Rick Rozoff: Former Soviet Republics, Current Russian Allies Are U.S./NATO Color Revolution Targets

by Rick Rozoff
Writer, Dandelion Salad
February 23, 2014

John Robles
Voice of Russia
February 23, 2014
Recorded on February 18, 2014

Part I

It is unprecedented that simultaneously three countries that are allies of Russia are being threatened by color revolutions: Venezuela, the Bosnian Serb Republic (Republika Srpska) and Ukraine. These synthetic uprisings orchestrated by the US/NATO/EU would have been identified as the uprisings of fascistic guttersnipes 100 years ago, but in 2014 they are being portrayed as democracy or freedom movements, by the same people who are organizing them to destroy country after country. Voice of Russia regular contributor Rick Rozoff says that if something like this was to happen in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin or Rome, this would not have been tolerated for hours, much less days, weeks and months.

Mr. Rozoff also stated that since the fragmentation of the Soviet Union the US and other Western nations have insinuated themselves very deeply into the political structures of former Soviet states, especially in Ukraine, and into its internal security apparatus and military through a NATO integration and Partnership for Peace Agreement and the NATO-Ukraine Commission. It should be known, says Mr. Rozoff that the NATO Association Agreement with Ukraine is meant to: “… bring a country with a 1400 km border with Russia firmly into the military pen of the United States and NATO.”

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Rick Rozoff – the owner and manager of the stop NATO website and international mailing list. This is part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Robles: The timing Rick – protests in Venezuela, Bosnia at the same time. It is like they are working on some schedule or something. The Olympics are going on right now and this is all happening in the background. Anything on the timing that you could comment on?

Rozoff: That’s a keen point you are making. There is no question but that somebody has decided to ignite several fires simultaneously, so as to prevent the timely response, particularly I would argue by Russia, which is a close political and even, ultimately, military ally of Venezuela, as well as the Bosnian Serb Republic (The Republika Srpska) and Ukraine. So that, what you see is three nations, one of them a quasi-nation or, let’s say, an autonomous Bosnian Serb Republic, with close political affiliation with Russia being threatened simultaneously through these wretched color revolution scenarios.

That, again, if they were occurring a hundred years ago – say, in the 1920’s or 1930’s in Europe – would be identified for what they were, which is an uprising of fascistic guttersnipes. And the fact that this is being portrayed in any way or form as a democracy or freedom movement is outrageous. And it just shows how far the US domination, if not almost monopoly, control of international news dissemination has led to black being portrayed as white and vice versa.

Robles: It was 6 p.m. Moscow time when the Ukrainian security services announced that they would be clearing out Maidan Square. They gave them a warning and the Russian Foreign Ministry has called on these oppositionists not to use violence etc. They had a chance to peacefully just break camp and call it a day, just clear the square.

Again, you’ve commented on the violent tactics already, but I just wanted to get that out there, that they were warned in advance. This wasn’t some sudden swoop or something by the security forces. It wasn’t a surprise thing, they knew it and I think it’s a long time in coming. Why do you think they took so long? In my opinion they took way too long to react.

Rozoff: Again, to reason by analogy, were something like this to happen in Washington or in London or Paris or Berlin or Rome, this would not have been tolerated for hours, much less days, weeks and months. If nothing else, the established authorities would have portrayed the existence of so-called tent cities as being a threat to public health, to impeding the flow of traffic, security obviously problem or threat and it would have been cleared up right quickly. That you could be assured of that.

But if you are a government that is under siege by the US and its allies, then no matter what you do it’s wrong. If you demonstrate any lack of resolve, you’re seen as weak and ready for the kill. If you attempt, howsoever timidly, to enforce the basic functions of a government by ensuring public security, then you are seen as being heavy-handed and overbearing and violent and so forth, and I would have to say, if I were Viktor Yanukovych – and this applies, by the way, to a lot of heads of state. You know, Maduro in Venezuela, perhaps Lukashenko in Belarus, I don’t know how many around the world – have got to be thinking that what we’ve seen in the past 15 years is that any time a head of state tries to defend his nation against a Western onslaught, he ends up in a prison cell and he ends up dead.

And this has happened with several heads of state, from Ivory Coast to Yugoslavia, from Libya to Iraq. And the message is: it is riding a tiger, it is literally that. If you continue with the process, you are going to be mauled and killed. And if you try to get off, you are going to be assaulted.

Robles: I’m sorry, I think you are right, you are absolutely right. And I think putting that out there like that, I think the presidents of all the countries in the world, especially countries that may be targeted, I don’t think they should be afraid to make a move.

I think the opposite. I think they should get together – all of the independent thinking and all the presidents of countries that are seeking to maintain an independent or sovereign foreign policy, stance or decision, or policies, I think they should all get together and form some sort of alliance so this does not happen again. And I think this stuff has to be just cut off before even it is allowed to grow.

We already know, and I think it is obvious to the world, who the actors are, who the puppeteers are, who is pulling the strings, where the financing is coming from. I just don’t understand why, for example, presidents don’t get together and just make this not possible anymore.

Rozoff: You are absolutely correct about that, John. And if I could, there is the Aesopian fable, many of your listeners may know about, about the cat and the mice, where its decided the cat is picking off a mouse, a different mouse every day to devour it. The mice hold a council and they determine they have to put a bell around the cat in order to know when he is coming. And the world has to bell this cat right now, it should have done it a long time ago.

But on the upside, the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States, CELAC as it from the acronym is known, held a meeting a couple of weeks ago in Havana, Cuba, where they declared the Western hemisphere to be a nuclear free zone and a zone of peace. And that is the sort of initiative that has to be taken not only throughout Latin America, but throughout the world.

We have to declare the world to be a zone of peace, free of nuclear and all other weapons, and certainly free of interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations and plunging capital cities of countries into violence, such as we are seeing in Kiev right now.

Robles: For one goal, and that’s to replace the president, as far as I see it.

Rozoff: To implant a puppet regime that will be brought into the military orbit of the United States and NATO. That’s the objective.

Robles: I don’t understand it myself. These people they are organizing a coup d’etat… I mean, the minute they started storming government buildings, I think they forfeited every possible reasonable right, that even unreasonable right they had, to be called an opposition or to be dealt with peacefully. I don’t understand why he is even negotiating with them. They should all be, in my opinion, arrested immediately on the spot.

Rozoff: We have to keep in mind that since the fragmentation of the Soviet Union in 1991, that the US and other Western nations have insinuated themselves very deeply into the political structures of former Soviet states, Ukraine I think as much as any other. And that means into the internal security apparatus of the Interior Ministry, through the military, through NATO integration and Partnership for Peace and the NATO-Ukraine Commission and similar measures where it is a question of how much you can even depend on people within the internal and the external security apparatus because of 23 years of penetration by the West.

Incidentally, before I sign off, I just want to read a couple of brief excerpts from title IIof the Association Agreement between Ukraine and European Union. The agreement, that not having been signed on November 21st, was the alleged cause for this violent uprising in Ukraine. It included comments like the following:

“The Association Agreement will promote gradual convergence on foreign and security matters with the aim of Ukraine’s ever deeper involvement in the European security area.”

It calls to “strengthen cooperation and dialog on international security and crisis management,” and so forth. It talks very precisely about the military integration of Ukraine into that of Western Europe, into the European Union in the first place, which itself is almost…

Robles: NATO.

Rozoff: Yes, it is NATO, Through the Berlin Plus and other agreements. It also calls for: “taking full and timely advantage of all diplomatic and military channels between the Parties” and so forth.

And this goes on. People should know what this Association Agreement is. It is not meant to have workshops on multiculturalism or humanitarian festivals or something of the sort. This is a security-military agreement which is meant to bring a country with a 1,400-kilometer border with Russia firmly into the military pen of the United States and NATO.

Robles: And last comment, if you would Rick. You are US-based, you live in Chicago. A lot of people here still entertain an idea, and some of them might be listening right now, people in Ukraine, people in Bosnia, people in Serbia, that somehow the answer to all their problems lies in the West. That somehow, if they welcome the United States into their countries, that they are going to be taken care of and they are going to have better lives and everything else. Can you comment on that?

Rozoff: Yes, two scores. All they need to do is ask the people of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy – the southern flank of the European Union – what integration into the Western power structures portends for them.

It portends misery, insecurity, unemployment, indebtedness, bankruptcy, old pensioners jumping out of windows because life doesn’t mean anything to them anymore. This is what subordination to the West means for the people of southern and eastern Europe, and ultimately for the people of the world. That is number one.

Number two, we have to remember that Arseniy Yatsenyuk was foreign minister during the government of Viktor Yushchenko – the US puppet who was implanted in the so-called Orange Revolution – and while he was foreign minister 2,000 Ukrainian troops were dragooned to be stationed in a war zone in Iraq.

This is what integration with the West means. It means supplying cannon fodder – unemployed Ukrainian men and women who will be sent to war zones around the world to kill and die. This is what the new world order is. If this is what the West offers the people of the world, the world would be well advised to reject it.

Robles: Are you serious Rick? Come on! Everything is great in America! Isn’t it?

Rozoff: Yes, well they can have Lady Gaga, but they are going to have their son coming home in a coffin.

Robles: Hey Rick, thank you very much. We’ll be speaking with you again next week. I really appreciate it.

Rozoff: Thanks for the opportunity John.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Mr. Rick Rozoff – the owner and manager of the stop NATO website and international mailing list. This is a weekly feature of the Voice of Russia. You can find other work by me and Mr. Rick Rozoff on our website at the voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever in the world you may be.

Download: http://cdn.ruvr.ru/download/2014/02/23/19/18022014_Robles_Rozoff_Part_02_5785.MP3


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17 thoughts on “Rick Rozoff: Former Soviet Republics, Current Russian Allies Are U.S./NATO Color Revolution Targets

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  3. One thing I can’t fault the Americans for: their patriotism. Perhaps it is this blind spot that contributes to so many problems. You don’t contradict the president or the government – it would be un-American. But this notion of ‘my country right or wrong’ is extremely dangerous. It compares to Germany’s ‘Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles’ and look where it got us – and some 60 years later we are back to square one. Excessive jingoism is dangerous. Blind fanaticism is equally bad. Today, most persons can access international news from all over the world and not be exposed to just one side of the coin. Less gullibility would be an asset.

    • Fine points peskyvera ~ patriotism devoid of ecological humanism is profoundly disturbing. By that, what I suppose I really mean is that anthropo-centric exceptionalism of any kind is deeply flawed, but once it hoists some “historic” flag and declares war on other “histories”, the crack of doom is sounded.

      The most profound emergent trend of our time in my opinion, is ecology. Until this permeates our politics and informs our mutual sensibilities, we shall not advance as a civilization, or rather, create real civilization.

      The fundamental principle of ecology is interdependence & symbiotic relationship. Another way to think of it is in terms of the web of life, that is also the universal food-web that sustains everything.

      Until people get that idea, we can’t expect much improvement.

      • I agree with you, David. We all have to make the shift to stewardship of our planet and working together for humanity to survive and thrive. When you see people coming from the old paradigm of nationalism and patriotism as driving forces, of egocentric maneuvering for power and gain, it becomes very clear that the old paradigm no longer serves us well… in fact, it is toxic.

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  9. Well I do basically agree with R R’s position, it is a disgraceful charade, and yes fundamentally the establishment West is morally bankrupt and intellectually bust.

    And although I’m not a fan of Gaga, let’s not ignore the fact that Pussy Riot was treated abominably by Putin and recently attacked by Cossack “security” brutes ~ a hideous display of vicious cowardice by contemptible savages http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/video-members-pussy-riot-attacked-russian-militia/

    So Russia is no paradigm of virtue ~ let’s not be under any illusions.

    On the other hand, the salivating neocon ideologues are desperate to make that last push, and justify their inglorious and vain ambition for world conquest, I hate to disabuse them of this delirious comic-book fantasia, but like the Mongols at the gates of Vienna it just “ain’t gonna happen…” at least not in the way they want it to, and so obviously anticipate with such vulgar relish.

    • I appreciate your support, David. Still, I consider the American tendency to occupy ourselves with the injustice in other countries to be part of the problem here.

      And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye,
      but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7:3

      • Quite agree, just bring it all home and live an intelligent domestic reality not the lunacy of imperialist pretension…the internet can make such a difference, it’s like the writing on the wall…it’s just a much bigger conversation.

        I think the real problem in the US is exactly what you are inviting people to address, this strange unwillingness or perhaps, reluctance ~ due to media brainwashing ~ to engage with their own creative futures, at home, on the ground.

        This is why gardening and small-holding is such a force to reckon with, it roots us in our natural surroundings…

  10. John Robles and Rick Rozoff, I have been reading your coverage of what’s happening in the Ukraine, with the U.S. meddling in the internal affairs of yet another country, inciting insurrection and civil unrest, attempting to overthrow yet another government, with growing dis-ease.

    This morning I woke up resolute. It is time for people with this kind of clarity and higher consciousness to bring about a change in the disastrous policies of the U.S. — and not just political change, but systemic change. For all of us who truly wish our country to wage peace, not war, to interact with people from other countries with goodwill, acceptance of our differences, and friendliness, I issue a call to action and challenge you to take the initiative to push these questions for discussion beyond the readership of Dandelion Salad into our neighborhoods.

    How can we change our government to act more lovingly and peacefully? How can we change course? What can people do? How do we activate others? How can we evolve to a more spiritually-centered connection with each other and all life on this planet?

    I would like to hold a writing contest and a speaking contest on these questions. If there is anyone else who would like to join me in getting Americans to consider this as the burning issue of today here in the United States, please respond. I would like to open the contest for awards at every age, from 10 to 90 (and above). The best essays could be compiled into a book. The best speeches could be featured by neighborhood, and in city-wide, regional, state-wide, district-wide, and national speaking forums.

    The details aren’t important. They can be worked out. But we need to involve our people in a public debate on how our country can change course, and become healthier and more loving in our way in the world. This dysfunctionality must be arrested. We cannot allow these disastrous policies to continue. After all, we have now entered the Age of Aquarius. We can create new ways to bring about change that can be crafted carefully, proceeding peacefully and not violently, evolving instead of revolting. Let our imaginations soar! We can figure it out. I’m sure we can.

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