Oxford Union Snowden Debate with Chris Hedges: Moral Courage and Disobedience To Higher Authority Even At The Risk Of Persecution


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The Oxford Union’s 6th debate was a passionate affair, with speeches focusing on whether whistleblowing constitutes treason or a call for justice, and whether Edward Snowden, the now-famous source of the files that revealed the National Security Agency global data-tapping programme, merits the title “hero.”

OxfordUnion on Mar 21, 2014



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“Chris Hedges, a long-time journalist with the New York Times, opened for the proposition. Hedges said that a hero “shows moral courage and disobedience to higher authority even at the risk of persecution” and drew parallels between Snowden and soldiers who stopped the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Hedges stated: “There is no free press without the ability of newspapers to protect the confidentiality of their sources” and “the relationship of tracking and being tracked by the state is the relationship between a master and a slave.” He ridiculed the NSA for collecting data on “the UN Secretary General, cardinals at the papal conclave, American companies, and NSA agents’ ex-lovers.””


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14 thoughts on “Oxford Union Snowden Debate with Chris Hedges: Moral Courage and Disobedience To Higher Authority Even At The Risk Of Persecution

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  7. It is easy to say that we should all be ready for jail or worse in the defence of freedom. However, those with families, children, two or more jobs etc. are hardly in a position to take such risks unless the forces of progress organise on a much bigger and better scale. The occupy movement was a good start.

  8. Snowden, correctly is a hero, in giving the world the truth as to what the establishment is committed to, that is covert and undesirable probing and infringements of peoples private lives, we have to look more closely at who the government is and whose interests they are all part of, as we can see the persecution of Assad, by the British police who are colluding with deviant institutes such as governments who have interests other than the public good, as with Snowden, the same forces are at work, the establishment has been given orders from the 1%, super rich, this underground group has one thing in mind any threat or seen as, will be destroyed, the public has a duty to resist the conniving evil of this group who are at present given police protection at the cost to the tax payer.

    • Well, our world certainly looks exactly as you describe it dw.

      By the way, I assume you mean the persecution of Assange, even if it could be equally said of Assad, although this latter has certainly been a party (“knowingly” or not) to the most appalling human rights abuses by his own security goon-squads.

      My understanding is that it has probably always been thus, at least for as long as recorded events have been contrived. It is, of course, these “victors” and “rulers” who enjoy the privilege of public approbation through their “officially” approved narratives and those myths of power and prevalence these “histories” support and maintain.

      That is why the WWW is so crucial and revolutionary, simply because for the first time ever, it allows competitive narratives to flourish ~ throughout the world! ~ that open the discourse space to citizen participation & unrestricted free expression.

      It can be abused clearly, so hence the unequivocal necessity of responsible, documented exposure of government and corporate deviance and corruption.

      I think if we were to swap acronyms & change NSA to “SAVAK” ~ possibly adding “GG” (Goes Global) ~ for example, we’d rapidly get a clearer picture of the threat.

      Bravo to Chris !!

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