Where to Find Some of Dandelion Salad’s Writers and Others by Lo

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by Lo
editor, Dandelion Salad
May 12, 2014

Here is a list of the regular contributors to Dandelion Salad. Most writers have their blog/website at the beginning of their articles, and/or email address on their bio at the end of their articles. Here is the Writers Page. If you need to find another writer, let me know.

Felicity Arbuthnot

William Blum

Fred Branfman

Walter Brasch

Ellen Brown

Finian Cunningham

Finian Cunningham

Bruce Gagnon

Chris Hedges

Michael Hudson

Andrew Gavin Marshall

Greg Palast

Michael Parenti

Graham Peebles, then search for his name; also Graham Peebles

Gareth Porter

Rick Rozoff

Rivera Sun

David Swanson

Andy Worthington

Other suggested blogs and/or websites for news and commentary:

Jerry Alatalo: The Oneness of Humanity

William Bowles: Investigating the New Imperialism

Climate and Capitalism

Cyrano’s Journal Today

Dissident Voice

Dmitry Orlov: ClubOrlov


FAIR TV (excellent 5 minute weekly news round-up)


Ralph Nader

Jeff Nguyen: Deconstructing Myths

John Pilger

Press TV

PressTV News Videos

Popular Resistance


RT Videos

Socialist Worker

Strategic Culture Foundation

Systemic Disorder

The B u l l e t

The Greanville Post

Workers World

World Socialist Web Site


Dandelion Salad Is Going On Hiatus by Lo

8 thoughts on “Where to Find Some of Dandelion Salad’s Writers and Others by Lo

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    • Have you looked at the list of writers on the Writers’ Page? There is no way I could mention every writer, Cameron. I made this list of the ones who contributed regularly and I did mention that the other writers could be found on the Writers’ Page then their websites or blogs are listed on their published articles.

      There are so many more writers that I didn’t include on this list but that doesn’t mean anything other than that they did not contribute more often. Some of my personal favorites are not included on this list.

  3. Thanks Lo.

    I think it is now time for a qualitative transition from necessary advocacy to practical action.

    Dandelion Salad has been a brilliant forum, a real school for many of us I suspect, an opportunity to air and discuss, evaluate and reflect.

    Occasional updates will be more than enough to keep up the momentum. You’ve been tireless in your commitment.

  4. Many of the links listed can be followed via a RSS feed reader. I happen to use Brief on Firefox. It has its problems (takes forever to load) but it is set up similarly to the old Google Feed Reader.

    Also many of the websites have an email newsletter that you can subscribe to.

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