Guy McPherson: Human Extinction In Our Lifetime?

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Updated: July 22, 2014; scroll down to new video

The Big Picture RT on Apr 7, 2014

Apocalyptic outcome

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Global warming is real – and possibly even worse than we’ve been told. Could it lead to the destruction of human civilization within just a few decades? For tonight’s Conversations With Great Minds – I’m joined by Guy McPherson -Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources – Ecology – and Evolutionary Biology at the University Arizona. Guy is one of America’s most influential experts on global warming – and writes about a variety of climate change-related issues for the Arctic News and his own website – Nature Bats Last. In the field of climate science – Guy is best known for his assertion that runaway global warming is already on a path to cause the extinction of the human race – an idea he has written about in his book – “Going Dark.”

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Updated: April 12, 2014

Guy McPherson, Traditions World Cafe, February 2014, Olympia WA

Robert F. W. Whitlock on Mar 12, 2014

Unabridged, with Q&A


Updated: July 22, 2014

Note the video is no longer available.

Somewhere In New Mexico Before The End Of Time

Michael Sosebee on Jul 20, 2014

What if you discovered that everything that you’d ever been taught about the world around you and particularly your country was false? With Environmental mate change and the impacts of an industrial system oproblems escalating and climate change now making impacts can societies collapse? What are the alternatives to avoiding collapse? Here some of the premiere thinkers often referred to as “dormers” talk about clin earth systems. Is it already too late?

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  13. As long as those who are guilty of creating this mess don’t see what their actions and greed are causing, we stand very little chance of surviving. As for the geo-engineering…it is almost like eating a huge hamburger but ordering a diet drink with it. We have messed around with our planet more than enough – time to clean up. And the Maya Prophecies are proving right after all…

  14. All the indicators are quite catastrophic, but…and there will always be at least one, maybe two or more “buts”….there must be unknown factors, since our science is never complete nor completely infallible.

    We operate on probabilities. Life itself is about risk, and that risk can be calculated ~ even though it may not necessarily be precisely calculable.

    I think there are some general non-negotiable measures that should be implemented enthusiastically.

    The first is to consume less, and to do more. By “more,” I mean get on with the urgent business of ecological regeneration, pollution control and rational conservation by all known means, particularly by addressing the subtleties of micro-climates and adaptive resilience. All life appears to be nested and entangled, and human societies are no exception.

    The second is to challenge ignorant “shareholders” who are only concerned with profit rather than becoming ecologically responsible stakeholders. This means literally raising those empirical stakes, by calling for an increasingly robust & grown-up public debate about values.

    The third is already happening in many places and in various ways, as energetic community involvement and activism spreads and evolves.

    Fourthly, I would like to witness a dramatically raised level of awareness of the fundamental importance of the food-web and the biospheric principles of metabolic (re-)cycling of all materials and biomass.

    One could go further but I feel these are some essential steps.

    Nothing will be effective that it is not localized and personalized.

    We should listen more to experienced ecologists and far less to politicians, culturally naive “experts” & sophist “economists.”

  15. Thanks for posting this. Here’s another vid with Guy McPherson speaking at Traditions World Cafe, February 2014, Olympia WA. It’s 50 minutes including Q& A and explains this in more detail . Well worth watching.

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