If There’s Global Warming … Why Is It So Cold?

Birdbath in the Snow

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

yaleclimateforum on Jan 28, 2014

It’s that time of year, the perennial “It’s snowing so it can’t be warming” season – or, as scientists call it, “winter”. Depends on where you’re standing, actually — I stood on a frozen lake with Dr. Jeff Masters to discuss the current planetary changes, but at the same time, in Alaska, historic warm temperatures were unfolding, and across the west, the deepest drought in decades…

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11 thoughts on “If There’s Global Warming … Why Is It So Cold?

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  3. Today, in February 2014, America is at present going through ice and cold, here in Australia, today in Melbourne or where I am, Daylesford, it is 40 degrees Celsius, the constant heat wave as a succession of heat, and I think heat in Adelaide reached the highest recorded temperature recorded in January, the animals as a result of heat are being killed at a fast rate as the water here is scarce, through heat evaporation.

    • That’s just horrible, Don. I’m so sorry to hear this. The poor animals.

      Even with all the extreme cold in the US this winter, globally the temps are rising. It was -21 C (-5 F) here last night. Brrrr, and that is not the coldest it has been this winter. It’s expected to be a bit colder Sunday night.

      • Yes, I was in a the closest town a few days ago, sheep were in sale yards at Ballarat, in full sunlight, it must of been 30 degrees, Celsius, no trees for shade, most unshorn, it was so normal to those who were within that culture, I remember how Nietzche, towards the end of his life put his arms around a horse that had been savagely beaten, and cried, I understand that, he would do this, here in Australia, we must be close to the Asians, in a physical sense, many Asians have a attitude towards animals?

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