Mark Weisbrot: What’s Going On In Venezuela? + Pro-government Rallies

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CCTV America on Feb 14, 2014

Rival factions have been clashing in Venezuela, with at least 3 people dead. For analysis on the protests, anchor Mike Walter sits down with Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic Policy & Research.

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Pro-government rallies in Venezuela after week of protests

BreakingNewsTV on Feb 16, 2014



Caracas to expel 3 US consular officials

PressTVNews Videos on Feb 16, 2014

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro orders the expulsion of three US consular officials as tension rises over the anti-government demonstrations being held across the country.

Maduro announced the decision and accused Washington of lending legitimacy to the opposition’s efforts to destabilize the country. Maduro says he won’t tolerate threats to Venezuela’s sovereignty. Meanwhile, a leader of the Western-backed opposition has called on anti-government protesters to continue holding demonstrations in order to increase the pressure on Maduro. Leopoldo Lopez says he will attend Tuesday’s demonstration, even though he could be arrested. The government has accused Lopez of vandalism and incitement to violence. He is wanted by the judiciary on charges of terrorism and murder after calling a demonstration against the Maduro administration that left three dead and dozens injured.

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7 thoughts on “Mark Weisbrot: What’s Going On In Venezuela? + Pro-government Rallies

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  3. The problem for our world is that US policy is a blank cheque & fully loaded gun, to buy, bribe and threaten at will.

    Probably the best thing that could happen would be to witness the demise of the dollar, that would instantly reduce and defuse all these phony interventions, and allow governments to write their own rules and call the shots in their own back yards, for good or ill..

    US foreign policy is really a curse. American interference in everybody’s business is a pestilential affliction that corrupts everything and everyone.

    US “interests” equal power, profits, violence and control ~ at any cost, no matter to whom or what.

  4. Not exactly impressed by the empty observations. The most important thing that needs to happen is for Washington to stay out of this. It is an internal problem to be solved internally without foreign meddling.

  5. No doubt, the American NED (National Endowment for Democracy), as usual, has their hands in this pie again. The US is allergic to democratically elected governments.

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