#NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe: Global Mass Surveilance Protesters Demand Too Little + The Day We Fight Back: Activism Sweeps the Internet

2013 DC Rally Against Mass Surveillance 12

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TheRealNews on Feb 10, 2014

Former NSA intelligence analyst and whistleblower Kirk Wiebe warns that those rallying for the passage of USA Freedom Act will not receive verifiable change.





The Day We Fight Back: Activism Sweeps the Internet With Global Action Against Mass Surveillance

democracynow on Feb 11, 2014

www.democracynow.org – Nearly a decade after the George W. Bush administration’s warrantless spying program came to light, the issue of mass government surveillance has again sparked a global outcry with the disclosures of whistleblower Edward Snowden. Leaks of National Security Agency files have exposed a mammoth spying apparatus that stretches across the planet, from phone records to text messages to social media and email, from the internal communications of climate summits to those of foreign missions and even individual heads of state. Today privacy advocates are holding one of their biggest online actions so far with “The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance.” Thousands of websites will speak in one voice, displaying a banner encouraging visitors to fight back by posting memes and changing their social media avatars to reflect their demands, as well as contacting their members of Congress to push through surveillance reform legislation. The action is inspired in part by the late internet open-access activist Aaron Swartz, who helped set a precedent in January 2012 when more than 8,000 websites went dark for 12 hours in protest of a pair of controversial bills that were being debated in Congress: the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). The bills died in committee in the wake of protests. We discuss today’s global action with Rainey Reitman, activism director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.


‘The Day We Fight Back’: Netizens rally against NSA in memory of Aaron Swartz

RT on Feb 11, 2014

It’s been a year since his death but his mission hasn’t been forgotten. The organization co-founded by internet freedom fighter Aaron Swartz is leading a mass protest against the NSA’s indiscriminate surveillance in a campaign called: “The Day We Fight Back.”

For more details on the story, check out http://on.rt.com/ql1q2e


‘Day We Fight Back’ takes on NSA

RT America on Feb 11, 2014

It was declared ‘The Day We Fight Back’. Internet companies and activists around the world had an international day of protest on February 11th. Over 5,700 websites changed their homepages to demand the National Security Agency stop its massive surveillance efforts. On Capitol Hill, representatives from privacy groups, religious institutions NS Congressman Rush Holt came together to talk about the issue of NSA spying. RT correspondent Meghan Lopez was there and brings us more.


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