This is A Major Road in St. Louis, Missouri

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Depending on where you live, collapse has already occurred in the US. ~ Lo

Ed David on Apr 12, 2014

It was one block in St. Louis. North Grand Blvd.
We drove down it to get from the airport to our hotel. I stuck the camera out the window. What’s fascinating is how run down this major road was for so long of a distance. I think it felt like a mile.
A bunch of my friends, gosh bless them, do war reporting and other journalism in other countries. Well this country, this mighty United States of America, needs a bunch of help all over the place. And maybe it would be easier to help here. In any possible way.
“Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by Chris Hedges has been a huge help looking further into the failing of the American dream.
We all need to do something.

Director ED DAVID
Shot with Black Magic Pocket Camera and using Film Convert in post.


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9 thoughts on “This is A Major Road in St. Louis, Missouri

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  3. In the end 1960s and beginning 1970s Portugal was a miserable country and spent almost everything they had in colonial wars in Africa to save its empire. In 1974, with the support of the people, the Portuguese soldiers made the “Carnation Revolution” and peacefully destroyed their empire. Then the Portuguese economy was reborn and living standards of the country has improved greatly. The Portuguese people proved they are smart. Americans will be able to prove that they are as smart as the Portuguese? I think not.

    • The Carnation Revolution from a dictatorship to democracy, America, is already a democracy, at least in name, the question with America, democracy, with regard to money or bribery, from lobbying, as opposed to the will of the people?
      How would you have a revolution in America? as different from the Portuguese, model? other than reform?

  4. This is the America that is always preaching to others around the world, yet can’t – or won’t, take care of it’s own backyard. Charity starts at home. Spend less money on wars.

    • I know here in Australia, when you have lived by criminal means including murder, you are a marked man and you have to sleep for the rest of your days with a gun close by, is it possible for America to now have a plea, such as Pistorius, I was only shooting at the door, I had no idea the bullets would come out the other side?

  5. St. Louis is the city of my youth. I remember window wonderland at Christmas in downtown, Forest Park, sparkling sidewalks, riding the street cars, the organ at the Fox Theater, and vibrant street life. I haven’t lived there for 40 years or so. The air quality is so bad. Racism, greed, and the consequent sprawl killed her like they did so many other American cities. I will always miss and mourn her.

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