Chris Hedges and Dwayne “Fish” Booth: War Is A Business

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with Chris Hedges

LeighaCohen on Apr 25, 2014

Soldiers die for corporate greed

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Chris Hedges and Dwayne Booth “Mr. Fish” spoke on April 24, 2014 at the University of Connecticut. This was part of a week long event sponsored by The Humanities Institute and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The title for today was “War and Its Meaning”. The first 32 minutes of the video Chris Hedges gives an impassionate talk on his personal experiences and political thoughts on this topic. This is then followed by an amazing 25 minute Q&A period where both Chris Hedges and Dwayne Booth respond to several questions asked by the audience and as always what is said is amazingly thought provoking.


Updated: April 26, 2014

Dwayne “MR Fish” Booth Private Interview

LeighaCohen on Apr 26, 2014


After the event I was granted a private interview with Mr. Fish where he reveals his early inspirations for his art, his politics and cartooning. He also describes his 5 year working relationship with Chris Hedges who attended and spoke at that days events. At the end of the short interview appears several of Mr. Fish’s Cartoons.


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