Fractured Country – An Unconventional Invasion (must-see)

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Fracking Rally 2013

Image by Maryland Sierra Club via Flickr

‘Fractured Country: an Unconventional Invasion’ is a new film from Lock the Gate Alliance (Australia) about the risks to communities from invasive gasfields. This is the full version of the documentary.

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11 thoughts on “Fractured Country – An Unconventional Invasion (must-see)

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  4. POWERFUL!!!

    Great film. Big, big thank you to Lo.

    It really is time for us all to stand united against this tyranny of corporate “vandalism…” all in the name of pragmatic necessity, but really out of greed ~ so actually, lest the Vandals of old got a bad press, we should just call it what it is, commercial ecocide, biocide, planet abuse…whatever.

    We are building and witnessing a world-wide coalition of the willing.

    As for the mining companies themselves, I’ll wager the really big decision making goes on in places like the City of London. I just spent a few days there. The whole crazy business of industrial commerce is in fanatical lock-step to the board-room drum.

    The extraction despots “rule.”

  5. Tremendously powerful and important film that truly meets and far surpasses any standard of “must see”. Please share everywhere. The time for a worldwide mass movement to stop hydraulic fracturing has surely arrived.

    • Great point about this being a worldwide movement, as fracking is indeed happening all over the world. With global warming and fresh water concerns in the near future, this must end.

  6. Reblogged this on THE ONENESS of HUMANITY and commented:
    1. Watch the powerful, important film “Fractured Country” about totally devastating hydraulic fracturing across Australia – and Australians’ courageous mass movement to save their own lives.
    2. Take action. Reblog and strongly advise your men and women readers to do the same.
    3. Strongly suggest that men and women in every nation take action in organized mass movements like the Australian people, until hydraulic fracturing is stopped – then banned from this world.
    4. Know that you have joined in a worldwide effort to literally save the lives of grandparents, parents, and children in every land where hydraulic fracturing is now occurring or being planned.

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