Balls To War – When A World War Stopped To Play Football (Christmas Truce 1914)

Dandelion Salad

In case you missed this from last year posted at the end of an article. Merry Christmas!

World War 1 - War of destruction

Image by Diego Sideburns via Flickr

StoptheWarCoalition on Sep 8, 2013 Video by Heathcote Williams and Alan Cox. On Christmas 1914 in the first world war, thousands of troops on both sides unilaterally declared a truce and played football friendlies instead of trying to kill each other. Their officers moved quickly to stamp out such peaceful developments and in the following four years 16 million people were slaughtered.


from the archives:

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9 responses to “Balls To War – When A World War Stopped To Play Football (Christmas Truce 1914)

  1. Or Brian we need a war to play football.

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  3. We can stop war by not participating in it. Don’t enlist! Support the youth by hiring them, giving them an alternative income. Do something to make higher education more affordable (free!).


  4. Christmas in the Trenches – written and performed by John McCutcheon – YouTube

  5. Of course these days we may stop playing football to have a war break.

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