Vladimir Putin: Rock Star Made in America by Cameron Salisbury

by Cameron Salisbury
Writer, Dandelion Salad
March 31, 2014

Obama Putin Faceoff - Caricatures

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

I was in Madrid in 2008 when CNN-Europe interrupted their programming to announce that South Ossetia had been invaded by Georgia. Minutes later the announcement was revised: the new story was that S. Ossetia had been invaded by Russia. A clearly bewildered Vladimir Putin received the condemnation of the Western world.

That was then.

It is now 2014 and things have changed. Putin, no longer disconcerted by the political and media conspiracies of the USA and its puppets, can handle Western hypocrisy, distortions, lies and threats just fine. In fact, as anyone who has watched Obama’s recent defensive, sheepish, performances might surmise, he’s doing much better than the U.S. is.

The current offensive against Putin began with the 2014 Olympics which the U.S. media/government tried to convince Americans to boycott due to the terrorist threat. What terrorist threat? The perception of the participants and reporters seemed unanimous: with over a billion dollars spent on keeping Sochi crime free, it was probably the safest place on earth. No matter. Even as the spectacular, uneventful games drew a close, with American tourists notably absent – an act of economic terrorism? – TV’s talking heads were still shilling for a ‘terrorist threat.’

Putin gave no indication that he had even heard.

The only simmering threat then – what miraculous timing! -came from brand-new fighting in the Ukraine, where the democratically elected Ukrainian president was driven out after he opted for closer ties with Russia instead of the EU. Since major areas of Ukraine speak Russian and identified as Russian, especially in the east and south, it should have come as no surprise.

And it didn’t. The West could see the writing on the wall and quickly began preemptively threatening Russia that it had better stay on the sidelines. Or else.

Putin, who didn’t seem to be shaking in his boots, did.

Although Russian troops were in Crimea as part of a prior agreement with Ukraine for the security of the Russian naval base in Sevastopol, Russia did not invade the country, according to Russian officials and eyewitness accounts. For telling the unacceptable truth, the Russians were denounced as liars in the Western media.

If Putin was annoyed, he never let on.

The successful Crimean referendum to re-join Russia was roundly denounced in the Western press as corrupt, despite reports to the contrary of international observers. It was reported in the US that the overwhelming pro-Russia plurality of the vote was due to having only one option printed on the ballot. That bit of news came with pictures of the multiple choice ballot.

Putin kept his cool.

After Crimea exercised its rite of self determination at the ballot box, Russia lost no time in annexing it as the Crimeans had wished. Putin’s speech was accompanied by massive cheering in Crimea and Moscow and by a predictable tantrum from the US, which then imposed a few meaningless sanctions and urged its reluctant EU puppets to go along.

Putin said nothing, although you could hear the guffaws of Russian officials all the way to Washington.

The U S has been reduced to dire predictions of Russian aggression elsewhere in the world, although there has been no sign of this in word or deed coming from the other side, and to threats of even more sanctions. Saber rattling, however, has been notably absent as the US grudgingly withdraws its meddling in these particular Russian affairs. Its plans to wrest away Russia’s Black Sea naval bases and the gas fields in Crimea will have to wait. Maybe forever.

Did Putin gloat at the ineffective and largely irrelevant US designs on the Russian periphery? Did he make a point of American hypocrisy? Did he insist on a reversal of the coup against the democratically elected president that brought neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine? No. Well, OK. He did say we were hypocrites.

Observers, including some in the US, have noted that the misinformation and blatant lies surrounding Russia’s actions in the Ukraine have been over-the-top and cannot stand for long. We’ll see.

Putin’s statesmanlike demeanor during the Western-inspired ordeal of the past months made him the only adult in the room, a fact not lost on his newly adoring fans, by the millions, in Moscow, Crimea and elsewhere. Cheers for his leadership also came from Russian speaking Ukraine, which may well be the focus of the next US tirade. There are already signs that other Russian speaking areas in eastern and southern Ukraine have no more patience for the US supported, fascist, government in Kiev than Crimea did. They may be the next to seek independence, especially as IMF demands take hold.

Putin’s refusal to entertain the idea of relinquishing Crimea and his hard nosed non-negotiating style in the face of massive pressure from the West, has given him a new platform, new popularity, and new esteem around the world, especially among struggling nations sick and tired of Western meddling.

Through our own efforts, the US has removed Vladimir Putin from the ranks of ordinary politicians and elevated him to the political version of a rock star, and turned the Leader of the Free World into something that looks like a caricature. Is the end of US hegemony visible in the distance?


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26 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin: Rock Star Made in America by Cameron Salisbury

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  3. Putin thinks that he is the Godfather . He is as much of a bully as any big world leader. People must never forget that the Crimea was given to Ukraine by the Soviets in 1954…… and he is stealing it back ????.

    Putin is the kind of male bully that puts 3 young girls called ”Pussy Riot ”in prison becuase of a 30 second musical rant needed against the church/state fusion of power . And you.. Charles and David endorse this bully ? cmon ! you want state/church fusion with a phony like Putin who makes the sign of the cross over his heart at an orthodox service . you endorse his anti freedom of speech also.

    Shame on him , and Shame on the West for they are oppressors too . The only reason why he can outsmart everybody , is because he is the only world leader that has any gravitas and real expereince. Everyone else on the world chess board just dont know how to move the pieces like he does .

      • Pussy riot has everything o do with this . Everything . they are exposing a corrupt mastermind dictator and his charade with the Church . if 3 girls played 30 seconds in a Church an got 2 years prison time , doesnt that tell you at least something about the leader of that country >?

        its a no brainer .

        correction . i did not say that Putin stole Crimea … i put it in question form .

        another thing : just because something appears on a blog by even a credible writer over time , i does not make it true . this goes for trades too.

        those who side with Putin or the West are playing the lesser of 2 evils . Neutrality is the name of the game .

        • they are one and he same . see the documentry . Nadia predicted that this would happen a almost 2 years ago.

          answer this question –what kind o leader puts 3 girls in prison for singing for 30 seconds ? an evil one . apply this to this corrupt leader and you will get the point /

          where is the EQUAL time in articles on DS against the Russian Empire ? count all the articles against the American Empire , then count the ones against Russian Empire , and if they are equal in the amount , then i will concede the debate. i will in caps concede .

          if thy are not , then that means that this imbalance is partial to Putin and his bullies .

        • You should be aware by now that Dandelion Salad does NOT give equal time to every issue. What we do here is bring under-reported news. If you want the other side of an issue, please go to mainstream corporate media.

      • that is what makes it so tricky and deceptive . neither do we. Putin knows how to work the crowd with his sign of the cross over his heart.

        • i never said he did . Socratic question form . What i get is a little too much Putin -Russia apologetics on this blog . if i wan anti-Putin apologetics i will go to FOX news.

          If the shoe fits take it off. shed it . this leader is EVIL . ..as our Prez.

    • Not at all Rocket. My comment was actually a response to the final question “Is the end of US hegemony visible in the distance?”

      I’ve already commented on the despicable treatment of Pussy Riot more than once. As for Putin himself, I’m certainly not rooting for him or his creepy priestly pals, I have been less than flattering about him, but he’s played a cool hand in the last few rounds with the US globalist bullies.

      • Cultural realities and social circumstance surely change, but geography doesn’t alter very often and never lies.

        The US engineered “full-spectral dominant ” view may be grand, but long-term political history is inseparable from intimate biospheric, geostrategic and ecological contexts.

        Here is an excellent summary from Michel Chossudovsky

        • David , first off let me say that besides Lo and a few others that i know , nobody has spoken out more against the American Empire , and i get real heat for it doing it on stage live in my shows.

          What i see on this blog is others that do the same . but what i am not seeing is equal time speaking out against the Russian Empire.

          What makes Putin so full of danger as i said is that he is the only one on the world stage that real knows how to play chess and win . If he is playing a cool hand as you say David , you can bet it is for more land conquest . Let us all be clear about that .

          you and Lo and the others need to understand something about Putin and his relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church . it is the same as President Bush jr. and his relationship with the relgiuos right in America. it is no an official state/church thing . much more subtle than that. JuST look at the footage — Obama saying that he will fight terrorism and then say God bless America . Putin making the sign of the cross in front of a Russian priest ..with blood on his hands . THEY DONT DIFFER. This is to manipulate the masses .

          and then as people are applauding this charade , we got a Pope that is calling for no war and an end to poverty and is attacked by the far right and the so called progressive left. what is wrong with this picture . ??

        • Well I agree with you, and have frequently drawn attention to Putin’s primitivism and the abject depravity of his preferred orthodox goon show.

          Calling for an end to war is hardly news, and as for the Vatican and poverty, all that is needed is to walk that talk ~ with no threatening strings attached, like hell, purgatory, misogynist damnation, guilt or fear.

  4. The US MSM is a disgrace. Freedom of the press has turned into freedom to suppress – and suppress and twist the truth it certainly does. Obama made an ass of himself while in Europe and the nation US not far behind.

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  8. Were I Putin, I would have already ordered my T-80s to the Polish border, in the process administering the ass-kicking to the fascist Banderites in Kiev that they have been asking for since at least 1941.

    Putin’s restraint in the face of manifest and manifold provocations by the West is admirable and to be commended. Obma’s unwillingness or inability to bring to heel the NeoCons and RussoPhobes who litter his administration and State Department has become almost self-evident.

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