Chris Hedges and Linda Sarsour: Examining the “Israel Has A Right to Defend Itself” Narrative + Israel relies on NSA intel for assaults on Palestinians + Rania Masri: Mr. Obama, What is Barbaric? + Greenwald: US Intelligence Supports Israeli Attacks

Rally and March for Gaza 8/2/14

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with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Aug 5, 2014

Pultizer-Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges and Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour deconstruct the narrative around Israel’s right to defend itself and the media’s depiction of the Gaza assault



Israel relies on NSA intel for assaults on Palestinians – Snowden docs

RT America on Aug 4, 2014

The National Security Agency plays a significant role in enabling Israeli assaults on and oppression of the Palestinian people, according to newly leaked documents published by Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept. Provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the documents reveal how the NSA works with Israeli, British, Jordanian and even Palestinian intelligence units to provide essential operational data, including information on targets. The details of the relationship were released on the heels of what may have been the largest ever pro-Palestinian protest Saturday in Washington, when thousands opposing the ongoing deadly assault on Gaza turned out in mass to express to anger. RTs’ Manila Chan and Lindsay France have the details.


Thanks, Jerry.

Rania Masri Speech: ‘Mr. Obama, what is barbaric?

Ageel Shatry on Aug 3, 2014

A very moving speech by Rania Masri, the keynote speaker, during the ‘Texas For Gaza’ protest on August 2 2014 in Austin Texas. (Please note that the recording missed the first few seconds. She began it by saying that “Yesterday, the Obama administration said that the abduction of the Israeli invading soldier by the Palestinian Resistance was a “barbaric act”. It did miss a minute of the end – when she spoke more about organizing.)


Updated: Aug. 5, 2014

Greenwald: US Intelligence Supports Israeli Attacks

TheRealNews on Aug 5, 2014

Glenn Greenwald tells Paul Jay that new Snowden documents show that American hands are on every war laun


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  6. The melancholy truth appears to be that the US wants a Nato hot war against Russia. The primary policy is a Cold War that disconnects Russia and west Europe, leaving the US in, Russia out, and Germany down, as the first Nato commander put it. But this may not be possible without a hot war, which Russia is frantically trying to avoid. But it cannot allow the Ukrainian Nazis to subjugate the Ukrainian Russiaphone population, 20 million people. What is going to happen, most likely, is to continue the Terrorist War against the Russian Terrorists.

    The policies of American imperialism are getting ever more dangerous as it loses world power at an accelerating rate.

  7. American Jewish community leaders must speak out against the Fascist State of Israeli and stop patronizing the slaughter of innocents. The black war crimes of Israel , Britain and The US must be exposed and the tyranny deposed. Stop flying the Israeli (Rothschild) flag over the synogogues. It disgraces God.

  8. the biggest danger is Israel’s turn toward genocide. In the Israel Times an explicit support for genocide of the Palistinians was printed, and later pulled. It apparently received support from the Israeli population. Seven Gaza schools, including UN schools, were shelled and missiled by the Israelis, killing many children. This is not accidental; the Israelis worry about the population increase of the Arabs, what Israeli’s call the “womb weapon.” Killing children is the Israeli response.

    The US supports it if it is not too public. Under president Clinton, this was done against the Iraqis. The US bombed the water purification plants of Iraq, and then blockaded the importation of chlorine as well as food. The malnutrition of the children along with the diseased water killed over a half million Iraqi children.

    When Madeline Albright, the US ambassador to the UN, was asked on a major news program about it, she stated famously ” we think it was worth it.” There was no comment whatever in the major American media about her support for mass murder. Clinton and the political class were delighted with her response, proving that women could be just as bloodthirsty as men, and made her the first female sec of state. The vote in the senate was 97-0. She was later given the Medal of Freedom by Obama. Killing children is as American as apple pie.

  9. The never-ending flow if Zionist bullshit is more than just appalling and sickening. As another means of trying to apply pressure: demonstrations should demand that diplomatic relations with israel be terminated. Five Latin American countries have already done so, recalling their Ambassadors. It doesn’t bring relief to Gazans, but you got to start somewhere. As a Chinese proverb says: the longest journey starts with the first step. So far, that ‘first step’ isn’t being taken – all we get is a lot of well-intended hot air.

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