Noam Chomsky: Rethinking US Foreign Policy

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with Noam Chomsky

ChathamHouse10 on May 20, 2014

Noam Chomsky, in conversation with Conor Gearty, shares his views on the Edward Snowden revelations, recent debates on intervention and broader themes in US foreign policy.


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8 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Rethinking US Foreign Policy

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  5. PLEASE make TRANSCRIPTS available for the videos! I very much want to hear what Noam has to say but find myself trapped into suffering to an apparently narcissistic, irrepressibly loquacious individual who perports to conduct ‘interviews’ but allows the interviewee so little ‘space’ that the overall result is an insult to my intelligence and a rude waste of my precious time. I have more or less relegated Dandelion to the fringes (pending deletion) of the many websites I read daily because of this odd preoccupation with intellectual vaudeville. The impossibility of selective clip & copy for one’s personal info-library degrades the usefulness of the interviews to near useless.

  6. Yet another stellar narrative as compelling as one might wish for ~ Conor G. from LSE is a convincing and incisive interlocutor, but could have “Irished” the proceedings with more self-restraint.

    Noam Chomsky never ceases to amaze, we should treasure his superbly coherent and stoic illuminations; may there be very many more.

    Thank you Lo for posting this. I replayed many sections and shall be listening again to reflect further. It simply beggars belief that most “politicians” seem not to heed his historical insights.

    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring, as the classic saying goes….do our professed upholders of decency have any real moral education? I think not ~ Prof. C. is utterly correct, when he alludes to the “hereditary” system of embedded conformity.

    A (cross-indexed and text-linked) set of transcripts of his best media conversations would be an invaluable project ~ doubtless I am not alone in suggesting that…

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