New Mexico Admits Nuclear Plant Leaking Radiation and New Leak at Fukushima

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RT America on Feb 24, 2014

Federal officials confirmed a local nuclear plant in southern New Mexico is leaking waste and releasing radiation into the surrounding area. The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad was leaking for days before state officials were notified. While health officials insist there is no risk to the public, it could take weeks before crews can reach the leak to figure out how it happened. The plant is the first underground nuclear repository in the US. In the meantime, Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster is back in the news: The country is planning to lift part of the nearly three-year-old evacuation order around the damaged nuclear plant, even as a new radioactive leak was discovered there. RT’s Meghan Lopez discusses all things nuclear with Paul Gunter, director of Beyond Nuclear’s Reactor Oversight Project.

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