Medea Benjamin Detained, Jailed, Seriously Injured, then Deported from Egypt

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Image by UNARMED CIVILIAN via Flickr

democracynow on Mar 4, 2014 – U.S. peace activist Medea Benjamin was detained Monday at Cairo’s airport by Egyptian police without explanation. She says she was questioned, held overnight in an airport prison cell and then violently handcuffed by Egyptian officials, who dislocated her shoulder and broke her arm. She was then put on a plane and deported to Turkey, where she is now seeking medical treatment. We speak to her by telephone from the airport medical facility. Benjamin had intended to meet up with international delegates before traveling to Gaza for a women’s conference.

4 thoughts on “Medea Benjamin Detained, Jailed, Seriously Injured, then Deported from Egypt

  1. let us not forget ladies and gentleman ..she not only voted for obama but encouraged others. she lost any credibility concerning peace and war issues at the moment .

    she says that she is for women’s rights . yeah , well Medea –what about those women overseas that the prez you voted for has killed and maimed ?

    • What about forgiveness, Rocket? She didn’t vote for him again in 2012. She learned her mistake. A lot of people were wooed by Barack Obama in 2008; he has let all those supporters down and down hard, especially the young people.

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