This Is Why Washington Has Sought To Create A Crisis Over In Ukraine by Finian Cunningham

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from PressTV
March 30, 2014

The US is prepared to plunge Europe into a war with Russia in order for Washington to preserve its hegemony over the transatlantic axis.

The key issues are the prevention of Russia and Europe developing closer trade and political ties – stemming primarily from a vast trade in energy fuels; and, secondly, the survival of the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

So vital are these issues for continued American hegemony that Washington is prepared to sacrifice millions of lives in a war between Russia and its so-called transatlantic European “ally”.

This shocking revelation comes from a former European NATO commander. According to Christof Lehmann, editor of the news and analysis website NSNBC international, the European military officer was given the grim warning by American counterparts in an off-the-record briefing.

The European commander, now retired, subsequently confided the information with Lehmann, who says that the tensions over Ukraine between Russia and Western powers are consistent with this latent American threat.

The original threat was disclosed during the 1980s, but there is no reason to believe that the American policy of inciting a war in Europe has since changed. This is because the strategic rationale for the US bellicose logic remains the same. And recent events over Ukraine strongly suggest that Washington’s destructive designs are still in place.

Says Lehmann:

“In the early 1980s, a European top NATO admiral said that American colleagues at the Pentagon had told him, unequivocally, that the US and UK would not hesitate in creating a new European war if the situation ever arose that Europe and Russia, then the USSR, were to develop close relations.”

Central to the American rationale was, and continues to be, the issue of energy fuel. Washington does not want to see European and Russian economies integrating on the vital issue of trade in oil and gas, the foundation for economic and social development.

Over the past two decades since the end of the Cold War between the US-led West and the former Soviet Union, Europe and Russia have seen substantial alignment of their economies, primarily due to the enormous oil and gas volumes supplied by Moscow. European-Russian bilateral trade is well over $1 trillion annually, and is some tenfold that of US-Russian trade.

Russia accounts for nearly one-third of Europe’s total hydrocarbon fuel consumption. In Germany, the largest European economy, that figure rises to 40 per cent. With the new pipelines of the North Stream and the currently constructed South Stream, the role of Russia as the main energy supplier to Europe is set to grow even more over the coming decades.

Lehmann adds:

“The American dominance of the Atlantic axis with Western Europe is threatened by this development of closer economic ties between Europe and Russia. Germany and the Czech Republic have since the end of the Cold War developed close economic and other relations with Russia. Both are, together with Austria and Italy, pushing a trend towards even tighter relations with Moscow.”

This trend was always seen as a strategic danger by Washington. It can be argued that the Cold War from 1945 to 1990 was deliberately instigated by the US as a bulwark to counter the naturally inclined trade integration between Europe and Russia, owing to the latter’s prodigious energy reserves and its continental proximity.

The strategic danger for the US is twofold. Firstly, a close relationship between Moscow and Europe would remove the rationale for America’s military role in NATO and thereby its political influence in Europe. The second is that the European-Russian energy trade undermines the role of the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Exchange in such a key world market will inevitably move to the use of the Euro/Ruble, which would spell the end of global American financial hegemony, and with that, the end of the monstrously indebted US economy.

The American economy is already teetering on bankruptcy, with a total debt of $17 trillion, and spiraling. American bankruptcy and social implosion is an eventuality that is so far only postponed by the dollar’s continuance as the standard currency for international trade in fuel, and the de facto license for the US Federal Reserve to keep printing money way beyond any sound economic basis for doing so.

Says Lehmann:

“The development of Russian-European partnership would leave the US politically, culturally and economically isolated within no more than 25 years. It would also mean that the US would become increasingly isolated in terms of its militarism and strategic encirclement of Russia and China. The dollar would collapse.”

An important side note is the insidious role of Britain. As the top European NATO commander revealed, the American war plans for Europe were supported by Britain. This is partly because of the historical co-dependence of Anglo-American capitalism, and also, as Lehmann points out, “a weakened Atlantic axis would mean a significant loss of British influence over Germany and France.”

This is the background to why Washington has sought to create a crisis over recent events in Ukraine. Washington has played the key role in fomenting regime change in that country, which has seen the rise of an unelected fascist junta in Kiev that poses a serious threat to Russia.

The Kiev demagogues have openly talked of inciting terrorism and mass murder against Russia and are willing to install American missiles on their Western border with Russia.

The debacle has led to the worse diplomatic crisis between European capitals and Moscow since the end of the Cold War. The possibility of a war between nuclear-armed powers may have receded for now, but the danger of such a catastrophe remains.

This weekend Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his American counterpart John Kerry for urgent talks in Paris. Reportedly, Kerry was holding the meeting to “de-escalate tensions” between Russia and the West. The reality is that Washington has done everything to escalate this conflict, in particular between Russia and Europe, for its own selfish strategic interests. That includes, if deemed necessary by the pyromaniacs in Washington, the ignition of all-out war in Europe.

Finian Cunningham, is a columnist at Press TV, the Strategic Culture Foundation and a Writer on Dandelion Salad. He can be reached at

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  11. Finian is one of the few (public) truthers, along with Emmanuel Wallerstein, who got it right. Except what Obama hopes for is a Cold War rather than a hot one. The Ukraine putsch was to prevent Russia and western Europe from agreeing on a neutralized Ukraine.

    This neoliberal Nazi putsch will be very bad for the American people, the European people, and, especially, Ukraine. But it will be good for most of the world’s people, since the USA now lacks the means to conduct a Cold War on both ends of the Eurasian continent. So Obama will let the ‘Asian pivot’ go, and perhaps the devastating of the Muslim countries as well.

    This will restrict American imperialism to Europe, Africa, and Latin America, truncating America’s imperial overstretch. While he imposes a neoliberal fascist police state in the USA.

    • I agree insofar as international totalitarian controls through debt peonage are unsustainable and no longer possible.

      The US is far too over extended, & the corporate power elites will find it increasingly difficult to maintain their global garrisons. As fuel costs soar, agribusiness fails, the environment degrades & peoples resist , the internet & regenerative initiatives will determine the prevailing narratives and set the context for intelligent change.

      The robber barons can play their medieval mercenary hand, but the logistics of orchestrating perpetual “revolution” are forbidding and their motives fundamentally flawed,

      I disagree about the domestic front ~ Americans will not put up with oppressive policing. As Hedges suggests, rebellion is the only recourse, but to succeed and overcome the endemic corruption, it must be an organized, coordinated and enlightened resistance.

  12. I’m not entirely convinced by this argument, for the simple reason that decision making in the UK is nothing like as monolithic as it is elsewhere, as we witnessed very clearly and most recently over the proposed invasion of Syria.

    Moreover, I think it is quite wrong to assume that the US State Dept always speaks the same language or dances to the same tune as the Pentagon or the “Intelligence” block ~ aka the 5-eyed blockheads ~ or Wall St for that matter (witness the emerging revaluation of Hyman P. Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis, for example…) not to mention the concerns of individual State Legislatures.

    The original Wikileaks diplomatic cables revealed a great deal about the way the State Dept operates and its dependence on individual career diplomats, not all of whom are totally beyond the moral pale.

    Since Snowden, the entire game has changed even more dramatically, so I would advise against any type of premature generalizations vis a vis the absolute power of Washington’s consensus “sui generis.”

    The yankee yahoos keep stumbling from one disaster to the next. Their days of legal exemption and over-priced exceptionalism are drastically numbered in my opinion.

    The far greater potential danger, is how the impending “power” vacuum will be filled.

  13. War is not possible with Russia and Europe, Britain is a ally of Russia, Britain and America have a distrust of each other, this can be seen with Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt, Churchill and the American president did not get on, America did not want to enter WW2, only after Europe had been softened up, reluctantly, also America had been secretive as to what technology they were up to, and Britain eventually knew it, also Britain had knowledge of Pearl Harbor,before it happened, and withheld this from America to get them into war, and many other reasons for a gulf that separated these two countries, you have to look at it like two brothers fighting, sort of together and not, Britain and Russia have a bond that is not up front, because of American disapproval, also in the WW2, Britain assisted Russia, in supplies and also jet technology, remember also Marx, was a love child of Britain and Russia, not realistic but in terms of history entwined, so no way will Russia and Europe get into this, its all a distraction from greater problems that are swept for the time being, under the carpet.

  14. Makes the false flag plans of Turkey to incite war on Syria understandable. Makes the meeting of Barack Obama with Saudi Arabian monarchy understandable. Qatar’s natural gas pipeline to Europe has to be built across Syria.

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