Lawrence Lessig: Break the Hold of Big Money Over American Elections, interviewed by Chris Hedges

Move to Amend Citizens United

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with Chris Hedges

paul jay on Jul 15, 2014

Chris Hedges interviews Lawrence Lessig about his plans to break the hold of big money over American elections



Hedges and Lessig on Money and Politics, Part 2

TheRealNews on Jul 15, 2014

Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig continue their discussion about how to break the power of corporate money in the US political system



Hedges and Lessig on Money and Politics, Part 3

TheRealNews on Jul 16, 2014

Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges discuss the obstacles faced in an electoral challenge to the corporate party system


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10 thoughts on “Lawrence Lessig: Break the Hold of Big Money Over American Elections, interviewed by Chris Hedges

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  6. This is an extraordinary post and despite the comments above Lessig and Hedges have given a good explanation of what needs to be done. The question that some of us are trying to address is “Whatwill work?”. Thanks for listing my blog as a reference! And ask that those who comment about “Harvard” apply their comments to Lessig’s specific comments too. I have my own criticisms of the institution.

  7. Lessig is part of the problem, not the solution. He does not understand that he is helping to re-entrench the same system. He supports the Connecticut model of campaign finance which creates a political apartheid system which favors the 2 corporate party candidates over everyone else. He does not understand the difference between bipartisan and nonpartisan, that the 2 corporate parties do not represent all political thought nor all voters. Simply, he does not understand that the 2 corporate political parties are not operating in a corrupt system, they are the corrupt system.

      • Good point, & it’s not as though Harvard itself is not also part of the problem.

        Lessig is the “Roy L. Furman Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University.”

        Allegedly, Harvard’s endowment is calculated to be worth more than that of all UK universities combined, presently said to be 109 altogether, not including 133 additional colleges of higher education.

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