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by Lo
Dandelion Salad
March 15, 2014

Time for a new Open Forum on Dandelion Salad as the previous one is getting far too many Spam comments.

Please discuss whatever you’d like on any topic or issue.

Please do not use this as a self-promotion to your website and always be polite to other commenters.

Here is the previous one, Open Forum on Dandelion Salad by Lo, if you’d like to read any of the comments.

Thanks again to Ariel Ky for the suggestion.

73 thoughts on “New Open Forum on Dandelion Salad

  1. dandelionsalad,

    I have written a short story that recounts the last days of “Jesus” on Earth. I would be happy to have it published on your website if you like it. Just email me and I will forward it to you.

    Regards, Diego

  2. I can’t find any discussion about the callous hypocrisy of the Soros Women’s March. All I can find are articles that try to frame the “hypocrisy” in terms of the usual “anti-abortion vs abortion rights” narrow-mindedness, as if there is no other aspect of hypocrisy to consider. I expressed my thoughts on the OpEdnews (dot com) site (titled ‘Womens March Hypocrisy and My Refusal To Go Along With It’ 21 Jan) It is too big to encompass in this comment, but I’d really like to see more -if it exists… In other words, am I the only one? (thanks)

    • I’m trying to get permission to share your article on Trumpcare vs Ryancare? I’m 66 yr old retired grama who is trying to figure out how I can get people to act on joining a protest (not yet created) to demand MEDICARE FOR ALL!! I find your article most interesting. Before realizing I needed permission to share it I tweeted the link to Ivanka Trumps twitter. Sorry.. Its a good article and people need to see it. I was hoping to appeal to her. So do I have your permission??Thank you so much
      Joanne Coyle

      • Hi Joanne, thank you for sharing this article/videos on Twitter. You don’t need permission to share the link with anyone. There are buttons available at the end of the blog post so you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Click the “More” button to find others.

  3. Rob, I see there’s a “share” button for Facbook so I’m hoping it’s ok to post up a note on my wall. Also are you on Facebook? Any chance of having you answer any questions if someone asks?

    • If you have any questions about Rob Hager’s article(s), I can forward them to him, or send him the link to your comment and then he can respond directly to you.

      Please feel free to share any of the posts on Dandelion Salad on Facebook, so your friends can also read the posts.

      • Thanks, I hope you can email it to others qualified to talk about the Citizens United issue. Krist, from Nirvana, has tweeted his term paper in favor of CU. There is a very slick and sleazy Koch operative/apologist that has been arguing with me and I don’t know enough about the issue so I respond with links. Sadly, Krist has responded negatively to my posts but not a peep against this guy. Millions of young people look up to Krist, and presume he shares Kurt Cobain’s beliefs. I feel that he has veered into some weird territory, maybe because he is defensive about his riches, or for some bizarre need to disassociate himself from Kurt and his youth; this is a common reaction with many people as they get older. We always hope our rock heroes will be different but they end up being like most everyone else. Krist seems to have the attitude of “not trusting anyone”, but has made some snarky remarks about the “doctrinaire left” while allowing an obvious doctrinaire Koch head to say whatever he wants, so I have to wonder about Krist’s current beliefs. Maybe he’s spending too much time with money managers carping about taxes and not enough time with punk rock kids.

        • Rob left 2 comments on the article as “Don’tWait” an old Blogger account he still has.

          It’s always very disappointing when rock stars leave their youth’s idealism and become members of the status quo. I agree with you, he needs more time with punk rock kids.

        • Thanks to you and Rob. His articulate and potent comments there are important. I also posted the link to his long article for Counterpunch. I think Krist is very open-minded and maybe he will carefully consider what that, and the links Rob provided, have to say. Maybe he’ll change his own views on some things. There are so many young people, and older ones too, that may be influenced by what he has to say.

    • I need to vent this– The overwhelming evidence of murder in the ‘Soaked in Bleach’ documentary film is a clear indication of just how obscenely heartless the suicide theorists are! His old band mate really is a total waste of time…
      (Another interesting piece of evidence which the film didn’t have room to include, was that someone was using his credit card during the 3 or 4 (or 5?) days his dead body laid undiscovered. The last attempted use of the credit card occurred just minutes before the body was finally discovered. It boggles my mind how no one who was close to him cares about this obvious sign of foul play.)

  4. I am writing to suggest you add a Z to your list of writers because I’ve seen nothing that exposes the monetary system. Stephen Zarlenga is on the Green Shadow Cabinet with some of your other writers. He is behind The NEED Act which Kucinich presented to Congress and which got him redistricted out. It would take the money creation powers away from the private banking system and establish a public money system, money created and spent on society’s needs, debt-free. Understanding this system is important. You can find his work here. and to illustrate the level of power and control that the private banking system has over people read this report from Yanis Varoufakis

  5. I have some elderly people that are not computer saavy and would love to get a newspaper sent. Is there a radio station that is good that would cover Oklahoma, Minnesota/ Midwest.Thank you for your incredible research & articles.

    • Not sure I understand your request, Laura.

      Are you asking for suggestions of radio stations in the OK, MN area?

      Do the elderly people use computers at all? For email? For web searches?

      Exactly what “newspaper” are you requesting?

  6. tech question – does anyone know how to embed a Live Stream video on WordPress? WP switches the embed code into a text link the way I am trying it.

  7. Thanks so much for your note and information. I greatly appreciate your blog and all the work done to produce such meaningful and thoughtful content. Will be happy to use the Reblog link in future & simply point readers back to your own post. Best.

  8. Topic I hope you can cover:
    The recent (successful!!) action in Portland to prevent Shell’s arctic drilling.

    The campaign was called “Shell No” and if you look at You Tube for “Portland Shell No” you get amazing images of climbers who repelled off a bridge with long ropes obstructing the river-path below for a giant ice breaker headed to the arctic. It had to back up.
    Also masses of kayakers in the path.

    A great description of the action is here –

  9. Lo, Re: Bernie Sanders queries.

    When Sanders is the best thing running at the moment (Most progressive, worker rights, healthcare, economic equality etc etc..) why shred him this early, or at all?

    Where are the broad and deep criticisms of Clinton & Co?

    All the best,
    Dutch Merrick
    past Media Director,
    -Kucinich for President 2008
    -Nader/Gonzales 2008

  10. “Man is the only animal of which I am thoroughly and cravenly afraid of. I have never thought much of a lion tamer. Inside the cage he is at least safe from other men. There is less harm in a well-fed lion. It has no ideals, no sect, no party, no nation, no class: in short, no reason for destroying anything it does not want to eat.”

    George Bernard Shaw

    • Thanks, Frank, but I have more than enough material to publish right now. Am working on one at the moment and most of this week I’ll be working on my new garden. I did read it and it’s quite controversial.

      • I understand, Lo. Thanks for reading it.
        Take care of that new garden. Food comes before everything else, as must eat to live and function before we can do anything else.

        • Indeed, Frank.

          The new garden will have both flowers and veggies/fruits/herbs. Transplanted the Jerusalem artichokes that I dug up from my old house’s garden and they are doing very well in an extra large container. This is both beautiful flowers and edible tubers in one plant. Moving in the middle of February wasn’t a great idea. The ground was still mostly frozen so I could only dig up a small portion of the perennials, sadly. I did have a surprise. I dug up some oregano and transplanted it to the new garden and just found that it had a very small raspberry bush growing in it. I’m so pleased. Won’t be too many years and I’ll have lots of raspberries again.

        • I’m getting hunger pains! Sounds very good, Lo. Jerusalem artichokes are good for diabetics, too. You probably know many of the health benefits of oregano, a valuable herb. Nothing like the “fresh out of the garden” variety.

          Wishing you the best!

  11. Hello. Well, on the subject of my email address being linked to my website, I am so boggled by the sleuthing – I went to every section I could imagine – that I reach out humbly to you for help. Sorry about this – I know it is probably simple, but, I do not understand it. I believe that much of what is happening is beyond my comprehension (in terms of operating a website) – I am willing to learn. Thanking you in advance for your patience, I am yours truly,

    • Hi Peter, no problem at all. I see that you found the place to contact me here on the Open Forum.

      Are you asking me for info on how to set up a Contact page? Or asking me to help you unlink or delete your email in your blog post?

  12. Hi, Lo. It looks like you are back. Good news. I have a post that you can use if you wish. It’s at and relates to misplaced vaccine hysteria in the US. Title: Vaccination: Truth or Dare.
    Best — Cameron

  13. Hello David Gutnick here with CBC radio’s Ideas program. We will be broadcasting an interview with former war correspondent Chris Hedges on his PTSD and his feelings about war – and suprisingly – God – this evening.

    You can read part of the interview here: as well as listen.
    You can also go to for the interview.

    Please circulate,

    David Gutnick
    CBC radio

  14. Dear friends,

    Would you kindly add my name to your e-mail listing?

    Thank you in advance.


  15. I don’t know if the is the right place to say this, but I really appreciate having the Greanville Post along the right-hand column of Dandelion Salad.

    • Thanks, glad you like that. Since I’m mostly on hiatus I thought I’d share a few other good websites with my readers. Hope you’ll check out the other sites, too.

    • No, not at all; thanks for letting me know, Suzy.

      However, that doesn’t always work with pasting text with links or other formatting (bold, italics, etc.). That has been an ongoing problem especially if one uses Firefox as their browser.

      I found using Ctrl + V to paste works (at the moment).

      This definitely needs to be resolved quickly.

      It’s one of many reasons I’ve decided to not blog (as much or as I used to). See:

      Pasting using the HTML (Text) part of the editor works, too, however, all the links and formatting are lost.

  16. What you are doing is so awesome. An incredible miracle amidst the sea of toxic GMO propaganda and such, and the economic devastation that has occurred in Detroit and throughout America (which has allowed for these urban farming islands to spring up). I have recently learned myself about the amazing benefits of dandelion, and now treasure this “weed” which has received such a bad reputation. You can pick the dandelion leaves, a.k.a. wild endive, and put into salads, or dry to make tea. A half cup of dandelion flowers is as powerful as a mega-vitamin. Bravo again for what you are doing!

  17. I am a dedicated and happy subscriber to Dandelion Salad. However, I am not happy that you allow 11 trackers to watch me on your site. Amazon, Facebook, Google — Are they paying you so much money that you would sell them the viewing info on your site? Please stop. Thank you.

    • First, thanks for reading and subscribing to Dandelion Salad, Dimitri.

      Next, I don’t make any money at all doing this. It is all volunteer work on my part and the writers donate their work. I work every day 7 days a week throughout the year, no breaks for holidays and have been doing so for almost 7 years. That is the reason I use the free blog so I don’t have any expense in doing this work.

      Now, does the tracking and the making of money through ads.

      To avoid tracking on all websites, I suggest using DoNotTrackMe at

      To avoid ads on all websites, I suggest AdBlock at, or for whatever the browser you use. Click the link and then click the icon for your browser.

      To avoid ads on, you can log into your own blog (set it up, you don’t have to actually blog) or have a Gravatar,

      All suggested are free.

      Using Firefox as a browser is another suggestion as they have a “no tracking” option.

      One of the reasons uses tracking is so we can have a Stats page giving us numbers (not who) are reading which blog post.

    • I have a question for you. Are you logged into Facebook or Amazon or Google when you are coming to this blog? They may be tracking you. I always log out of these websites (Amazon/Facebook/Google) when I am done using them.

      I checked who tracks me on Dandelion Salad and found WordPress Stats, Sitemeter (stats) and Kiss Metrics. Of course, all are blocked due to having DoNotTrackMe installed.

      Also use Privacy Badger and Ghostery.

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