Chris Hedges: Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis (updated)

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Last Updated: Nov. 25, 2014

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

The Economics of Happiness on Nov. 12, 2014

This talk was part of symposium organized by Local Futures (formerly ISEC) at Cooper Union in New York City, November 8, 2014. For more information about Local Futures’ work or to listen to other talks from the symposium, go to

Updated: Nov. 20, 2014

Bayo Akomolafe at the “Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis” symposium

Economics of Happiness on Nov. 19, 2014

Bayo Akomolafe is the Coordinator of the International Alliance for Localization (IAL), which was launched in November, 2014 at the Voices of Hope symposium in New York City. Both the symposium and the IAL are projects of Local Futures, an international NGO. To learn more about Local Futures, the IAL, or to hear more talks from the Voices of Hope symposium, go to

Updated: Nov. 21, 2014

Camila Moreno at “Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis”

Economics of Happiness on Nov. 21, 2014

Camila Moreno is a Brazilian researcher and activist focusing on emerging schemes associated with the “green economy.” This is her talk at the Voices of Hope symposium, organized by Local Futures, an international NGO. For more about Local Futures, or to hear more talks from the symposium, go to

Updated: Nov. 25, 2014

Michael Shuman at “Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis”

Economics of Happiness on Nov. 25, 2014

This is Michael Shuman’s talk at the Voices of Hope symposium, which included the launch of the International Alliance for Localization (IAL). Both the symposium and the IAL are projects of Local Futures, an international NGO. For more about Local Futures and the IAL, or to hear more talks from the symposium, go to

From the archives:

Helena Norberg-Hodge: The Right to Fresh, Healthy Food is a Fundamental Human Right (also from the same conference)

Rise Up America, Rise Up! by Mohammed Mesbahi

Sheldon Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist? Part 1, interviewed by Chris Hedges

Rev. Chris Hedges: The Cancer of Mass Incarceration

Helena Norberg-Hodge: Localization: Development without destruction and The Economics of Happiness, interviewed by Cindy Sheehan

29 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis (updated)

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    • What’s so great about Michael Shuman’s talk is simply the fact that he is able to deliver it and we can listen ~ all these excellent speakers demonstrate the power and integrity that exists in the public arena: the political mandarins and their sleazy paymasters are not the only voices out there! They just have a bigger megaphone.

      So bravo to these sacred shape-shifters and wise game changers.

      I want to highlight one seemingly trivial matter, that in my book is actually a master key to understanding the real changes that are on the table, or in the eponymous cards…and, by my lights, both inevitable and necessary.

      That is, the subtle but enormous difference between the notion of share-holding and that of stake-holding.

      The new economics is about stakeholders ~ people who are directly involved in what is being invested in and how it impacts in its minute detail on their own lives, and the well-being of their communities.

      This is the real point, in a viable local economy, the detail is everything, because it is all about serving real peoples’ real needs…it’s just a matter of deciding what one means by success.

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  10. Thanks for the excellent updates Lo.

    I love this sacred activism…stories that give us meaning ~ wonderful deep words from Bayo Akomolafe…and his Wade Davis quote (@ 12:30 & ff) is brilliant.

    Ah yes ~ coming home to ourselves, building a temple without steeples…invisible allies…(common) things wondrous beyond measure…that golden (braided) sky rope…eloquent!

    Now for Camila…

    • “As above so below…” the Hermetic Axiom that Paracelsus transmitted, from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, in Egyptian, Thoth/Tahuti…

      A very different, urgently needed approach here from Camila, a Brasilian, but implicitly connected. This is a powerful, critically, super-important address. We must fight for our global commons with this enviable degree of lucid clarity.

      Of course there is far too much (corporate) money talk ~ that is what they do, talk us to death whilst the ceaseless business of competitive extraction, appropriation and reductive commodification continues apace, unabated, “unassailable” and “unaccountable.”

      Too much specious talk about action to mask inaction; whereas authentic talk must proceed from real ethical actions, sacred intention and successful initiatives, on the ground within communities.

      Vandana Shiva devised the perfect expression “monocultures of the mind.” How right that is. Reality ~ “being” ~ is diverse. The mind that denies the empirical reality of life itself, is an uneducated, impoverished, biophobic, and diseased, ecocidal mind.

      It is the corporate mind of a Monsanto, of Chevron and their cancerous kind. All the same profit-driven mind ~ a mindless mind. A disembodied mind without any sense of moral limits or creative stewardship, or community, or sentience, or universal kin. It is the logic of the dead.

      Just a word on (controlling) metrics ~ it is intriguing to reflect on the alleged fact that ancient Chinese bells (long anteceding their monastic adoption by Western christendom…the expansionist milieu from whence the moralistic guarantors of the capitalist system emerged) were cast as measuring vessels, for apportioning grain; hence their uniformity of tone and regulated capacities…

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  12. I’ve just posted this to augment the Sheldon Wolin interviews, that I already flagged on with the following comment ~

    …A sobering follow-up ~ an electrifying address by Chris Hedges, summarizing the utter shambles that is the iniquitous betrayal of legitimate US political process….

    • I’d also like to thank you Lo for the archive links to H Norberg-Hodge’s great contribution, I’ve been aware of this invaluable work for many years now

      What she was saying in those conversations a few years ago when the Economics of Happiness film was being launched, is even more acutely relevant today, especially this notion of Western seductive power ~ that it’s nothing but a psychological trick, venomous brain-washing imposed by corporate PR “culture” ~ while at the same time, the toxic legacies of Western colonial “continuity” entirely due to historical European expansionism, are the dishonourable “fruits” of unjust war and forced appropriation.

      Truth is, the entire edifice of Western power economics is utterly bankrupt, because it is has been reduced now to a morally eviscerated shell ~ a colossal intellectual hoax!

      A thing without coherent substance cannot support anything ~ even itself, let alone a “world.” This monster is about to crash.

      This fiendishly corrupt corporate monoculture is, as she says, against life itself. What is going on right now in Australia at that despicable “G20” hootenanny makes it abundantly, and blindingly obvious.

      Cameron is a national embarrassment and Abbott is a total biophobic imbecile. As for that featherless biped Harper, words are inadequate….

      These kingpin puppets are so deluded and infatuated with their own pompous drivel, they are utterly bereft of normal reason. As Polly Higgins reminds us, true “corruption” is from the literal French, meaning ‘rupture of the heart.’

      Click to access Ecocide-is-the-missing-5th-Crime-Against-Peace.pdf

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