Bernie Sanders: Oligarchy USA


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Bernie Sanders on Apr 10, 2014

Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses oligarchy in a Senate floor speech.


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7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: Oligarchy USA

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  4. And the MSM is to be faulted too. Freedom of the press has turned into freedom to suppress and, boy, oh boy, is it ever being suppressed. For shame.

  5. Brilliant speech.

    As has already been noted, Judge Thomas “reeks.”

    I can almost see the blinding glint of the Sun reflecting off the gleaming edge of that weighty guillotine blade, poised in the sky above Capitol Hill.

    It is no coincidence surely that capitol, & capital are historically and etymologically apposite.

    After all, the origin of the term capital was, according to R Buckminster Fuller, derived from “head of cattle” that equated to wealth, just as calves were “interest” for the Phoenicians (was it?) who transported them.

    There’s also a very apt, old Spanish saying “the fish rots from its head…”

    {See also: Capitōlium, ii, n., = Καπιτώλιον [ = capitulum, from caput]; in a restricted sense, the Capitol, the temple of Jupiter, at Rome, built on the summit of Mons Saturnius or Tarpeius by the Tarquinii, and afterwards splendidly adorned….

    ….In a more extended sense, the whole hill (hence called Mons or Clivus Capitolinus), including the temple and citadel, separated from the Palatine Hill by the Forum Romanum, now Campidoglio. Acc. to a fanciful etym., this word is derived from the discovery of a man’s head in laying the foundations of the temple etc….regarded by the Romans as indestructible, and was adopted as a symbol of eternity…..}

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