Embargo Ended: US lifts sanctions against Cuba + #TheCuban5 Are Home


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Good news!

RT on Dec 17, 2014

President Barack Obama has announced an historic move to normalize relations with Cuba. It comes after more than 50 years of tough American sanctions and severed diplomatic ties. Let’s get more from our correspondent Marina Portnaya in New York.


Obama announces end to 50-year standoff with Cuba

RT America on Dec 17, 2014

The US is set to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba after a more than 50-year standoff with the island nation. After finalizing a prisoner swap with Cuban President Raul Castro, US President Barack Obama addressed the nation, outlining a plan for improved relations. The economically devastating economic embargo on Cuba, however, will remain in place. Eva Golinger, journalist and host of RT Spanish’s “Detrás de la noticia,” has more on the historic move.


‘Normalization with Cuba is a sign of global American weakness’ – Adrian Salbuchi

RT on Dec 17, 2014

More than 50 years of American sanctions against Cuba haven’t worked, and Washington is now moving to normalize relations with Havana. According to President Barack Obama. Let’s get reaction from international consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi.


Three Remaining ‘Cuban 5’ Go Home

TheRealNews on Dec. 17, 2014

In a historic move bypassing congress President Obama restores diplomatic relations with Cuba and in a simultaneous telecast President Raul Castro hails the decision but reminds us that the blockade is still in place, says Michael Ratner of the Centre for Constitutional Rights.



Updated: Dec. 18, 2014

The US and Cuba Restore Diplomatic Relations With A Spy Swap

TheRealNews on Dec. 17, 2014

The US has finally admitted defeat in its policies of trying to isolate and overthrow the government of Cuba says, Reese Erlich a freelance journalist and author.


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21 thoughts on “Embargo Ended: US lifts sanctions against Cuba + #TheCuban5 Are Home

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  2. After listening to Obama’s speech regarding Cuba, my conclusion is this: The Russians have shown an interest in establishing a naval base in Cuba, and more trade, development, and financial support for the Cuban government.

    The Imperialist government in Wash. D. C. sees this as a “threat” and more than likely concocted the scheme to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba, and eventually deploying the usurers on Wall Street to offer loans to “build their economy,” and increase the standard of living from the benevolent hearts of the money lenders.

    And if that succeeds, then a U.S. military presence comes next.

    “Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing” … you know the rest!

  3. Despite all the good will and the optimism over this thawing of historic tensions, I must say I’m deeply skeptical ~ and more than a tad suspicious.

    Frankly, history teaches us never to believe the spin that emanates from the corporate White House. Something is afoot I reckon, possibly related to the BRICS alliance or the recent Russian pivot to China. There is some kind of massive tactical assault been launched against Russia and the others. Only China seems capable of outperforming the debt-dollar ~ but at what cost?

    Another possibility exists that is arguably more sinister ~ the Ebola situation. Cuba’s response (as in Haiti) has been stupendous. The reputation of Cuba’s medical aid record is disproportionately generous, bar none.

    Only this worries me ~ what if the Cubans are at risk of stumbling upon some sort of evidence that the viral outbreak was not entirely “natural?” Is it possible the US fears this and needs to exert some measure of “diplomatic” pressure to pre-empt the likelihood of someone blowing a bio-weapon warning whistle or casting doubt on the prevalent story? Leonard Horowitz has put out a lot of material on this topic that is not so easily dismissed.

    It is, of course, a fact that Fidel was educated by Jesuits, so the papal connection obviously has some sympathetic traction in Cuba ~ & Canada evidently, but…if I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it is never to trust any “official” narratives.

    If we heed the astonishingly lucid and impressive talks at the recent October NYC techno-utopian teach-in, then the big predatory capitalist system is heading for imminent cataclysmic problems.

    Something has to give, and somehow I don’t think it will be the cosmic integrity of the entire planetary ecosystem. I’m sure core values (literally in the volcanic sense) will prevail as things are so inexcrably awful already; so frankly I cannot believe that our Sacred Earth will endure this virulent infestation of corporate greed and ignorance ~ that we dignify with the euphemistic epithet “civilized” ~ at least, not for much longer…something is coming…

  4. Because the internet has allowed men and women around the world to become aware of the disrespectful, illegal actions of America through history, plus the increasing negative perceptions from that awareness, entire nations have decided to not deal with Americans, so global market share has dropped and this is an attempt to re-enter those lost markets. Can Americans regain market share through honest, fair business relationships is the question, but it will be difficult to change “customer” perceptions after being burned so often.

  5. Cuban people will lose what little they have know. The government will be taken over by investors from the US and will lend money for improvements, then tax the hell out of people to pay for it. They will want fast action that the people can not hanle.

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