Elizabeth Kucinich: Congress Considers Blocking GMO Food Labeling + Action Alert

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RT America on Apr 10, 2014

Congress is considering a bill that would override state laws requiring labeling of genetically modified foods. Called the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014,” the bill would allow the Food and Drug Administration to set the standards for the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms, potentially eliminating more stringent standards set by individual states. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) introduced the legislation, saying there is no evidence foods containing GMOs are unsafe. RT’s Ameera David speaks with Elizabeth Kucinich, executive producer at GMO OMG, who believes the bill “obliterates” the progress made towards proper labeling in recent years.


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Tell Congress you support Mandatory GMO Labeling

Representative Pompeo (R-Kan.) has introduced legislation dubbed the Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act), which would deny consumers the right to know if there are genetically engineered ingredients in their food. We need you to take immediate action and tell Congress you support mandatory GE labeling!

The DARK Act would make the failed voluntary labeling system that we have had in place over the past 13 years permanent. Since this system was put in place in 2001, not a single company has disclosed the presence of GE ingredients in their products. The bill would also prevent the FDA from ever compelling labeling in the future.

If passed, this bill would allow companies to label products containing GMOs as “natural.” What’s natural about GMOs? It would also pre-empt states from taking any legislative efforts to require GE labels while tying FDA’s hands. Now is the time to write to your congress people in support of mandatory labeling.

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7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Kucinich: Congress Considers Blocking GMO Food Labeling + Action Alert

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  2. Time to put all these merchants of death out of business for good. Boycott these companies, no matter what they produce. It is also time to tame Washington’s power and the money that is keeping it alive.

  3. One can appreciate the effort for labeling, but banning GMOs would be the place to focus energy. Profit-making patents on food?! If people in counties and states want to ban GMOs they can pass laws to do so. Labeling doesn’t solve the problems associated with genetic drift through the wind, birds, transport, etc. Banning is the only option to prevent cross-contamination. Agricultural exports have dropped because other nations are rejecting GMO foods; the sooner they are banned the sooner farmers will see their exports increase. Bad for health, bad for business, bad news all around. GMOs have been an epic failure.

    • You’re absolutely right Jerry. It means rethinking the entire planetary food web.

      Here in the UK I’m involved with the Campaign for Real Farming. The scope is global because everything is so interconnected it has to be. The truth is that industrial ag. does not and never can “feed the world.” The research shows that something like 70% of global food production is small scale, and the role of women is absolutely critical.

      The ecological crisis we are in is indeed apocalyptic, but the solutions will never come from those people or “vested interests” who have generated this nightmare.

      We must work together, those of us that have the wit to grasp the severity of the consequences of apathy and abject fatalism.

      If one half of the functioning population of the Earth were each to plant a tree or pledge to perform one beneficial action to conserve & advance the planet’s biodiversity, the rest of homo saps would soon get the message.

  4. Bravo, very well put.

    My simple solution ~ oblige all those who are pro-GM to eat nothing else to demonstrate their enthusiastic devotion to the cause..

    Maybe Congress could open a GM cafe exclusively for the use of its members. Give them all “yum-yum” GM badges with bleeding, broken hearts.

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