Doomed US Targets China and Russia by Finian Cunningham

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from PressTV
April 23, 2014

US President Barack Obama kicks off his East Asia tour this week with a threat of military aggression towards China at the same time that vice president Joe Biden was stepping up similar provocations to Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

That is because the so-called American “pivot to Asia” is intimately connected with the crisis in Ukraine and the increasing tensions between Washington and Moscow. Both cases are the result of US imperialist aggression aimed at postponing the collapse of American global hegemony. Although in the laughable way that the Western corporate media invert reality Washington’s vice is turned into a virtue.

The Wall Street Journal tells us: “The US [Asian] pivot has repeatedly been thrown off-balance as Washington turned its attention to Syria, Iran, Middle East peace talks and now Ukraine.”

This is a version of America being the noble “global policeman”. Notice the way the WSJ implies that Washington is a benevolent force in several conflicts around the world, when in reality it is Washington that is actually the very source of conflict in every scenario cited. This is a textbook example of the Western “news media” – more accurately “brainwashing propaganda system” – at work.

The US is inflaming insecurity in Asia between China and its neighbors; it is Washington that is the chief sponsor of the covert terrorist war in Syria; Iran continues to be subjected to criminal US-led sanctions on the basis of trumped-up nuclear claims; the Middle East “peace process” in Palestine is deadlocked because the US supports the genocidal Israeli regime; and on Ukraine it was Washington’s illegal coup d’état in Kiev that has pushed that country to the brink of civil war and may even ignite a global war with Russia.

When Obama touched down in Japan this week at the start of his tour of four Asian countries, including South Korea, Philippines and Malaysia, it was tellingly significant that upon his arrival in Tokyo a keynote remark was that America backs Japan in its territorial dispute with China. Obama said that military support is part of the so-called “defense pact” with between the US and Japan.

How the Americans can claim to be “defending” a country that it dropped atomic bombs on defies any intelligent reasoning. That’s the power of brainwashing.

Nevertheless, Obama’s blatant meddling in the dispute between China and Japan was obviously a calculated provocation that will lead to more regional tensions, which in turn gives Washington further pretext to maintain tens of thousands of its troops, missiles, warplanes and warships there.

What Washington is saying to China is: your territorial claims against Japan are null and void and if you attempt to use military force in support of your grievances then the US reserves the right to launch a “defensive” war.

Never mind that the long running row between Tokyo and Beijing over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands is very arguably in favor of China’s claims. The islands are proximate to China’s southeast coast and hundreds of kilometers away from Japan. Japan continues to occupy the islands stemming from its imperialist war of aggression against China nearly seven decades ago. Also earlier this month saw the first expansion of Japanese military installations in Okinawa in more than 40 years, which signals an end to Japan’s postwar pacification vows.

Considering the appalling destruction that Japan wrought on China and other Asian neighbors during its imperialist expansion, within living memory, any such moves by Tokyo are bound to cause grave alarm. Yet, Washington barges in with hobnail boots to trample all over China’s sensitivities. What’s more, Washington and the supine Western media invert reality again by portraying China as behaving provocatively in the region.

America’s Asian pivot, which Obama launched back in 2011, is all about stoking military aggression with China under the guise of offering defense to neighboring countries – in the same way that a gangster boss sets up a protection racket.

The real purpose is to stymie China’s strategic economic importance and to thwart the inexorable shift in the global economy away from Washington’s hegemony. That shift spells doom for the bankrupt US dollar and its hollowed-out capitalist system.

While the conceited Western media make out that Obama is touring Asia at “an unfortunate” time of “crisis management” over Ukraine, the reality is that the two issues are deeply connected.

As former World Bank economist Peter Koenig points out it is Russia and China that are the key players in shaping the new Eurasian axis of the global economy. A significant portent of the future was given last month, when on a state visit to Germany Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled plans to re-open the famous Silk Road – one of the world’s oldest and most strategic trade routes.

Says Koenig:

“China will re-open the old Silk Road as a new trading route linking Germany, Russia and China, allowing to connect and develop new markets along the road, especially in Central Asia, where this new project will bring economic and political stability.”

That development will also be good news for Iran, a preview of which was the major oil deal reported earlier this month between Moscow and Tehran – much to the ire of Washington.

The tectonic movement in the global economy towards a Eurasian axis has been under way for several years and is integrated with the emergence of the so-called BRICS nations, which also include India and Brazil. This paradigm shift is also integrated with these nations extricating themselves from using the American dollar as international reserve currency.

As Koenig notes Russia dropped “a bombshell” this month when it announced that it was going to conduct all its future international trade in the Russian ruble or in other national currencies. That decision by Moscow – which the Western media avoided to report – was prompted by Washington’s provocative sanctions towards Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Russia’s dropping of the dollar will hasten the dynamic against the US currency.

This why China and Russia are now being targeted – almost in desperation by Washington. Their rise portends the fall of America’s bankrupt empire.

While Western media launder hackneyed propaganda about Washington’s selfless role as global policeman, the real story is one of a dying American hegemonic thug trying to postpone its demise – by striking out at both China and Russia even if that means igniting a catastrophic global war.

Finian Cunningham, is a columnist at Press TV, the Strategic Culture Foundation and a Writer on Dandelion Salad. He can be reached at


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17 thoughts on “Doomed US Targets China and Russia by Finian Cunningham

  1. Rocket has stated “…the Chinese and the Russians are as guilty as the West.”

    They certainly are not as militarily aggressive as the US power system. China has not sent its warships to threaten the West Coast of the United States; the US has sent its warships to threaten the coast of China.

    Russia did not send its Warsaw pact to threaten Europe or the US. The US deliberately backed a Nazi-oligarch putsch to threaten Russia. And this was done AFTER the Elected president had agreed to a limitation of his powers, early elections, and (foolishly) pulling back the police.

    The US has backed the Nazi parties in Ukraine, direct descendants of Hitler’s during world war 2. The Nazi’s killed 25 million Russians, about 800, 000 Jews in Ukraine (including my grandparents in a neighboring country) and God knows how many Poles, Roma and others as well.
    These are the parties the US is backing, US officials posing smilingly with the leader of Svoboda party.

    Rocket didn’t mention the Nazis. Neither does the US media. But the Russians and the Russian-speaking people are aware of them, but they are not mentioned either. What is mentioned is the “absolute evil” of Putin who is defending them. The putsch Kiev regime has massed thousands of soldiers, armored vehicles, big guns, and hundreds of Right Sector Nazis to attack them.

    For someone who claims to oppose oppression, there appears to be an omission of the threat of a possible massacre here. But then Obama and the American media also claim to oppose oppression.

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  4. David, a lot of truthers think that the major commodity of 20th century industrial production is oil, not steel.

  5. I wish to emphasize that I meant no disrespect at all to Finian who I admire and agree with. My admiration for Rocket is less, and I entirely disagree with him. But since Lo is sensitive about vigorous polemic, I shall remain mute.

    • Thank you, folktruther. I talked with Rocket last night and told him that I thought his use of the words “the Good” was highly sarcastic in context with the rest of his comment. Yours was less so, but yes, it’s best not to call the writers any names.

      I am beginning to understand Rocket’s point of view (after the long talk) but still disagree with how he has stated it. Keeping to the subject/issue at hand in the post would be preferable.

      Most nations have some sort of human rights problems and pointing them out on a post with a different topic isn’t necessary, in my opinion. When one is against the aggression of one nation (The US) doesn’t mean one is 100% in favor of the other nation (Russia).

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  8. I have another take on this ~ nobody in the high echelons of corporate money is going to back a loser except to gain advantage by gambling on loss, and when the writing is clearly decipherable on the Chinese Great Wall, NY Wall St could be retired and morphed into a capitalist heritage theme park as the energetic centre of gravity shifts to Asia.

    The entire industrial history of the C20th has “pivoted” around steel production. Let us not forget the intimate historic association of German steel technologies with “Red” China since the game-changing developments of 1974.

    The real deal is a question of true accounting, in terms of estimating the environmental costs, global consequences and implications..

    Steel is the backbone of industry, precocious Quants can juggle complex trading algorithms to their hearts’ content, but the hard baseline truth is the heavy metal reality.

    Do we create or destroy?

    • David , in the movie SKYFALL , some smartass kid tells james bond that he can do on a computer anything before breakfast . Then Bond replys ”The why do you need me ”?

      Heavy metal indeed . industry is still around despite cyberspace software. Bond is industry . that is baseline

  9. I tend to differ with Finian the Good in that I don’t think Obama feels that the US has the means to create a Cold War on both ends of the Eurasian continent. Obama is all about public relations and to avoid being attacked by the neocons, he has to go through the motions of beefing up the Pivot. But any intelligent leader–and Obama is brilliant– must know that there is no way the US can keep China from being the hegemon of east Asia. So his trip, I would guess, is largely symbolic.

    But what do I know. It’s just a guess.

    • Folk — Obama is not brilliant ! He has no idea what he is doing on the international chessboard . no concept . He is not Nixon driving a wedge between the Russians and the Chinese .

      having said that , what Finian the Good misses is the absolute corruption of Putin . ,.,. until Putin finally makes his move. Then the world will see that Putin is evil . Obama is Pentagon evil for sure , but he is stupid , and in the end , Putin will win out . He is smarter and has will have more time as Russia’s leader.

      In the meanwhile you can expect more cheerleading Ra-ra -rah from Finian the Good toward oppressive Empires like Russia and China.

        • I respect the author and his work in the past . but the key here is PAST. When someone becomes a cheerleader and supporter of dictators, and it does not matter what dictators they are , and it is printed in the media , including a blog , it cannot go unchallenged by anyone against oppression . Christopher Hitchens after sept 11 changed and became a cheerleader in this manner. one for the oppressor.

          There is no name calling here Lo . To call someone Good( as Folktruth did ) is not name calling . What he meant by that you will have to ask him . What i mean by it may be different. You know my track record . i do not believe in ad hominum . I am using his own terminology and responding to him .

          And furthermore , the author here has yet to respond to this article from those who disagree with him .

          Blogs can be just as much feeding out disinformation as any other media outlet . It can also do the opposite. … tell the truth .

          But let it be known , it is the responsibility of those of us who disagree with dictators to speak up.We are prisoners of our own conscience. The blogger has a right , every right to choose not to print any dissent against oppression . This must be respected.

          a good example of this was when Pussy Riot was in court and Nadia after her initial statement went on to explain why Putin is a dictator in a very intelligent manner with facts and specifics in hand. The Judge silenced her on the spot. so , a blog can do the same .

          Just as those of us who protest against President Obama ‘s lying and oppression and torture and drone strikes have been silenced and put in so called free speech zones , the blogger can always choose to side with the oppressor . Most of them do it in one way or another anyway.

          i dont view blogs as social networks . there is way too much at stake here from a blog that means business to have an article like this to go unchallenged . That goes the same for Finian’s article outright slandering this Bishop of Rome . I did not let it go unchallenged .

          I am not interested in being popular , as you can tell by my past articles and their reactions . i am interested here in the truth . the truth is is that the Chinese and the Russians are as guilty as the West. It is just that they are more patient and are playing black on the chessboard .

          They will move in due time and the manifestation of their dictatorship and Imperial ambitions will be there for ALL the world to see. in fact , it already is , if people are reading and studying daily and in past history what these 2 Empires do . but people are not reading because they are too busy getting their dis-information from a blog.

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