My Garden 2014: Spring is Here by Lo

by Lo
editor, Dandelion Salad
April 22, 2014


Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Spring has finally arrived. Lots of dandelions!

The lilac bushes have many buds and should be blooming later this week, hopefully.

First Blossom on Strawberry Plant

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

The strawberries are just beginning to have some blossoms.

Red Raspberry Bush

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

The red raspberry bushes are leafing out nicely. The blackberry plants are beginning to leaf out.

I planted some collard green seeds a week or so ago. It’s still too cold to plant much of anything else just yet. We had snow flurries only a week ago.

Flying Bumble Bee on Honeysuckle Flower

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

The honeysuckle bush has blossomed and I caught a bumble bee visiting the bush.

More photos on Flickr.


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12 thoughts on “My Garden 2014: Spring is Here by Lo

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  3. boy oh boy –finally !. i was doing a gig this week at a retirement center –small one out of town , and they are so keyed up about their little garden . it means so much to these elderly .

    technically –the is day of spring is supposed to be march 21 , but here that never is the case. the evidence that finally i is here is your garden . yahooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. Wonderful Lo! What a welcome relief from worldly controversy and catastrophic news.

    May I just briefly proffer some humble praise for the sublime seed-sprouter ~ an elegant but simple device for those with only a window sill… so inspiring; empowering and nourishing to witness the miraculous ease of life’s germinal powers !

    • Thanks, David. Gardening along with God and my wonderful dog, new kitten and friends and neighbors keep me going each day. Planted a few more garlic bulbs today as my wonderful neighbor gave me some already sprouting organic garlic. They may not turn into full bulbs, but that’s OK as the stems are edible kind of like spring onions. I planted garlic in the Fall, but many did not survive our brutal winter.

      Sprouting seeds is another wonderful idea. Great for wintertime, too.

      • We have an abundance of wild garlic in this region that is Atlantic heritage coast, great for soups and other more exotic culinary wonders…

  5. First, I would like to echo Rivera’s gratitude for the opportunity to glimpse your garden. Then I must express my jealousy: I wish I could plant strawberries! Besides my thumb being the wrong shade of green, this Central Texas climate will destroy them… All the best!

    • Thanks, catholhu. What about growing blackberries or raspberries? Both are perennials, don’t need much care although they do need water if there is a drought. Strawberries can be grown in containers as they do spread and can easily take over one’s garden.

      • I have been considering brambles, though it may have to wait till fall. Heck I might even be able to sustain some strawberries over the winter. Thanks for the suggestion!

        • It depends on the variety of strawberry plant you choose to grow. Some only fruit once during a season, others more often. The raspberries continue to produce until Oct/Nov.

  6. Thanks for sharing your garden, Lo! Such a treasure. I’m afraid my garden is a dozen hardy garlics and some rugged desert tulips. It’ll all get exciting on May 5th or so. Right now, I’m gardening the Global Climate Convergence in Taos. Blessings, my friend.

    • Thanks, Rivera. The garden will progressively get more exciting as the weather warms. I have a few garlic plants coming up, too. Not as many as I planted last Fall as we had such a brutal winter.

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