Edward Snowden: There’s no saving an intelligence community that believes it can lie to the public and the legislators + Transcript

Edward Snowden

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[Replaced video with a link as first one was removed. Feb. 1, 2014]

January 27, 2014

Snowden-Interview in English (Exclusive on German Television 01/26/2014)





Chris Hedges and William Binney on Obama #NSA Guidelines, Part 1 + Transcript

Glenn Greenwald: The NSA Can “Literally Watch Every Keystroke You Make” + TAO Revealed: The NSA’s ‘top secret weapon’


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17 thoughts on “Edward Snowden: There’s no saving an intelligence community that believes it can lie to the public and the legislators + Transcript

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  9. A revealing and deeply relevant interview. Intensely focused, coherent and valuable.

    As he correctly states, what is “lawful” is not necessarily right(ful.)

    So this is actually an endemic crisis of political morality, & I should add, far better to have arrived late than never.

    The arrogance of US exceptionalism will not recover unless & until “America” reforms its entire rationale for doing “business” in the world & rejects spurious elitism & state violence.

    Their specious “greed is good” obscenity is only fit for the trash, but this trash must be properly disposed of ~ not just “recycled;” it needs to be completely re-formed ~ regrown out of the pure seed-energy of “bio-philic” intelligence with healthy, fresh new roots properly supported by nature’s symbiotic mycelial webs, as an authentic ecosystemic culture.

    Living truths make the best analogies.

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  15. Me thinks that too many legislators are in cahoots with this ‘intelligence’ community. If legislators don’t know what the hell is going on in the country then they should be put out to pasture.

    • Its not that American intelligence do not know what is going on, its just that their so called intelligence, is a involvement with power, to the extent that they are controlled by power, although they have specialist skills, these specialist skills, take such time to learn and they are involved with a culture that disables them from seeing what is going on other than the conditioning they have internalized.
      Same as scientists that are involved with developing weapons, they would have advanced skills in mathematics and engineering, and so on, but their limited ability to comprehend the outcome of what they create, is the same as the guy who developed the AK47, later in life, regretted his creation, as you do.
      To summarize, if you are born in a culture without a grasp of morality and ethics, and to some extent philosophy, you are somewhat compromised to understand what is going on, and would take considerable time to comprehend what is.

  16. I suggest the NSA, are covering up their illegal activities, of phone tapping, the accusation Snowden is unpatriotic is a myth, this organization desires to cover up its corrupt practices and have been found wanting, the NSA, now needs to drop charges against Snowden and admit they now need to become responsible and review its practices.

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