Chris Hedges: We’ve Decapitated More Civilians Than ISIS Ever Has

Prensa mercenaria y coorporativismo en la NATO del Nuevo Siglo.

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Updated: Dec. 3, 2014

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Nov 28, 2014

Many journalists have been speaking out against the mainstream media, including former New York Times columnist Chris Hedges. He spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent, and claims that an unfettered press corps is a myth. RT producer Tyrel Ventura sat down with Hedges to uncover the truth about freedom of the press.

Updated: Dec. 3, 2014

A longer but similar interview

U.S. Drones kill more people than ISIS: Chris Hedges

GRITtv on Dec 2, 2014

Chris Hedges, author, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and polemicist discusses the importance of resistance to empire, and passionately condemns US foreign policy, saying “There is no difference between a beheading by ISIL and a US drone strike.”

Also a report from Mayday, a new collective organizing space in New York City, and a commentary by Laura Flanders.

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  14. I know I am going back in history to mention Captain Hepburn, whom had a Aboriginal babies head decapitated, now a desirable place to live in Hepburn, Victoria, Australia, I live in its sister city, Daylesford, I have never mentioned this to either residents, for fear that I would speak of that which here in Australia you must remain silent on so many issues, in particular the Lucky country, is the most policed and repressive country of the first world.

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