Chris Hedges, Gaza Rally in NYC: God’s Covenant in the Promised Land + #GazaDayofRage Protests

Palestine Solidarity Rally

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with Chris Hedges

LeighaCohen on Aug 9, 2014

[…] Prior to the rally starting, I was approached by Chris Hedges who mentioned that he had written an 8 minute speech that he wanted to deliver to the thousands of people attending the rally. However, he was told that all of the speakers where being limited to 2 minutes speaking time at the rally.

This is that special speech that Chris Hedges wanted to deliver that day that talked about the historical and religious background to what is the re-occurring violence in the area that the Israelis and Palestinians presently live in. […]

Transcript of Hedges’ speech


Biggest ever UK demonstration for Gaza

Stop the War Coalition on Aug 9, 2014

150,000 take to London’s streets on 9 August 2014 to protest against four weeks of Israeli barbarism that killed 2000 Palestinians, including over 430 children. And we were there to say to the people of Gaza facing such horrific crimes against humanity: You are not alone.


#GazaDayofRage: Tens of thousands march worldwide in support of Palestinians

RT America on Aug 8, 2014

People across the globe have gathered to support the plight of Gaza, with the most impressive turnout taking place in London. Since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict a month ago, over 1,800 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed. READ MORE:


Updated: Sept. 8, 2014

Cornel West: “We won’t stand for annihilation” in Palestine

News2Share on Aug 2, 2014

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Democratic Socialist philosopher Cornell West speaks at the pro-Palestinian march on Washington, where he juxtaposes issues facing Palestinians to issues facing African Americans in The United States today.

Filmed by Ford Fischer (@fordfischer on twitter)

Updated: Aug. 10, 2014

(2014) Cornel West: Speaking at Gaza Rally in NYC

LeighaCohen on Aug 10, 2014

Cornell West gives an impassioned speech at the August 9th, 2014 rally at Columbus Circle in NYC supporting the people of Gaza. The rally lasted for 2 hours which was followed by a March to the United Nations.

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