Putin Stands Out as a Real World Leader by Finian Cunningham + Putin’s Annual Q&A Session

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from Strategic Culture Foundation
April 17, 2014

There is a reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin eclipses his Western counterparts in popular support, and why he can demonstrate to them what it means to be a world leader of stature. It’s partly a result of Putin’s ability to connect with real people about real life in a way that reflects their concerns about what is really going on. He does it with an honesty and compassion that Western leaders no longer know the meaning of.

This was evident in his televised question-and-answer interview with the Russian nation this week, in which he dealt with the dangerous unrest in neighbouring Ukraine. A good many other people around the world were also watching and listening to Putin’s words.

In short, this is a politician whom people actually feel they can trust because his views concur with how they interpret the world around them. The polls show it. Putin’s favourable rating among the Russian public is well over 70 per cent.

Of course, the ever-so smart Western media would distort this fact as a product of Russian propagandizing of its people.

If so, how do the ever-so smart Western media explain the abject polling of Western politicians?

Compare Putin’s support rating with corresponding flagging figures for US President Barack Obama, Britain’s premier David Cameron or the French leader Francois Hollande. The vast majority of the Western public continually voice disapproval of their government leaders. Hollande, whose ruling party suffered humiliating defeats in the most recent municipal elections, has the lowest rating of only 17 per cent – the most unpopular French president on record.

What should be even more disconcerting for the Western so-called leaders and their media is that plenty of anecdotal evidence points to the Russian president commanding higher respect even among the Western public.

The decisive issue is one of credibility and integrity, and with that comes respect. By contrast, lack of credibility and integrity engenders disrespect. When lack of credibility and integrity become routine and habitual, as in the case of Western politicians, then that manifests in contempt because the public rightly feel that their intelligence is being insulted with barefaced lies.

When Putin talks about the upheaval in Ukraine as being the result of a campaign of Western political interference in that country, he talks with facts and evidence that the whole world can see. Yet Western politicians and media live in denial and expect everyone else to likewise live in denial.

The Western-backed coup brought an unelected, fascist regime to office in Kiev. The mob-rule nature of the Kiev regime with its odious public hate-statements and actions of violence towards their countrymen is testified by countless video evidence and reports.

If majority populations in the east and south of Ukraine are opposed to the unelected, self-imposed rule of fascists in Kiev that is the right of the people to resist, as they are doing in cities and towns, from Kharkov to Donetz, from Lugansk to Odessa and in the Crimea.

It is even more the right of the people to resist when the self-proclaimed junta in Kiev condemns the protesters as “terrorists” and sends in parachute troopers to crush the people with violence, as they tried to do this week only to fail.

Putin’s view of the world corresponds with the facts, and it is not only the people of Ukraine and Russia who recognize this attribute; the public in the West and the rest of the world can see it too.

On Ukraine, Putin said:

“Instead of realizing that something has gone wrong in the Ukrainian state and making attempts to start dialogue, they [the Western-backed junta in Kiev] have intensified their threats to use force and have even decided to send tanks and aircraft against the civilian population. It is another very serious crime on the part of the current Kiev authorities”.

It is only Western rulers and their pliant news media that seem to have a problem with relating to such unequivocal reality. Obama and his ilk twist reality by accusing Putin of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty – this after the American government helped bring neo-Nazi paramilitaries to power in Kiev through murderous street violence and occupations. Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague this week accuses Russia of pushing Ukraine to “the brink”, while the French government is adding its support for imposing further provocative diplomatic sanctions against Moscow. Such people are living in a parallel universe, and most ordinary citizens around the world are increasingly becoming aware of their appalling irrationality.

The egregious contradictions mouthed by Western government leaders belie their lack of credibility and integrity. Public protests and occupations are somehow acceptable in Kiev, but unacceptable in Donetz and other cities, even though the latter demonstrations are conducted with much less violence, and without the malign interference of foreign governments.

Turning reality on its head, Western governments and the mainstream media ignore the facts of Western-backed subversion in Kiev, and yet with negligible evidence they charge that Moscow is leading agitation now in the rest of Ukraine.

In Geneva this week talks opened between the US, European Union, Russia and members of the junta in Kiev. It is a grave mistake to even refer to the latter as the “government of Ukraine” when in fact it is merely a cabal that usurped power by force. In any case, it was reported that the junta entered the Geneva forum with the precondition that there would be no dialogue about Ukraine’s internal affairs or of the Russian proposal for a federal solution between all regions of Ukraine. How do you like that? This Western-installed junta has unleashed chaos, called for mass murder of Russian-speaking people in the east of Ukraine, and now it is stipulating that it will not engage in talks about internal affairs, but it insists on allegations of Russia “de-escalating” and to “stop supporting terrorists”.

It is only the patronage of Western governments and their news media that lends this chauvinist junta a veneer of legitimacy, even while it is declaring war on its people.

As Putin said in his televised nationwide interview: “Order in the country [Ukraine] can be established only through a dialogue, in the course of democratic procedures, rather than through the use of the armed forces, tanks, and warplanes”.

There is a strong sense that Putin may be far too decent with regard to the Kiev mob. But it is Putin’s civility and common sense that has seen him winning over public opinion, nationally and internationally.

Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize warrior and Assassin-in-Chief whose name has become a byword for liar, told American media earlier this week. “What we do need is a recognition that countries like Ukraine can have relationships with a whole range of their neighbours and it is not up to anybody, whether it is Russia or the United States or anybody else, to make decisions for them”.

Well, empty platitudes aside, that is exactly what the US has done in Ukraine by fomenting violence in Kiev from the end of last November until the coup in February and is doing now by bestowing a completely illegitimate and illegal junta with the false nomenclature of “government of Ukraine”.

This week too, Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the United Nations, echoed the distortion by telling the Security Council that Russia was subverting eastern Ukraine: “We know who is behind this. Indeed the only entity in the area capable of coordinating these professional military actions is Russia”.

This sounds rather like the voice of guilty conscience speaking out about its own dark and dirty secrets.

Despite her assured tone, Power’s lack of evidence regarding Russia amounted to fanciful speculation, which the Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin duly noted and derided as “phantom chasing”.

This is the same Samantha Power who last August “assured” the world that her country had “conclusive proof” that Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its citizens. Power was urging back then for US military strikes against Syria in response. We are still waiting to see American “conclusive proof” for that warmongering claim, while substantial counter-evidence has in fact since emerged to show that the culprits for the atrocity were actually US-backed militants in Syria.

Every time, it seems, that Western political leaders and their media make bombastic claims, it is subsequently shown to be fabrication, deception, lies or arrant nonsense. No wonder the Western public is deserting them en masse.

They have lied about wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. That makes these wars criminal aggressions and huge crimes against humanity. They lie about the reasons for why the US and its allies kill people every week with assassination drones in Somalia and Yemen and with criminal trade sanctions imposed for bogus pretexts on Iran.

Even on more mundane matters, such as unemployment figures and economic policy, Western government leaders are seen to be ludicrously out of touch with reality and the real concerns of people. France’s new Prime Minister Manuel Valls – brought in by the hapless Hollande to salvage his government’s plummeting credibility – turns around this week and tells the French public that a planned drive to cut €50 billion in public spending is “not austerity”. Meanwhile, Britain’s Cameron tells his citizens that he a committed Christian whose faith guides his policies – policies that have driven up rates of misery and hunger among Britons to record levels, an abhorrent fact that more than 40 British Anglican Church bishops pleaded with him to address urgently.

By contrast to all these arrogant Western follies and falsehoods over Ukraine and countless other issues, Putin comes across as a genuine leader of people. In this television interview with the nation, he spoke with quiet respect to individual citizens by answering their concerns with honesty and in plain language. Unlike Western politicians, Putin does not condescend with platitudes, fakery and fabrications.

Western politicians and media try to hide the embarrassing truth by claiming that the Russian leader is deluded, that the people of Russia and Ukraine are deluded by “Soviet propaganda”, that the people around the world who admire Putin are dupes. The New York Times this week accused Russia of “bluster and hyperbole, of misinformation, exaggerations, conspiracy theories, overheated rhetoric and, occasionally, outright lies about the political crisis in Ukraine”.

The irony is that it is the New York Times, the rest of the Western media and Western politicians who are actually guilty of the malfeasance they accuse Putin and Russia of.

The proof? Just ask the people out there, in Russia, Europe, America and elsewhere, whom do they believe and respect. The numbers are growing by the day.

Finian Cunningham, is a columnist at Press TV, the Strategic Culture Foundation and a Writer on Dandelion Salad. He can be reached at cunninghamfinian@gmail.com.


[DS added the video.]

Putin’s annual Q&A session 2014

RT on Apr 17, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding his annual televised question and answer session in which he is expected to speak about Crimean integration into Russia and the current crisis in Ukraine.


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38 thoughts on “Putin Stands Out as a Real World Leader by Finian Cunningham + Putin’s Annual Q&A Session

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  2. Reblogged this on narwhal8915's Blog and commented:
    This is the same Samantha Power who last August “assured” the world that her country had “conclusive proof” that Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its citizens. Power was urging back then for US military strikes against Syria in response. We are still waiting to see American “conclusive proof” for that warmongering claim, while substantial counter-evidence has in fact since emerged to show that the culprits for the atrocity were actually US-backed militants in Syria

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  5. Putin cares for his country, his people.
    The rest of the Western leaders care nothing for their countrymen ‘s poverty, woes, suffering. These so called ” leaders” are in it not for love of country and certainly for love of money.

    There are two men Dr. Ron Paul and Putin whom I trust over any world leader/politician.
    Dr. Ron Paul an American truthful and great statesman whom should had been President because he respects and cares for his countrymen.

    The rest of the Western North American,European & Canadian “leaders “–presidents, prime ministers and the lot of them, are simply well paid puppets of the Neo Con Zionists warmongers that dictate to the world their Zionist agendas.

    Putin the greatest leader in the world with the power to stand against all these liars in the USA, Canada and Europe that are only good at making paupers of the people they should be representing.

    If you have time read the two articles titled:
    The pauperization of America
    The pauperization of Europe

    Btw… The Western mainstream media are blatant liars too.
    We no longer have reporters , we have presstitudes.

      • I’m also curious about this agenda. We are all familiar enough with the tragedy of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian, but what exactly is this “plan?” How is the Chinese whisper of world domination supposed to play out & be fully realized?

        Are we talking biblical prophecy here? I see one major difficulty with this fundamentalist reading of reality and partisan interpretation of the historical record, and that is the salient fact of the Holy Qur’an, that did not exist when the books of the bible were compiled.

        Does this agenda preclude Islam altogether then? Is the intention to eliminate Muslims, through sectarian, mutual annihilation? If so, it definitely seems to be succeeding.

        What is the anticipated outcome though? Are we to be sold a synthetic vision of a triumphal Jerusalem, some sort of restoration of the Temple Mount to serve Judaic supremacy?

        This seems unlikely and implausible to me when so many orthodox Jews are deeply opposed to such a profane arrangement. How do you suppose the Vatican treasurers and guardians of papal infallibility will respond to such a notion?

        And are Putin’s pals in the post-soviet Russian ecclesiastical hierarchy expected to embrace this all-encompassing strategy? Also. let’s not forget that there are other deeply embedded cultural values at large elsewhere; devout Buddhists for example…and, pragmatic Confucian-style socialist brokers.

        What’s the core message? Some sort of “messianic” beastly currency?

        • That’s not why I put in question form. Many people talk about Zionism or the Zionist agenda like Israel (read Jews) are controlling the world, which they are not. Not everyone who is against Zionism hate the Jews, but many do. Was curious what this commenter (opiumnights) thought.

        • I appreciate your clarification Lo.

          My intention was not pre-emptive, only to relate my own curiosity about the inferences or assumptions opiumnights might be voicing here.

          The most coherent arguments, in my experience, persuasively dismissive and critical of zionism, have on the whole been predominantly framed by intellectuals or professionals of Jewish descent.

        • David , now we are talking ! all good questions . Where Putin’s strenth lies in my view is 2 fold :

          1. Consolidating power within via his imaging to the public of the macho strong Russian former mythos . ( male , russian orthodox , etc..

          2. Patience on the international Chessboard on when and when not to move.

          my trouble with Finian’s article does not lie in Putin’s greatness , but that Finian , a man of social justice would praise it as ethical . Putin is not ethical ! And when he moves with teeth bare , i would like a retraction from Finian , even though i wont get one .

          now , Messianic is the right word for what Putin is seeking to push himself off as to the Russians . He is doing it like i said in point 1 . by his reaching into their most base desires — their past mythos of Patriarchy , using the Russian Orthodox church mixed with state power. His appeal is to their past . this is a set up to reclaim territory that they have lost .

          does this sound familar? the Chinese did it with Tibet , and will do it with Tiawan . Hitler did it by appealing with the Germanic past . We do it here in the States with the flag , God and country bullshit .

          Putin is gaining in world sympathy because he has not yet moved his pieces in place YET. when he does , then we will have to all learn how to pronounce Liebenstraum in Russian .

    • opium — Putin cares about what ? count the dissidents and dissenters in prison , and then tell me if he cares.

  6. Good to see that so many of the Westernized intelligentsia still stand up for a real man of steel…the hordes from the East are well-led!

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  8. ”Sic Semper Tyrannis ” (thus ever the tyrants ) ……Let me get this straight — Finian exalts a tyrant like Putin after slamming and bearing false witness about a good Pope that has not ceased to speak out against poverty and war …and fires bishops that practice shady money deals . what is wrong with this picture . ? you tell me .

    just because the West and its tyrants are idiots , and Putin is smarter on the international chess board ( and i agree he is !) , does not make Putin any less of a tyrant with Pussy Riot still in prison for freedom of speech , and blood on his hands in Chechynia of the resistence movement there , and elsewhere .

    Another Finian blunder , and you are all falling for it . But i will go easy on you all today , cause its Good Friday , and i believe in forgiveness even for Vlad the impaler and his Obama counterpart .

    • Rocket, Pussy Riot are no longer in jail.

      I agree with you insofar as it is naive to think that Putin is some kind of exemplary politician. He is a gifted hoodlum, in kind no different from the rest of the cynical leaders who dare to play the corrupt “game of thrones.”

      The reason we do not have enlightened leadership is because the rule of law is internationally abused, almost entirely abandoned.

      Until we can install reliable and accountable institutions with legitimate administrative powers and regulatory oversight, we shall be plagued by these pseudo-governments we deserve.

      This is an egregiously dangerous moment in time. We should consider the unspeakably grave trends destroying the Islamic world and the alarming way sectarian division is being promulgated, and why that is; while we think very hard about the implications for all parties in such an unstable climate with a nuclear-armed compromised Pakistan & Israel far too closely entangled for anyone’s rational comfort.

      • David , i spent Easter visiting a prisoner in the Big house . to force people to live like that is evil . Putin is got prisons filed with dissenters and dissenters. that does not let the States off the hook .

        ”Gifted Hoodlem ” great description !!! touche.

  9. The difference between the US and Europe/Russia is, America has never experienced a war on it’s own territory and therefore doesn’t have the faintest idea what horrors of war feel like it. Had the Americans experienced one, perhaps they would be less trigger happy. Russians, and Chinese, are cool and collected minds with centuries of instinctive accumulation of wisdom. Americans still behave as if the world is the wild west, for them to shoot-up at will.

  10. The DARK AGES, was an age of enlightenment , who gave it that name ? The skilled and science orientated Muslims, brought learning and new thought from North Africa to Europe, And the Irish, brought from the West and era of civilization, education, law , language. Irish second only to Sanskrit, and the first written vernacular in all of Europe , with monasteries and centres of learning all across Europe, keepers of illuminated manuscripts , art and literature. OH YES IT WAS A DARK AGE ? but only to the Germanic Barbarian Hordes of SAXONS, ANGLES, AND JUTES, which even to this day, can be seen in their war mongering savagery

    • Peter: Thanks for your historical perspective in that part of the world, way back when. The DARK AGES period I was referring to in European history was what I learned in grammar school, and I’ll quote an excerpt from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

      “Dark Ages: The early medieval period of western European history. Specifically, the term refers to the time (476-800) when there was no Roman (or Holy Roman) emperor in the West; or more generally, to the period between about 500 and 1000, which was marked by frequent warfare and a virtual disappearance of urban life. It is now rarely used by historians because of the value judgment it implies. Though sometimes taken to derive its meaning from the fact that little was then known about the period, the term’s more usual and perjorative sense is of a period of intellectual darkness and barbarity…(100 of 122 words)”

      That’s the “Dark Ages” then — and NOW, that I make reference to.

      Peace and Harmony,


      • Frank & Peter, I recommend Waldemar Januszczak’s BBC series “The Dark Ages: an Age of Light.”

        I’ve watched the first episode 3 times now making careful notes, almost frame by frame.

        Pretty sure you’ll find it online.

  11. Finian Cunningham has it down pat! Vladimir Putin is a level-headed statesman with humility (at least outwardly) and maybe has too much patience with the war-mongering and imperialistic “West.” How can he and the Russian people trust the U.S., the EU, and their lackey-states anymore?

    The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) is a detriment to peace and justice and have paid mercenaries to do much of their dirty work in toppling governments they can’t control and now would like to carve up Russia as they did in Yugoslavia and Iraq, while impoverishing their own people with “austerity” propaganda.

    I just hope the “Bear” is ready to retaliate on a moment’s notice if the United States and the rabid Rasmussen of NATO infamy sets the stage for WW3.

    Hollande a socialist? No way! If he is, than I’m Santa Claus. As for Cameron, he, like Tony Blair, probably long for the resurrection of the British Empire, but are basically yes men for the U.S.agenda of controlling the world.

    Who said the “Dark Ages” were over? Only the technology has changed.

    • Frank , since you seem to be the most convinced of Finian’s article . First see my response above.

      allow me to make my case against this article .

      1. Finian from all i know has never lived in Russia . if he has then i will stand corrected . Mark Twain said ”Write about what you know ”. Since Finian in the past did write about what he knew and saw first hand on the front lines , he had credibility . Notice the word ”had’.

      so where do i get my sources from to disagree with his second hand accounts? i have gotten them from first hand accounts. i have performed my music from visiting professors in all the sciences from Russia itself that lived here for a while and taught at the University. And on me inquiring after my show ( via a translator ) what it is like to live under Putin , he is clearly a tyrant . That does not excuse the West from its interventionists moves. I am a 100 per cent anti –interventionist. and these are not reactionary professors . They said about Russia what i would say about the American Empire . one word : OPPRESSION.

      2. Putin , world leaders, and the Chess analogy . Putin plays chess on the grand international chessboard less like Mikael Tal , and more like Karpov. what does that mean ? Tal was reckless , but he won 2 world championships ( 1960-61). Karpov later became a world chess champion by doing the oppositte . Karpov always played it very close to the vest . He was very very careful . Putin is Karpov.

      what does this mean that Putin is Karpov ? it means that he lets his opponent blunder first before he moves in for the kill . A very patient player… a calm man . Putin is the smartest world leader , just as Madden is the smartest manager in all of Baseball today . To this i can agree with Finian . However , Putin is no less a tyrant . He will be very alert , very vigilant , very keen eyed , very reserved until he will make his move . When he makes his move –look out !

      Every great chess player has an endgame . in Chess it is to mate the king . Putin’s endgame is to re-aquire lost Russian territory like the Chinese did with Tibet. This is when you will see Putin’s teeth . Real teeth . The kind of teeth that those who have been living under him have seen . Putin is a pragmatist, not an ideologue . He is the smartest of them all . That is why he waits for the blunders. When he acts not just in this area of the world but other areas , if then Finian defends him , then all i can say is ”Dont say i did not warn you all ”.

      Those so called progressives that still years later after the Obama wars , NDAA, Patriot Act , torture.. etc… still defend President Obama dont get it . Those who defend Putin now not knowing his record , one can understand . But as soon as he really moves , fool me once shame on you , fool me twice , shame on me . Just because the West is so evil , does not mean that Putin is good . He is just smarter . To give him a free pass is the same as Democrats in America giving Obama a free pass.

      The West verses Putin . This article is trying to choose the lesser of 2 evils /. at the end of the day , that choice always ends up evil .

      • rocketkirchner: I’ve been reading Finian’s articles for several years and tend to agree with his critiques on the subjects he writes about.

        I did read your response at the top of the page and respectfully disagree with your descriptions of “Vlad.” But then again, close friends of mine who are politically astute can’t understand my support of Putin either, presumably feeling as you do about him.

        To try and answer your statements about Finian above, I’ll start with
        #1. First hand experience from living in a country is not necessarily an asset, because people see what they want to see and interpret the realities or perceptions in varying degrees from others having access to the same conditions and state of affairs.The brilliant Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa’s movie, “Rashomon” (I think that’s the spelling?) illustrates that point. Two or more people witness, or are involved in the same event, but when describing it, have differing stories. Who’s story do you believe if you weren’t present when the thing occurred?

        Prior to Putin being elected the first time around,Russia was in bad shape, economically and the general population was suffering from personal despair, from what I had read or heard. After Gorbachev “gave away the house” and then Yeltsin selling everything off to the highest bidder, things got worse for the average Russian citizen.Putin had to fight the oligarchs, the international bankers, questionable western NGO’s, plus the “Project For A New American Century” crowd, like Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc, plus the NATO imperialists getting closer to Russian soil.

        Things still aren’t as good as they could be or should be, but he has done a lot for the average citizen of Russia, including building up their national pride and confidence.

        When you talk about “oppression,” try being on a union picket line or in one of the “Occupy” demonstrations in Amerika. And don’t forget about Kelly & Bloombergs “stop and frisk” treatments of blacks and Latinos in NYC.

        On # 2, I’ll just say this: Putin, the Kremlin, and the general staff of the armed forces are very concerned about the US/NATO encirclement of their nation. They are preparing for the showdown because of the American threat and American hubris.

        Time will tell.

        • Frank , thanks for your intellegent reply . Yes , time will tell . A great chess player sees 10 to 15 moves ahead . Putin sees it . When he strikes –it will be something to behold .

          for me — i dont play lesser of 2 evils . i have stood against Chavez and Castro as well as the American Empire . i am a Christian , and i dont choose between Caligula and Nero .

        • Rocket, Thanks, but it’s not even seeing ahead at this point in time.Putin is intelligent enough to see what has “actually” transpired from the time when goody-two-shoes Gorbachev broke up the Soviet Union up to the present. I’m sure you know that the agreement between Bush Sr. & Gorby was NOT to move NATO forces east. The United States, starting with Bill “slick willy” Clinton, broke that part of the deal, and under the Cheney/Bush regime and now the Dronebama regime, we’re all over the former Warsaw Pact nations.with some potent military hardware and military installations. What in the world are the Russkies to do? Play chess and drink vodka? I stand by what I said in my other posts.

          I don’t play the lesser of two evils either – anymore – but I’ve stood up for Castro & Chavez in spite of the torrent of subtle and not so subtle American propaganda, and called a “commie,” among other names.

          Putin comes nowhere near Caligua & Nero.You can find a better comparison than that.

        • Ok , bettter analogy –how about Nixon ? In no disrespect. I have read and studied the entire body of Nixon;s work , and i think that Putin belongs to that age of great but corrupt strategist on the international chessboard. ..not this age.

          those who call you a commie are missing the point . its just more Imperialism all the way around . Eurasian Hegemony where there is 60 to 75% of the worlds populace and resources is what Brezinski says is the name of the game in his work ”The Grand Chessboard”.

          in order to play on that board one has to be patient and know HOW to play . Putin is in this game , just as the U.S. and China is , along with the Saudis and the West. it is just that Putin is smarter , that is why he is more deadly . Let us have no illusions.

          but they are all deadly . my Nero / Caligula remark is my standard remark on the lesser of 2 evils ..and where i stand as an anti-empire christian . take it with a grain of salt . Putin is more disciplined and more together than Nero for crying out loud . .. not matter how good Peter Ustinov played him .

      • Interesting.

        Putin is “ex” KGB (ha ha) a judo enthusiast cozy with Russian “orthodoxy.” He also used to hang out with Berlusconi evidently, and was/is a fan of the Beatles (the White Album.) Not a friend of Pussy antics mind.

        Not only that, but he could have featured in a Mafia western ~ snake eyed as a the Coke…er, sorry ~ Koch Bros in gas-powered Stetsons.

        • David , Putin plays the sign of the cross game over his heart pretty well with the Church there , and those who criticise church/state relations here ( as well they should ) , give Vlad a free pass . double standard ..you think ?

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