Dandelion Salad Is Going On Hiatus by Lo (Updated)

Flying Bumble Bee on Honeysuckle Flower

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

by Lo
editor, Dandelion Salad
April 28, 2014

Decided to take a hiatus for at least one week starting Sat. May 3. It may last longer, maybe a month or maybe the entire Summer or maybe forever.

Truthfully, I’d rather be doing other things in my life. And why spend so much time not doing what you love to do? Blogging over the years has only gotten more difficult when it should be getting easier. Less and less people read the posts although they continue to “share” via social media.

WordPress.com made some drastic changes to the blog editor just over a month ago and with those “new” changes came the “bug” that when pasting text that my writers send to me which have links and other HTML coding, all the coding is striped. If the new article has been previous posted elsewhere, no problem, I can copy it from another website, but if it hasn’t been published then I have to put in all the hyperlinks individually and any other HTML coding.

About six months ago, maybe longer, Facebook changed how they post a picture from a link. They made it so the picture must be larger than 200 pixels on both sides. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I have to post a picture with over 500 pixels on at least one side, then publish the blog post, go to the Debugger page on Facebook after logging in, of course, then post the link on Facebook, then return to the picture on Flickr and get the coding for a smaller size (but larger than 200 X 200 pixels), then back to the blog post to change the coding. It’s ridiculous and I have posted less pictures because of this fact.

Meanwhile, Flickr has changed their entire website. Getting the coding from Flickr is not as easy as it used to be. They also added coding that needs to be changed after I publish the blog post.

So, blogging is a hassle and each post takes longer than it should to put together.

Oh, almost forgot about Youtube/Google and Lockerz. I had to completely stop using Lockerz about 2 or 3 weeks ago because their grab button doesn’t work any longer for videos. When it was working, I had to log in to find the videos on my subscriptions page, and then log out of Youtube and take the “s” out of the “http” url for each video so it would work. The reason I was using Lockerz was because WordPress.com changed how our blog posts are seen by others on their “new” and not improved Reader. Once WordPress.com went to this Reader function, they changed how our tags are seen by other WordPress readers. The Reader posts only blog posts for the past 2 months for each tag. Not exactly a way to archive posts.

The blog will still be here and I will have to continue working to maintain it behind the scenes but over time it should be less work to do.

Thanks for your readership and support.


Happy First Birthday to Josiah!

Happy First Birthday, Josiah!

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr


Maybe I’ll post some garden updates over the Summer.


July 22, 2014 WordPress.com changed their editor (again) and this is NOT an improvement. They removed the scroll bar on the text box.*

*Good news, the internal scroll bar can be reinstated if one chooses to do so (which I did). Go to the “old” blog editor, click “Screen Options”, then unclick “Expand the editor to match the window height.”

July 26, 2014: WordPress.com problems continue. Now in order to paste into the visual editor, one must use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V.

Updated: July 29, 2014

Well, I knew that this day would come to pass and Lockerz (vodpod) video coding would not be available. So, I will have to look up Youtube urls for the videos that are using the Lockerz (vodpod) coding and edit the posts.

Please let me know if you’d like to work as a volunteer looking up Youtube videos.

Updated: Aug. 13, 2014

Just when things couldn’t get worse, it did. WordPress.com changed their editor AGAIN. I will not be using this “new” editor but the older one located via Dashboard, Add a New Post. However, since making this change, the “edit” button on the published blog posts no longer go to the old editor but to the new one. This means I have to copy the title of the post, go to All Posts internally, paste and search for editing any of the older posts. Here is the Forum post discussion: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/beep-beep-boop-screen-is-a-joke-is-this-a-glitch?replies=242

Updated: Aug. 22, 2014

WordPress.com now has a temporary work-around for using the “old” editor. One must open the “new blue” (non-functional) editor then click to use the “classic” editor, then repeat every time one clears their cookies.

Updated: Dec. 11, 2014

WordPress.com changed the entire website to https (secure), so that means all of the pingbacks to my previous blog posts and pingbacks to other WordPress.com blogs do not show up! Supposedly, the tech people are working on fixing it.

Also all video embeds from Blip.TV and Daily Motion do not work because of the https. I will have to edit all those blog posts with a direct link to the video until the tech people fix this.

WordPress.com has made a lot of “new” changes this Fall, including moving the old Stats page to the WP pages that are “too-blue-to-use”. Another change is that the text size in the visual editor of the classic editor (the one I use) is now too large. Plus many other changes have been made that make using WP a complete hassle.


Updated: Dec. 18, 2014

Pingbacks are now working again. All previous posts must be updated for the pingbacks to work. If you have more than 10 posts to update, use the Bulk Edit function on the Published list of posts on the classic dashboard.


Updated: Jan. 3, 2015

WP recently posted a blog touting their “new” changes. So I wrote a comment on it. It is still under moderation, and very likely will not be posted. Even if it is approved, no one will be going there to read the comments as it’s now not a new post. So WP has shut down any dissent on their “new” changes which are downgrades for the bloggers who still use desktop computers. WP obviously doesn’t care about its bloggers, particularly those of us who have been here for years. It’s very sad. And not good business sense either.

Here is my comment:

I question the use of the word “smoothly” when the major changes to the dashboard/Stats page have been anything but smooth, not to mention the “too-blue-to-use” BBB editor, all of which I never use.

These changes may be helpful to those using mobiles/tablets, but for us bloggers using a desktop computer with a wide screen all the scrolling makes for an unpleasant blogging experience.

Many of the features we have been used to having have been eliminated, including the time on the “new” Stats page; no bulk edit on the “new” blog posts page; and all WP pages are too blue to use. I prefer the old administrative pages where we can choose the colors and it doesn’t remind me of Facebook.

Happy New Year. I will continue using the old classic administrative pages and hopefully they will not be eliminated.


Updated: Jan. 28, 2015

Daily Motion videos are fixed starting tomorrow, Jan. 29, 2015.


Updated: March 16, 2015

A few days ago WordPress eliminated the “use the classic editor” link on new posts and on editing older posts. Thankfully, tpenguinltg has made a user script (must have GreaseMonkey or another program like it) to install to redirect to the classic editor when editing older posts or making a new post. This is not cookie dependent, so it’s better than what WP was giving us as an option to use prior to them eliminating it.

see also

Recent Changes to WordPress User Interface


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89 thoughts on “Dandelion Salad Is Going On Hiatus by Lo (Updated)

  1. Black Oak Down by Shepard Bliss was a wonderful read for me this week. I enjoy your blog and sometimes it was just so over.whelming to me and seeing the post about Black Oak Down was so inspiring and uplifting to me. I would think about balancing one story about something positive and organic (your future gardening perhaps) and the reality of what is going on in the world. Keep in mind that I am not a political person but I care about nature, housing for all, food for all and truth.

    Put it out there and create a support system for Dandelion to survive.

    Have a wonderful hiatus and breathe.

    Love and Namaste’ Padma

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  3. Lo, take as much time as you need/want. I love your posts.

    FB and all the other social network sites should be dumped in a deep hole and covered over with toxic waste. Be well.


  4. Dear Lo,

    It must have been 2008 that i found Dandelion Salad. (with a name like that i couldn’t help but be curious!). There were very few blogs around then of this ‘type’ and i was so grateful to find someone who felt the same way as me, i was just at the beginning of my search for ‘truth’. When did you start your blog, why the name and why the search for truth?
    I commented on an article and was so surprised to get an answer! You introduced ne to the best writers and the best thought, i really don’t think i could have found my way without you. You are a pioneer.
    Now there are so many blogs out there and it must be one of the most unrewarding jobs.. To put so much wisdom out there for so little return. I don’t blame you.. As you say, people just post without reading through the article and without thanks to the distributor. It must be very lonely.
    I hope you feel appreciated with all the loyal fans you have and i honestly don’t think you could give this up entirely. Once you have that interest it never goes as there are so many issues to be concerned about. I wish you much happiness.
    Thank you for being you Lo,


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Jill. And thank you for sticking with Dandelion Salad all these years.

      Dandelion Salad began June 27, 2007 and I blogged for 2 years before that on Myspace. I chose the name because it was “under the radar” (didn’t sound political), no one else had that name for a blog, and I had photographs of dandelions to use for the header, the logo.

      The main reason I started blogging was the lie of omission in the corporate media’s coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They showed no photos/videos of what war really is: dead babies and blown-apart civilians and soldiers. There was a blackout of the returning coffins of dead soldiers. Over the years of blogging I saw a great need for reporting and analyzing issues not covered or again, not covered well in corporate run media. I thank all the writers who have contributed to Dandelion Salad over the years, without them the blog would not have been as successful.

      You are right, I cannot ever quit entirely. Was corresponding with a writer just yesterday about publishing his latest piece that he is working on. So there will be new posts here from time to time over the Summer into Fall. I do doubt that I could come back full-time as it’s really too much work for one person to do effectively.

  5. I nominated you for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award to recognize your faithfulness to my blog. Please visit my latest post to learn more about this award, and to leave a comment describing how you choose blogs to follow, and why you “Like” and leave comments on blogs.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am always wishing you well…

  6. Lo, thank you for all of the hard work and awareness you’ve spread through your outstanding blog. You will be greatly missed if you decide to take a permanent hiatus, as you can see, but I completely respect your feelings on this matter. As for the technical issues you’ve encountered, it’s as if they’re trying to discourage bloggers and keep them away from the rest of the herd…

    • Thanks so much, Jeff. I also wonder the same thing about discouraging bloggers. With the Net Neutrality issue coming up this week, I fear the loss of the free and open Internet, too.

      Over the many years of blogging, I’ve only noticed that it became more difficult instead of being easier with all the “new and improved” bells and whistles. It doesn’t make sense to me. I came to WordPress after blogging on Myspace for several reasons, one being that I wanted to have more time not to blog. That never came to be.

      Hope you saw that I suggested you and your blog for my readers to subscribe to for news and commentary. I love your blog and always read the posts.


      • Thank you for the shout-out. I really appreciate it. If you decide to go the collective route, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Much respect to you.

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  8. Thank you for all you’ve done for all of us. I wish you well in whatever direction you decide to take. Enjoy the summer. I’ll be virtually offline soon, but not voluntarily. The “future” is uncertain, but potentially exciting. Peace.

  9. Don’t leave! Take a break, put your feet up, whatever – – regroup, and come back to life. You’re too valuable a resource to evaporate, plain and simple. All love, in whatever the future holds for you and yours.

    • Thanks, Josh. I’ll post updates and an occasional article from time to time during the Summer. There are so many things I’d like to do and one of them isn’t being attached to a computer every single day. I like iwpchi’s suggestion of a group working together doing the blog instead of one person who gets over-worked. I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years now (7 here and 2 at my previous blog). Every day, 7 days a week, no breaks for holidays or anything except the occasional Internet outage and even then I would go to the library to do some work each day.

      • Well, you certainly earned yourself a nice long break. I’ve been reading this blog-site since I stumbled upon it on MySpace several years ago… I find its perspectives quite insightful. But I know the feeling about being attached to a computer – it can be soul-sucking! Good Luck in whatever you do! You rock!

        • Wow, thanks for the support over all these years, Josh. I do feel that I’m letting a lot of people down (writers and readers). It wasn’t an easy decision nor was it made hastily. I’ve thought about this for quite some time now. I tried doing this almost/sort of part-time a couple of years ago when I went with the publishing on the weekends/Mondays but that turned into more work than publishing every day. I think that also aided in the lower views but I’m not sure. There are many reasons for a lower view count like I mentioned in other comments. Blogging on Myspace was more fun because of the interaction with others on Myspace and the views kept on growing. Facebook just isn’t the same thing as one’s “friends” have to click to read outside of Facebook and well, most people don’t. It’s not a total loss, though, as people do share and others read the titles they do learn in a general sense of what’s going on. Just wished more people would read the posts.

          Maybe next week I’ll put together a post with links to where to find some of the regular writers here. And of course, anyone can click any of the writers from the Writers Page, https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/featured-writers/ and then click on their websites or blogs, then follow them through RSS feeds or whatever.

  10. Dear Lo,

    I support you in everything you do, regardless of whether it is blog posts or cucumbers in the garden (just send me a jar of pickles, LOL). You are a beautiful soul, a deep thinker, and a gift to everyone who crosses your path in life. I have always deeply cherished our connection and will continue to do so. Personally, I can’t wait for your garden posts. I’m a big fan of dinner pictures and garden posts.

    Thank you so much for publishing my first pieces, The Man From the North Essays, and reviews of my novels. Each time it has been an honor that I will always treasure.

    All my love,


  11. Thank you so much Lo. Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to me. I hope I can do as well. See you in a few weeks, months or years as the case may be Much love and respect, Dariel Garner

  12. I hadn’t realized it was so much work, Lo. I’ve read your posts for years before I started commenting and, being computer illiterate, always assumed without thinking about it that was a copy and paste kind of thing. It’s alarming to learn that the number of readers decreased over the years. I got more interested because I thought the posts were better. And also because we are getting closer to a Freedom fascist state.

    I hope you can recharge and return. In any case, I wish you well.

    • Thanks for all your comments, folktruther. You have added so much to the posts with your commentary.

      Yes, it’s a lot of work/time to put together a post. It’s also quite depressing when I see, especially Facebook users who call themselves “friends” take the link to the video and post it without any reference to the original post where they found the video. I have subscriptions on Youtube for 845 channels. That’s a lot of videos to go through every day to choose one or two to post.

      That’s probably the main reason for the decline in views (Facebook). There are other reasons. Some of the places I used to post links are no longer in existence (buzzflash.net had a place to post links). Used to use Stumbleupon and used to receive many views from posting links to blog posts there then they changed their format and it stopped working. Yahoo was a great source, too, but now even my own readers who have a subscription to Dandelion Salad via Feedburner and have a Yahoo email address do not receive the daily newsletter. (See: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/yahoo-is-blocking-email-subscriptions-from-feedburner-by-lo/)

      When I first started and in the following few years Dandelion Salad would receive many, many views every day via WordPress tags. As I mentioned in the post, WordPress changed how they did their tagging and viewing of the tags (put in a Reader), so I rarely if ever receive one view from WordPress users looking through tags. Very unfortunate as I would also get new readers that enjoyed the posts here.

      I only wish that the articles sent to me were in a “copy and paste” ready to publish form, but some are not. I did lose a few writers along the way when I told them I didn’t have the time to do major editing and they would not do basic editing themselves. I kept publishing 2 writers who I would take the time to do major editing (names will remain nameless, of course).

  13. Lo:

    We are a bit embarrassed to interject our 2 cents into this conversation, having just discovered this forum today almost by (fortuitous) accident. Pardon our presumptuousness!

    Sounds like you could use (and deserve) a nice long vacation! 20,170 blog posts? Really? We get tired just thinking about that! Give your fingers a rest, already! How many keyboards have you worn the letters clear off of with all that typing?

    The “answer” (if there is one in this case), would seem to be the formation of a political collective (dare we use the word: “party”?) that can parcel out the responsibilities of keeping the blog going. One person simply can’t be expected to do all that work alone for long – eventually you burn out, no matter how dedicated you are. With the dire situation the world is in today, we can’t afford to allow the hardest-working activists to work themselves to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. We must find ways to work together collectively. Why do we, who are supposed to be rebelling against the repulsive capitalist system of “rugged individualism” tend to wind up working, for the most part, alone by ourselves instead of in groups? The rather strange “horror” of forming a political party is too common among activists today (at least it certainly was/is in “Occupy Chicago”). The fact is that unless we form political parties at least as strong as the capitalist parties, there will be no transformation of our present greed-based capitalist society into the egalitarian democratic global collectivism necessary for human civilization to thrive.

    One person can’t do this alone; single-issue pressure groups are nothing but “finger-in-the-dike” operations. The capitalist class in every country in the world finds that its class rule is best expressed through POLITICAL PARTIES. What evidence is there to indicate that the working class can somehow manage to get by without this essential tool of class rule? As Marxists, we fully understand that the working class will flail away impotently until it creates its own strong working class party (parties) of millions, in which the workload will be distributed among thousands of talented activists like you. Only in this way can an individual maintain a very high level of activity for an entire lifetime without flaming out in a decade or two. We shouldn’t have to “choose” between gardening or art or writing or whatever it is we love to do and our political work. We need to do our work as part of a collective of like-minded people working toward the common goal of the emancipation of the human race from capitalist wage and debt slavery.

    The Internets should provide many ways for people who may not even be able to physically meet to be able to work together on a daily basis. Yet we see so many inspirational “rugged individuals” wearing themselves thin trying to carry out the work of a dozen people, their flame burning bright for a while and then burning out – all too often, permanently. Once you completely burn out politically, it is very hard to get back into the game.

    Maybe during your sabbatical you can explore ways to bring together even a handful of these folks who have just expressed their surprise and dismay at losing – even temporarily – your contributions, Lo? A well organized collective will not only lessen the workload of each individual in it but will have a multiplying effect on the volume and quality of the output.

    The small political parties we’ve worked with (which have been around for more than 50 years now) have found it necessary to partially shut down their operations every summer so that their full-time activists can get a break from the constant grind of publishing newspapers and participating in political activities. There is nothing wrong with taking a hard-earned vacation on a regular basis. Enjoy yours!

    Workers of the World, Unite!

    Independent Workers Party of Chicago

    P.S.: We wonder if the problems you are experiencing with incompatibility between various blogging formats might not be a function of the template(s) you are using here on wordpress. When was the last time “Digg 3 Column” was updated? We use wordpress and we have not (yet?) experienced the issues you describe with our blog, which uses a different template (though we may not be as sophisticated in our use of the medium as you have been).

    • Welcome, iwpchi. Thanks for your 2 cents, very worthwhile reading. I agree with it entirely. One of the reasons Dandelion Salad never grew was I couldn’t keep up with the many submissions I received so had to limit the number of posts/writers. Love your idea for having more people involved but never had any volunteers willing to work for free on a regular basis. It’s an ongoing project here having to keep up with the blog. I could find a couple or a few people from time to time willing to help out but not on a regular schedule.

      The Digg 3 theme has been retired so no updates for it in the future. I thought about changing the theme to a newer one, but I’m not sure if I could change it back as Digg 3 is no longer on their list of themes to use. Changing a theme changes the fonts/style of the blog and with so many previous posts (20,179) I’m afraid that they won’t look good. I’ve done this before when I first started blogging and many of the first few months of posts look awful because I did change the theme. And not having the time to edit them, they have remained looking awful.

      Have you tried copying and pasting from a Word document or an email that has hyperlinks, italicized words, or other format coding? WordPress.com changed how those documents paste into the blog editor and since I use Firefox as my browser (it works somewhat with Chrome) the formatting is entirely striped. It’s also a hassle to have to load another browser to make a new post. WordPress.com says that it’s working on a fix for Firefox users but it’s been over a month now with no such fix.

      And you are right about my keyboard; many of the letters are gone (glad I can type well). It’s a very old keyboard that does need to be replaced sooner than later.

      Again, what you wrote makes so much sense. Socialists should work together; that’s what it’s all about.

  14. Your work has been an inspiration to me in so many ways. It was always a thrill seeing my photographs published on Dandelion Salad. I wish you the best in all that you do on hiatus. You will be missed and I hope you return someday.
    With Love And Solidarity,
    Stephen Melkisethian

    • Thank you, Stephen for sharing your fabulous photography via Flickr and Creative Commons.

      One of things I miss is doing photography and I hope to do some photo-journalism in the future. Your work is so inspirational to me. You are on the front lines sharing with the world what really happened and covering events not shown or under-reported on corporate media.

      Here is your Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephenmelkisethian/ Hope more people check out your courageous work.

        • Thanks for the ‘thumbs up’. All of my Flickr photographs and commentary are available free of charge for non-commerical use under the Creative Commons license as long as they are not altered and I receive proper attribution.
          Stephen Melkisethian

  15. So sorry, Lorri. Your site has been valuable to me and well crafted. I think the real surprise is that you lasted as long as you did doing a job that can be a grind under the best of circumstances. Hope you will stay in touch. Happy Trails!

    • Thanks, Cameron. You are so right. I’m very, very surprised I lasted this long doing this work.

      Thank you for your support and your wonderful articles over the years.

  16. LO, Though I’m new to Dandelion Salad, I certainly appreciate the hard work you have put into the website and enjoy reading many of the articles and the comments by readers and your thoughtful replies.

    May the rest/hiatus restore your energy level and spirit and whatever you do, I wish you the best!


    • Thanks, Frank. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments.

      There are over 20,170 blog posts, so lots of info here, many are still relevant. Feel free to browse and comment on any of the older posts, too.

  17. Dear Lo,

    I’m happy for you that you will be taking time for yourself and doing what you most enjoy. I will miss getting your daily posts, but I know you must do what is best for you.

    Thank you for publishing so many of my pieces and being such an encouraging supporter.

    Most of my pieces which you posted will be key parts of my second book, which I hope to complete this summer. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

    Again, thank you for being such a valuable supporter of truth and justice.

    Take care of yourself.


    • Thanks, Ed. And thank you for allowing Dandelion Salad to publish your work. Always enjoyed your poetry as well as your political analysis pieces.

      Congrats on your second book!

  18. A very good idea my friend . it will give you time to come to my son’s wedding in June !

  19. Lo, I want to personally thank you for publishing my work and for being such a great supporter of truth and justice. I really admire how you created and maintained Dandelion Salad. Dandelion Salad, in my opinion is one of the best. I will really miss you, but I also understand the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself. Take time to rest and just enjoy your life, and do things you really want to do. You will be greatly missed.

    Here’s to a better world.

    With deep admiration and appreciation.


  20. Lo, I’ve read through all comments to this point including your responses; much wisdom in all of it and I echo everything that’s been said. I won’t reiterate all the above–just confirm it.

    A couple things occur to me that might deserve slightly more attention. One is, you know the old saw; when something stops being enjoyable and moves in the opposite direction . . . you need to take care of yourself, physically and psychically, first and foremost–your effectiveness at doing anything will be proportional to how much you enjoy it. (That’s a bit overly-generalized and sweeping, but you get the idea.) So do what you enjoy, what brings you personal fulfillment, and do it proportionally to the extent that it brings these things to you.

    My other thought has to do with a somewhat more focused, refined model; I think we’re all dealing with information-overload out there, especially on the internets. Your blog has always been such a wonderful, virtually one-stop-shopping source for me to find nearly everything of consequence or of interest to me, all in one extremely convenient place. That said, we can all do the just slightly more time-consuming work of finding many of the same things via the multitude of providers out there–Truthdig, You-Tube, et al; it isn’t that difficult to do.

    I’m wondering (out loud here) if a model built along the lines of ZNet–or maybe better, of some specific portion/section (one or more) of their model might be something to consider? Perhaps pick some issues that interest you, that you find most important, etc., and work mostly (even exclusively) on one or more of them for a given time period–a week, two weeks, whatever. My guess is, this would give people something more specific and more circumscribed to discuss in some kind of “forum” setting. Plus, the reading load wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

    It’s just a thought, and I’m just throwing out ideas for your consideration–whether they coincide with anything you might actually want to do is another matter.

    Last thing, which applies to all of the above. ZNet, as you probably know, is mostly free, but relies on and encourages contributions to keep it going. They also have a slightly enhanced, “sustainer” program, in which members make contributions on a monthly basis (the amount is entirely up to the individual sustainer), for which, they provide a few extras and sometimes earlier access to some of their material. I think they do an excellent job of keeping a financial/hierarchical system out of it all–everything is available to everyone, at no cost, eventually, and the additional perks are worthwhile but not necessary.

    The point is, I don’t see much of anything else out there following anything closely resembling that model (even in the broadest sense). If some structure/content system similar to one or more of theirs were to appeal to you, I suspect that many people would be more than willing to make monthly (or whatever options you wish) contributions to keep your site–which would be more of a destination site, less of a blog–going. I certainly would be. My sense of it is, you have a lot of good will built up here with a significant number of people; that’s an extremely valuable resource from which to build anything. Just thinking out loud here, sorry for the length. I suggest taking as much time off as you need, plus a little more, forget about all of this in your conscious mind, let things gestate in the unconscious, then, in a month, three months, whatever . . . then start considering various options; see how they strike you then. (I think we all do some of our best and most accurate thinking when we aren’t consciously thinking about the subject at all.) Anyway, have an enjoyable, fun hiatus, keep in touch at least a little bit, and take it from there. And Thank You for all the wonderful, important and oh-so-useful work you’ve done. Take care.

    • Hi Roland, and thank you for all your wonderful ideas/suggestions. I do need to take a complete break for some period of time to get some things done that I’ve neglected over the past almost 7 years and have a break from daily workload.

      I do like some of your suggestions. Maybe a post per week with some links or readers can post links to stories that are important.

      I may put together a suggested list of websites to go for daily news, such as http://williambowles.info/ and http://dissidentvoice.org/ among many others. Most of “my” writers submit their work to many other sites so their work will still be available. If any exclusive pieces are submitted during the Summer, I can post those.

      I do like the conversation that takes place here and want the readers and commenters to feel free to continue commenting.

      Thanks for your support over the years and all the reblogging and sharing of posts. Always appreciated if not always mentioned.

  21. Perhaps making all postings less sophisticated would alleviate the job. Recharge your batteries and come back fully loaded (not drunk!). Hasta luego…

    • Thanks, peskyvera. The length of any post doesn’t make the work any more time consuming (other than having to read it). It’s all the basics of putting a post together that is more difficult than when I first began blogging like I mentioned in the text above.

      I’ve always looked forward to reading your comments and appreciated your continued support, peskyvera.

  22. Have a nice vacation, Lo! Will miss the articles but taking time for summer is a really good thing to do.

  23. Hi Lo, I support your taking a break. Its always amazed me at how single-handedly you’ve kept this going. I just wonder if it might be easier to use a listserv, even if you have to pay a little each month… surely there must be some people on Dandelion Salad who are able to underwrite those costs. WordPress has its own set of problems… and perhaps Facebook isnt worth the trouble, as a superficial media that doesnt lend itself to reading thoughtful analysis.. just a thought.

    Enjoy your garden. Im starting to do some gardening myself, and to wean myself from so much time on the internet. I think the forum that you’ve provided has been a steady light Iin the darkness, and I thank you for your selfless service.

    if you decide to return from your hiatus, you might consider putting out a call to writers to submit primer articles that could be published in a book to provide a political education for young people and others who are seeking truth that doesnt get published in mainstream media. A project like that could increase readership.

    • Thanks, peacevisionary. You always have the best ideas.

      I don’t know what a listserv could do or how to start one.

      The book idea is wonderful, however, it would also take someone to organize it.

      So glad to hear that you’ve started a garden. Enjoy, enjoy! There are so many rewards to gardening. Don’t forget to plant flowers or flowering bushes, especially perennials if you will be living in the same place for any length of time. Having fresh, organic produce right outside your front or back door is so wonderful and saves quite a bit on the grocery bill.

      I agree with you about Facebook. People would much rather “like” a cat video than an article on current events or human rights. Getting them to actually click the link to read the post after they click the “like” button is another story.

      • With all the thousands of posts here you have way more than enough content for a book(s). If you’re not familiar with Smashwords.com (indie writers) you can download for free “Smashwords Style Guide” that will allow you to create a decent e-book(s). Just a book with comments from your posts would be real art. How about “Do You Have Anything To Add?” for a title? 🙂 Have a peaceful rest. You deserve it.

    • Peacevisionary, I like your suggestions, especially the “book” idea. I would consider working on that with Lo and we could recruit some others who would like to contribute, too. Selling the books as Ebooks would go hand in hand with that. Let’s give it some thought and hope that Lo sees merit in that, too. And Lo, ditto to Jill Dalton’s comment, too!—Tom

      • Personally I would not sell anything. If the writers who own their content want to put their work together in a book with other writers that would be wonderful, but I will not organize this activity.

  24. What a hassle this has been for you adjusting to everyone else’s requrements and changes!! But your product has always been superb and I hope we can continue to submit our blogs published on WordPress and that those will be easy to transfer. The last one you did for me went up in record time and it suprised me! So we will stay in touch and wish you a restful period of hiatus! As you know, Lo, I have been an avid fan distributing on social media sites, especially Facebook, and the readers often quickly read them and share. I respond as quickly as I can when I see your posts. My very best wishes on your decisions.

    Cheers, Tom

    • Thanks for your support, Tom. Facebook killed the blogs, in my opinion. So many people “share” but never click to read the blog posts. Views have gone down considerably over the years instead of going up. My best year for views was the first year of blogging and views have gone down every single year since then. One would think that the opposite would be true.

      As I mentioned I don’t know what I’ll be doing and I may post from time to time over the Summer. Please continue to send me your recent pieces as I may post them, and I’ll certainly read them. I just can’t do the average of 3 new posts every day, 7 days a week. It takes too much of my time with all the “changes” that WordPress and other websites keep making.

  25. You’ve done such a magnificent job Lo, you certainly deserve all our gratitude, & a complete break with plenty of time to reflect and redeploy your energies in the ways that you choose.

    We’re all feeling the massive pressures the internet concentrates and the huge demands it makes of us if we are serious about change and are determined to seize the opportunities it has provided to really make a difference..

    Personally I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity you have so generously extended to your readers to comment on and discuss so fully & adequately the issues that affect and move us all so profoundly.

    We are at a watershed moment in my opinion and this may indeed be the crucial time now, to act upon our convictions more wisely and use this incredible power of mass communication and interaction with increased respect, far more judiciously and constructively, to bring about the kind of global society that will serve and benefit us and our planet for future generations and the mutual benefit of all.

    Time a is a great teacher so I shall be watching this space closely!!

    • Thanks so much, David. I feel badly about leaving you and the others who comment so frequently here and make Dandelion Salad a much better blog with your additional input and commentary.

      Please feel free to continue your discussions here, although with less postings on current events that may be difficult.

      Who knows how I will feel after a weeks break or maybe a longer break. I may come back to post again. I wish it was easier to put the posts together.

      Maybe I’ll do a few updates here and there. Right now, I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the future. There are so many things I’d like to be doing locally and that is key, in my opinion, if we really do want changes in our society.

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