HR:6021 opposes the NDAA.

7. Hate Crime Laws — Kansas passed a law in 2002 against hate crime, protecting sexual orientation.

8. Presidents — California gave us Reagan and Nixon. Illinois gave us Obama. Massachusetts gave us Kennedy. All destructive presidents. Kansas gave us the man who on nationwide television openly warned us of the military industrial complex. Ike knew what he was talking about.

Conclusion: When looked at in full scope and many more facts that I don’t have room to write about, have an accumulative effect about what is actually right about Kansas. It may not be Vermont, but neither is it the Bogeyman State like we have all been lead to believe either.

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: What’s Right with Kansas by Rocket Kirchner

  1. Interesting post Rocket.

    One thing you didn’t mention ~ farming.

    Any signs of “enlightened ag” rather than more and more of the same old, same-old hyper-mechanized, soil destroying chemical & hydrocarbon intensive bread basket foodopoly production, massive CAFOs, & GM subsidized rollouts?

    I’d suspect the prevailing idea is still that old fashioned notions of soil conservation, CSA’s and organic mixed cropping with livestock using agroforestry and agroecological methods are “museum farming” ~ but I’d love to hear that is not the whole story.

    • David , i did not have the time to get into the AG changes in the State. Manhattan K.S. is the center of the AG school , and i have done some shows there .

      like most cutting edge business schools around America , the watchword since the late 1990’s is ”it pays to go green ”. Kansans are very pragmatic people . I can see no difference why they would be any different in this area. ..but i could be mistaken .

      Interesting to note: Lawrence ,Kansas is one of the hippest places in the planet. William S. Burroughs spent his last years there . When i met Allen Ginsberg sidestage of a Dylan concert in Kansas , Ginsberg was alerting me of some amazing cultural things that i had missed even when i gigged there . Cultural things to this day that keep reverberating . It is the Greenwich village of the Midwest that’s for sure.

      • Fascinating, thanks for the great reply, I’m offline for about two weeks…got to work away with limited access. All best…

        • David , i forget to mention the famous Phelps case from Topeka Kansas that won in the supreme ct for the first amendment of their rallys against military events. hard core conservatives protesting military events , The courts and various groups were seeking to silence . Viva la first amendment –freedom of speech !!!!!!

          also , the Creationism mythos so important for any myths to be taught to fertile young minds with imagination . this is where Holland is going with this . Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell –The POWER OF MYTH ”.

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