Chris Hedges Asks Noam Chomsky: What’s The New Paradigm For Resistance? + Transcript


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with Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky

TheRealNews Jun 17, 2014

Chris Hedges speaks with Professor Noam Chomsky about working-class resistance during the Industrial Revolution, propaganda, and the historic role played by intellectuals in times of war.



Updated: June 18, 2014

Part 2

TheRealNews Jun 18, 2014

Chomsky: “The system we have now is one which is radically anti-capitalist, antidemocratic and pro elite.”



Updated: June 19, 2014

Part 3

TheRealNews Jun 19, 2014

Noam Chomsky says Occupy challenges the atomization of society, and also discusses how the media obstructs meaningful action to address climate change.


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6 thoughts on “Chris Hedges Asks Noam Chomsky: What’s The New Paradigm For Resistance? + Transcript

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  3. With all due respect for both gentlemen, but…it is time to stop talking above most people’s heads and time to offer real solutions – not just platitudes. It is time for ACTION and not just RE-ACTION.

  4. Good comment folktruther.

    Cultural complacency is a fatal error. The “West” is now a delusionary category, it is essentially a hangover from the old fashioned notions of Eurocentric empire, that Winston Churchill so fondly referred to as “christendom” & about which Bernard Lewis has had (far too) much to say.

    The world is awakening, but tragically perhaps it is now already too late ~ too late that is to redeem any notions of that established hereditary “order.” Tradition has become a curse, privileged exception is a bankrupt deceit.

    The US has contributed mightily to this monocultural, despotic myopia and arrogant, greedy depravity that we witness everywhere brutally and recklessly destroying the soul and soil of life. Societies have been pillaged, neutralized and corrupted.

    Some traditions or indigenous wisdom traditions I agree, are indeed profoundly redemptive and restorative; but will it be possible for us to reinvent the wheel of our world, and cultivate a scientifically informed “aboriginal” civilization?

    There does not appear to be any other viable alternative. At present the anthropocentric weaponized universe of homo saps appears to be set on a mutually destructive, ecologically annihilative course.

    The implications surely are that we must re-imagine ourselves as Earth natives, who are also coherent star-seeded, creative intelligences.

    There is a new film in the works touching on these ideas entitled “Planetary” that looks promising,


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  6. In the 21st century, a major effort will be made to change the political culture of society. Typically historically, a social revolution precedes a cultural revolution, but the rise of the internet and mass communication allows us to reverse this historical process. The socialism of Marxism in the 20th century will be replaced by a more general culturalism in the 21st. Over historical time, the secular humanism of the Western tradition can be replaced by a more compelling spiritual humanism that has a broader basis in the earth’s people. This would require that we transform the way we think about and perceive people.

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