Will the Secretive TPP Trade Deal be Fast-Tracked Through Congress?

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Last Updated: Nov. 11, 2014

Obama & McConnell Pledge Cooperation; Will Fast-Tracking Secretive TPP Trade Deal Top Their Agenda?

democracynow on Nov 6, 2014

democracynow – While the two parties have plenty to fight about in the new Republican Congress, Mitch McConnell, the possible next Senate majority leader, says he shares common ground with the president on international trade. What does this mean for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? We get analysis from Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, who notes that while some analysts say GOP gains will accelerate the passage of fast-track legislation in Congress to enable an agreement on the TPP, “it is kind of hard for the Republicans to voluntarily delegate more authority to the guy they’ve been attacking as the imperial president who grabs power that’s not his.” The controversial so-called free trade deal involves 12 countries and nearly 40 percent of the global economy. Trade ministers from the 12 countries negotiating the trade deal are due to meet in Beijing ahead of the Asia-Pacific economic summit next week to continue negotiations.


It’s Our Future

TheOpenmedia on Nov 5, 2014

Over 300,000 Internet users contributed to our crowdsourced vision for free expression online in the 21st century. What matters most to the Internet community? Go to https://OpenMedia.org/OurFuture?src=yt to find out more.

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Action Alert

Open Media

Leaders from 12 countries are holding secret meetings in Beijing where they hope to announce a binding Internet censorship plan through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).1

Leaked documents show the TPP will allow media conglomerates to arbitrarily remove web content, and force Internet providers to monitor and store your online activities.2

They’ve been stopped before after millions of us exposed their plans – now they’re trying to shield themselves from public input through closed-door meetings in China.

They have no excuse. The video above lays out how decision makers can easily act to respect free expression online.

Our task is clear: we must show leaders how unpopular Internet censorship really is.

Send a message to TPP leaders now – if enough of us speak out, they must listen.

via https://openmedia.org/ourfuture?src=156966


Updated: Nov. 7, 2014

TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

ExposeTheTPP on Nov 7, 2014

Find out more, speak up and spread the word:
http://www.StopFastTrack.com; http://www.ExposeTheTPP.org; http://www.sumofus.org/tpp

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could cost us our internet freedom, labor rights, access to affordable medicine, the safety of our food, and protections that keep our water and air clean.


Updated: Nov. 9, 2014

How Would a GOP-Controlled Senate Affect Trade Deals?

TheRealNews on Nov 9, 2014

In the second part of our series, we look at how the new Republican majority will complicate Obama’s efforts to move forward on two trade deals, TPP and T-TIP.




Updated: Nov. 11, 2014

Argh! Obama Wants to Approve TPP – The Job-Killing So-Called Free Trade Deal

The Big Picture RT on Nov 11, 2014

John Nichols, The Nation Magazine joins Thom Hartmann. Unfortunately – because the TPP is being negotiated almost entirely in secret – we don’t know a lot about it. What we do know about it – though – comes almost entirely from leaks – and those leaks paint a pretty scary picture.

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    • Thanks, Stuart!

      I emailed and telephoned my representatives two years ago this month about the dangers of the TPP and the Liar-In-Chief’s desire to Fast-Track it.(Believe it or not, two elected politicians – at that time – said they never heard of the TPP). Marches, petition signing, rallies, phone calls, writing Letters to the Editor, all, while trying to educate the sports-crazed public about it since then. Some of us sound like broken records.

      Now that the “opposition party” will control both Houses in January, the Dronebama might fulfill his dream of Fast-Tracking the TPP. ???

    • Thanks, Tom! It is so important. This effects all of us in our daily lives: food, medicine, net neutrality, etc. There is widespread anger worldwide over this issue, however, the American public is probably unaware.

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