Vladimir Putin: As Crimea as Kosovo, West Re-writing its Own Rule Book + Transcript

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RT on Mar 18, 2014

Crimea’s secession from Ukraine was just like Kosovo’s secession from Serbia, and any arguments otherwise are just attempts to bend the West-advocated rules that were applied to the Kosovo case, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/0e4qji




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5 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin: As Crimea as Kosovo, West Re-writing its Own Rule Book + Transcript

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  3. We are seeing history being made… Putin said that there will be three official languages in the Crimea: Russian, Ukrainian, and Tatar. When he said that Crimea will be home to all the ethnicities that live there, but it will never be home to the neo-nazis, the assembly of Russians showed their enthusiastic support. I listened to this speech in its entirety out of great interest.

    I believe that we are at a defining moment in the world today. What Putin has been doing Is incredible; he has been listening, really listening to people. I believe that he is pursuing a third way that breaks with the patterns of the past. He spoke about the modern world of good neighbor relations, of responding to the core interests of people… of the expression of free will. And his audience was very receptive to these themes. I want to hear more.

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