N. T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene

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Originally posted April 23, 2011

on Mar 9, 2011

Dr. N. T. Wright speaks on the historical reliability of Jesus’ resurrection.


What does the Resurrection mean? N. T. Wright explains.

on Nov 9, 2010

What does the Resurrection mean? N. T. Wright, New Testament scholar, bishop of Durham, and professor at the University of St. Andrews, explains how 1st century Palestinian Messianic movements worked and what the Resurrection meant to them. From The Veritas Forum at Emory in 2008.

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17 thoughts on “N. T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

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  7. 1 Peter says ‘All flesh is grass’, apoarently unaware that Jesus resurrected body was supposed to be of flesh.

    It seems he hadn’t read Wright’s book, which claims that not all flesh is grass.

    The author of 1 Peter betrays his ignorance of Wright’s work once more when he said that Jesus was put to death in the flesh and raised in the spirit.

    • Steven , you are missing the point as to weather Jesus was raised in the flesh or the spirit . the fact is –he was raised . the Markan account ends at 16:8 with no comfort from a risen jesus later on . this forces the reader to take him at his word when he said that he would be raised . ..hence real faith from the hearer .

      the orthodox and the gnostics can debate the flesh/spirit resurrection difference . but the real debate lies in believing if he even was raised at all . and only those who have met him raised know this . ..be it then or now .

      the strenth of Wright’s work is in probabilitys and possibilitys thru elimination of excuses against it . the weakness of Wright’s book is that Christian apologetics does not work . ..because for Christ to be the object of faith , one cannot have objective certainty .

      I must say , i was impressed by Wright , but i prefer the scorthed earth policy of –Believe or be Offended . ..Kierkeggardian style .

      in reference to your quote from Peter , it deals with flesh that has not been transformed via resurrection .

      • Resurrection, is similar to Buddhistic belief, that is Karma, they believe that what ever you do in your life effects your next life as being reborn, not that I want to further complicate this idea, but this religion and some say it is not, seems to agnostic.

        • Don , Buddhism has alot in commen with Christ’s gospel . the Dalia Lama wrote a piece called ”The Karma of the Gospel ” for Time Mag.

          also he wrote a whole book on Jesus being the ”the ideal Bodisatva of infinite altruism ”.

          as far as smashing the caste/ class system and pointing out that selfish desire is the problem , Christ and and Buddha are identical . But Buddha offered an 8 fold path as the way out of the cycle of desire , and Christ offered up himself as the way out .

          re-incarnation or resusitation are not a literal resurrection . herein lies the difference . it is only because Christ rose from the dead that we can rise on the final day , and in the mean while have that resurrection life LIVE inside us now.

  8. The story of Jesus has been created as a man larger than life who has become a mythology, the fact that a man can become a man without being corrupt is a miracle, especially in today’s world of endemic corruption.
    We do not need to guild the lily, however humans are now so disconnected within themselves that the man of purity would be seen as corrupt.

    • don, it is a myth only to those who have not met him . God only has one thing to say to those who have not met him risen –”Thou Shalt Believe”. the rest is prattle .

      • I do not doubt God exists in some way, my problem with those who make a belief on God, is, we do not all share the same idea as to how or what God is, furthermore I would like to know how you met God and when and where did this incident occur?
        As I understand what God is to me is thwart of having a brain with limits as defined by being incarnated in a human body, as such, I only have for example a limited vision of say light in terms of this wave length, I am aware their are many other wave lengths that are not revealed to, such as x-rays, gamma rays and so on, so if this being beyond human ability to see it is possible much of what is called reality is beyond what I am able to see or know.
        What exists with regard to reality, is, I know little of what reality is, I assume in my present form unable to know much at all, I do not deny what others believe in, as their experience, nevertheless it is not what I am experiencing, or not what I am experiencing, I have no problem in my unknowing of what is, this is not to infer this world on its present course is not disturbing to me.

        • With reference to Rocket’s testimony, the response to Karin, on the 23rd October, 2011, I note rocket is not with his biological parents, as he is adopted I suggest this situation gave him a thirst to understand truth, that is I am unaware of his background, but I think that he had a thirst for seeking the truth, in the same way my father hated me from when I remember to death of him, this gave me a desire to work out how can this be? what happens is the trauma of the unknown father or mother can be a driving force beyond what most people consider normal, I do not talk to my friends about these experiences as Rocket did, this is because I do not have any friends and also if I had the experience Rocket had, the people I know throughout my life as a most are either fundamentally corrupt, depraved or insane, the few I knew who now looking back were sort of normal and did not have the attributes I just mentioned, at the time I was blinded by attempting to know and was not able to understand these few.
          My main existential problem was I thought all people knew, not only did I not understand this was not what they were about in any case, this dilemma came about by my father constantly putting me down, what I did not know at this time was he is insane, I would say that no one ever puts me down and that I no longer feel as a inferior, even if they did, I acknowledge many have specialized knowledge that I do not have, I do not think that they are superior to me as I have realms of awareness that they have not.
          Having in part came from the association of intellectuals in the 60s, not only did I find them corrupt but also evil.
          I do not want any one not to think I have a position or job to do whilst I live, that is primarily to have a working critique upon the MI5/6, and all associating police groups within this realm, financiers, areas of academics whom are behind a smoke screen of language, cults, artists, media presenters and the army of propagandists behind them, Buddhistic ideology as only a truth of limited meaning, Christian ideology, and most organizations such as The United Nations, the list here is far from complete its a list that covers but a few.
          What we must look at Christianity, is the association Christ had with Judas, as I see it Jesus colluded with Judas as he would have to have known that he was depraved, I have associated with the depraved here in Australia, this is because when you have one who is depraved it becomes a better choice than ten who are depraved, you are forced int on situations because the culture in so depraved you have no choice, I believe, Caravaggio, had thieves and low class scum surrounding him, same as jazz musicians in the 20s, 30s, in America, hung around musicians, its a question of how society see’s you, if you come from lower class you will become or if you are from upper or middle, its all to do with how the fantasy of what conditioning has as to the box you will be located in, and it is doubtful any of the boxes is you.

        • Don , thanks for your honesty. One can only live by what they experience . As you have noticed when reading my testimony , that i was intruded upon by the Divine , and i resisted that love , but alak and alas –to no avail . now 40 years later i am still being lead by that same love . what can i say ?

          the Judas /Christ thing : have you read ”The Last Temptation of Christ ” or seen the movie ? though fiction , it about nails it pretty accurate for me .

          you used the phrase ”Christian Ideology ”. I view that as an oxymoron . The early work of Dostoevsky is an example of that oxymoron until the gospel of John influenced him on the Incarnation of God –Christ , and he begins to pit ideology against incarnation . ..in the characters that are struggling with such ideals, personal hubris , etc… . This is vital to understanding the concept of what it means to be human .

        • don , sometimes i feel like the guy who escaped the world of shadows and got out of Plato’s cave , and came back in to tell others that there is another world up there filled with light . and they say ”shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadup! in fact , i feel like that all the time .

          all i can do is testify of my personal experience. in fact that is all any of humans can do in any given state . the rest is prattle .

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