Edward Snowden to EU: No Legal Means Exist To Challenge Mass Surveillance


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RT on Apr 9, 2014

No legal means exist to challenge mass surveillance, said NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, testifying to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. A former NSA contractor, Snowden was speaking to the PACE session in Strasbourg via a video link-up from Moscow.

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No legal means exist to challenge mass surveillance – Snowden


Updated: July 23, 2014

Edward Snowden And Daniel Ellsberg Rock The House At Hacker Convention!

NoronicDisaster on Jul 20, 2014

“The government has developed an exploit chain that provides basically the root password to our constitution. They’ve escaped the sandbox of our democracy and they’re basically using it to change our Bill of Rights without us seeing it.” –Edward Snowden

Original: http://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/hopex1/videos/57007569

“We had to keep this bombshell quiet til the last minute since some of the most powerful people in the world would prefer that it never take place. (Even at this stage, we wouldn’t be surprised at mysterious service outages, but we believe the hacker spirit will trump the unprecedented might of the world’s surveillance powers. Fingers crossed.) Daniel Ellsberg has been an inspiration to Edward Snowden and Ellsberg himself has expressed his admiration of Snowden’s actions in releasing information revealing the extent of NSA’s spying on civilians around the globe, including within the United States. Ellsberg changed the conversation in the height of the Vietnam War through the Pentagon Papers — by revealing deceptive practices by the government. Snowden has also dramatically changed the conversation on surveillance and intelligence-gathering with his revelations. We’re honored and proud to have HOPE be the forum via which these two American heroes converse. Snowden is, of course, still unable to leave Russia because of the threat he faces from the authorities in the United States.”


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9 thoughts on “Edward Snowden to EU: No Legal Means Exist To Challenge Mass Surveillance

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  5. Most probably too late now, but not being addicted to so many ‘absolutely must have gadgets, might make the work of the NSA a lot harder – unable to track us. We went drunk with all this gadgetry and now we suffer the hangover.

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  7. I think this is a very important precedent.

    The fact that Ed Snowden was invited to testify is highly significant, as this is (allegedly) a human rights organization consisting of 47 European states.

    The fact that the US has no formal means of interfering with this body is a pleasant reminder that individual countries can still exercise their sovereign independence, free from any quasi-imperial hegemonic diktat from any source.

    That Russia has been deprived of its voting privilege for a year, over Crimea, may be sending a message that needs to be better understood, since the arguable grounds for their exclusion seem to have been packaged and sold to the Assembly by the UK representative.


  8. The NSA, and these types of organizations have nothing to do with terrorism, the surveillance is to do with organizing how to maintain control of the people, to know what propaganda the state has to put in to action.

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