Chris Hedges: No Ramifications For Police Who Murder + No Indictment For #Ferguson Cop Who Killed Michael Brown

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Updated: Dec. 10, 2014

with Chris Hedges

GRITtv on Nov 24, 2014

Chris Hedges talks in anticipation of protests in Ferguson after the grand jury decision in the case of Darren Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed teenager Mike Brown, this summer.


No indictment for Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown

RT on Nov 24, 2014

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted on any charges for shooting and killing unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown, a St. Louis grand jury has decided.


No indictment for Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown

Nov. 24, 2014

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted on any charges for shooting and killing unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown, a St. Louis grand jury has decided.


In the wake of the decision, the Brown family released a statement saying:

“We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions. While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen.”


Brown’s death sparked immediate criticism from residents and those around the country who believed Wilson used excessive force. Protesters took to the streets calling for Wilson to be identified – police at the time refused to declare who killed the teen – and for him to face charges. Demonstrations lasted for weeks, with law enforcement responding strongly by arriving at protests in riot gear, with armored vehicles, and by using tear gas to clear out activists.



Take Action

Tell the DOJ: Ban racial profiling by Police

Michael Brown’s death is a tragic loss to his family, community, and this nation. But because of this tragedy, and the protests that followed, national leaders are finally paying attention to racial profiling and discriminatory policing.

We must not allow the killing of Michael Brown and other unarmed individuals by the police to be in vain.

With enough widespread public pressure, we can push our leaders to implement effective structural changes and transform policing across the country. It’s about time.

We can’t move forward until our national leaders acknowledge and directly address the recycled vestiges of racial violence and de-humanization, particularly in law enforcement, that still exist today.

Too many lives have been lost and too many continue to be unnecessarily endangered, especially in communities of color.

Urge the DOJ to release their Guidance to ban racial profiling and ask them to make it enforceable, not only on the federal level, but also with state and local law enforcement agencies.



Updated: Nov. 25, 2014

“Democracy on Fire” Protestors Respond to Grand Jury’s Failure to Indict Mike Brown’s Killer

TheRealNews on Nov 25, 2014

The Real News speaks to Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford and Former Black Panther Eddie Conway for their reactions to the decision of a St. Louis County grand jury to not indict Darren Wilson and the next steps for movements fighting for social justice.



Ferguson: Was justice served?

RT America on Nov 24, 2014

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced on Monday night that no charges will be filed against Ferguson, Mo. Police officer Darren Wilson. The long awaited grand jury decision was announced after months of tension in the predominantly African-American community, which was demanding justice for what many believe to be a racially motivated incident. Ben Swann gets the latest from RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky in Ferguson, and hosts a panel discussion on the announcement with attorney Patrice Sutton and civil rights activist Perry Redd.


Ferguson: Chronicle of an insurrection

on Nov 25, 2014

Watch more videos like these on

An in depth look at the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri following the police murder of Michael Brown, a black teenager. Also features an exclusive interview with former Black Panther, Ashanti Alston, about the state of black “America”, abolishing penile power and taking care of your peeps in the muthafuckin resistance.


Updated: Dec. 10, 2014

Ferguson Redux

on Dec 8, 2014

In this sedition a special report on the rebellions that have been rocking Turtle Island in the wake of the “no indictment” of racist cop Darren Wilson for his murder of black teen Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Also a very special interview with’s Franklin López.

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