Arundhati Roy on Her New Book, “Capitalism: A Ghost Story,” and World’s Largest Election in India

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Updated: May 16, 2014

democracynow on Apr 9, 2014 – As voting begins in India in the largest elections the world has ever seen, we spend the hour with Indian novelist and essayist Arundhati Roy. Nearly 815 million Indians are eligible to vote and results will be issued in May. One of India’s most famous authors — and one of its fiercest critics — Roy is out with a new book, “Capitalism: A Ghost Story,” which dives into India’s transforming political landscape and makes the case that globalized capitalism has intensified the wealth divide, racism, and environmental degradation. “This new election is going to be [about] who the corporates choose,” Roy says, “[about] who is not going to blink about deploying the Indian army against the poorest people in this country, and pushing them out to give over those lands, those rivers, those mountains, to the major mining corporations.”


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Updated: May 16, 2014

India Elects Hard-Right Hindu Nationalist as New Indian Prime Minister Backed by Corporate Interests

democracynow on May 16, 2014 – Early results from the largest election in the world show India’s opposition leader Narendra Modi has won a landslide victory to become the country’s new prime minister. Modi is the leader of the BJP, a Hindu nationalist party. “This is the result that the corporations in India wanted,” says Siddhartha Deb, Indian author and journalist, noting that Modi “is very a pro-development politician, which basically means pro-business.” Deb adds that Modi served as the chief minister of Gujarat, where anti-Muslim riots in 2002 left at least a thousand people dead. After the bloodshed, the U.S. State Department revoked Modi’s visa. Modi has never apologized for or explained his actions at the time of the riots. Deb’s recent article in The Guardian is “India’s Dynasty-Dominated Politics Has No Space for Dissent” and his non-fiction book is “The Beautiful and the Damned: A Portrait of the New India.”

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  5. Her novel, “The God of Small Things, is a beautiful story by a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.

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