Supreme Court Abolishes Campaign Contribution Limits

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RT America on Apr 2, 2014

The future of American elections

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The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down key limits on campaign contributions. The $123,200 overall limit for total contributions to campaigns, parties, and PACs will no longer be in effect, although contributions to individual candidates remain limited to $2,600. Potentially opening the door to a flood of cash from wealthy individuals, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote the dissenting opinion, stating that this ruling “perhaps devastates, what remains of campaign finance reform.” RT’s Lindsay France looks into this historic ruling.

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Supreme Court Ruling Gives Wealthy Greater Influence Over Elections

TheRealNews on Apr 2, 2014

Common Cause Maryland’s Jennifer Bevan-Dangle argues the 1% are the beneficiaries of the McCutcheon decision.

Supreme Court Decision Opens Floodgates For More Campaign Cash

TheRealNews on Apr 3, 2014

Only .08% of U.S. population gives more than $2500 to campaigns now this elite will have fewer limits on their contributions, making funds harder to track and enhancing the influence of money in politics.


Democracy Now! Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to “Buy Elections”

Bernie Sanders on Apr 3, 2014

Sen. Bernie Sanders joins Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! to discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC.


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  6. Here are two websites where men and women can go to help end the influence of money on democracy: and Take action, call your state elected officials, email everybody you can think of, get creative for true democracy…

  7. It is simply disgusting. In God We Trust alright, so long as God says we can do what ever we want.

  8. What I have never seen stated on a Progressive sight is that the original Supreme Court decision gutting restrictions of campaign money, United something, was supported by the ACLU as Freedom of Speech!

    Money was conceived as Speech by the ACLU and no distinction was made between the speech of the powerful and the speech of the people. The effect of this unleasing of money in Elections effectively allowed the oligarchs to buy the government, or the candidates who became the government.

    This was done by a Progressive organ, for obviously corrupt reasons. Most likely they were themselves bought by a contribution(s) and misled the people to conceive plutocracy as Freedom. One would expect the Supreme Court to function as the agent of the rich, since the majority are neocons. But it is the infiltration of Progressive organs that are much more destructive, because they disorient counteraction at its very source.

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