Noam Chomsky: The Official Mission of NATO Became to Control the Global Energy System; To Control the World

Nuclear Extinction

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RT on Nov 7, 2014

How did Russia and the West slip back into what seems like the Cold War all over again? How dangerous is the current confrontation? Should the world be ready to face a nuclear war? World-famous academic, linguist, philosopher and political commentator Noam Chomsky is on Sophie&Co.



Sophie Shevardnadze: World-renowned academic Noam Chomsky, Professor Noam Chomsky, welcome to the show, it’s a great pleasure to have you with us today. Now, today U.S.-Russia relations are at a Cold War low. Rhetoric resembles what we heard in the 80-s. What is the worst-case scenario we could see this turn into? Can the Cold War turn hot? Does U.S. want war?

Noam Chomsky: The worst-case scenario, of course, would be a nuclear war, which would be terrible. Both states that initiate it will be wiped out by the consequences. That’s the worst-case. And it’s come ominously close several times in the past, dramatically close. And it could happen again, but not planned, but just by the accidental interactions that take place – that has almost happened. It’s worth remembering that just one century ago, the First World War broke out through a series of such accidental interchanges. The First World War was horrifying enough, but the current reenactment of it means the end of the human race.


NC: We can think back as far as 1955, when Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein produced an appeal, a joint appeal to the people of the world, in which they said to all of us, you have a choice that is stark, unavoidable, the question is, will you eliminate war or will you eliminate human race? These are your choices. And we’ve come awfully close, several times since: the missile crisis in 1962 was described by Kennedy’s close associate, historian Arthur Schlesinger, as “the most dangerous moment in human history”, and he was quite right, we came very close to a nuclear war. There have been many cases, not that serious, but pretty close, where human intervention with a few-minutes choice has prevented a nuclear war. You can’t guarantee that’s going to continue. It may not be a high probability each time, but when you play a game like that, with low probability risks of disaster over and over again, you’re going to lose. And now, especially in the crisis over Ukraine, and so-called missile-defense systems near the borders of Russia, it’s a threatening situation.




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16 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: The Official Mission of NATO Became to Control the Global Energy System; To Control the World

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  6. Stop calling the US ‘the sole remaining super power’. This ‘super power’ is driving the entire planet to the brink of extinction. The US is the biggest terrorist nation on Earth – it needs to experience a war on it’s own territory, to see and feel first hand what horrors of war are all about. Might will never be right.

  7. I’m inclined to subscribe to the view, that the final arbiter in all global matters will not be the present incumbents, but those who survive the radical education Nature will inevitably provide.

    We have yet to witness the acceptance by all parties to the present chaos, that the absurd “theatre” of their virulent activities is actually a living entity, that our Earth is alive and sentient, an energetic intelligence within an unfathomable, only vaguely intuited but indubitably, infinite cosmos.

    The hubris of mankind far exceeds its professed wisdom, and although there are notable exceptions ~ as history bears witness to great minds and great beings ~ regrettably, they do not warrant the respect that is due to them. We never seem to quite heed the lessons of the past. Memory serves to obscure rather than enlighten.

    The only human characteristic that is greater than hubris, is folly. We truly excel in that respect.

    • So unfortunately true, David.

      Our future is so uncertain. Start planting/planning your garden and get to know your neighbors. We are going to have to rely on each other.

      One of my writers wrote to me saying that her landlord made available a community garden area for all the tenants. We need to push this idea forward. There is much to gain other than good, healthy food from gardening.

      • I do agree, Lo, what David said is unfortunately true.

        And good for that landlord for making an area for the community garden.

        Professor Richard D. Wolff, on yesterday’s “Economic Update” program on (Nov 7, 2014) was fantastic as usual, but in my opinion, the segment about slavery, feudalism, and the replacement – capitalism, was right on the mark!

      • Thanks Lo, that’s a great example.

        I’m heartened by the growth of the transition movement in the US and also how popular permaculture is world-wide. I get all Geoff Lawton’s videos by email, some of them are really excellent and inspirational.

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