John Pilger: Ukraine Crisis Could Start World War III + WWIII – The Calm Before The Storm

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Updated: Dec. 21, 2014

with John Pilger

goingundergroundRT on Dec 20, 2014

John Pilger, film-maker and award winning journalist, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the headline events of the year, from CIA torture to the Ukraine crisis. He says the whole tenure of the BBC coverage of the Torture report was ‘does torture work?’ Modern British history is full of torture, and the British were ‘masters’ at it. When the OSS become the CIA, it split into 2 sections – one an intelligence gathering section, the other a covert operations arm for the presidency, the central part of which was torture. He warns that the culture of apologising for the state, to minimise its responsibility, has ‘burrowed’ into the minds of correspondents, citing the defence correspondent on Newsnight failing to mention the role of Britain when appraising why the Middle East was a mess. He also says that parliamentary inquiries like the Nolan inquiry and the Chilcot inquiry are stopped before they can get anywhere, describing it as a ‘series of whitewashes.’ He talks of a ‘consensus’ to cover up, citing the arms to Iraq inquiry, where the only person that the judge commended was a Foreign Office official who described the Foreign Office as a ‘culture of lying.’ He says that the number of high-ups in the British establishment who committed serious offences ‘numbered in the dozens,’ and the only difference between the US and UK in torture is ‘in terms of scale.’ The real issue in democracies is ‘dissent being constrained’ physically on the streets. He believes it is ‘dangerous’ to protest in the way people did in 2003, whether you are an establishment figure, a journalist, or just a man on the street.

He says the Sydney siege, whilst horrific, still has to be deconstructed to find what’s missing from it. He points out that the Australian PM declared it a ‘terrorist act’ within minutes of it starting, when it turned out to be a lone wolf, and asks why someone with his history was on the loose. He argues that looking at the list of demands, they were all negotiable, and asks why force was used, and says ‘it seems very likely that the people in there were killed by the police and not by the terrorist.’

With Russia, he says he has never known the truth ‘so inverted’ over any one issue. He believes we are in the midst of a cold war more dangerous than the one he grew up with, comparing the raw propaganda of the prior to what we’re seeing now, with a ‘real possibility’ of a nuclear war. He compares it to Iraq, because both involved ‘fiction,’ the idea that Russia is attacking the West. He says oil prices were driven down by agreement between the US and Saudis, to wreck the Russian economy. He says it was NATO and the US that took over Ukraine, to the point that Joe Biden’s son is on the board of Ukraine’s biggest private gas provider. At a meeting in Yalta in September 2013, the ‘takeover of Ukraine was planned’ by prominent politicians and multinationals. There was a ‘coup stage-managed by the Obama administration,’ and blame shifted to Russia, who acted purely defensively. He says there is a ‘real prospect of war’ with a nuclear power and strong conventional military, and Putin has now started ‘talking red lines’ himself. He describes ‘extraordinary propaganda’ promoting tension and demonising Russia, which ‘may end up being self-fulfilling.’

John is crowdfunding his new documentary, ‘The Coming War between America and China’, about the perceived threat to the US from China.


Updated: Dec. 21, 2014

WWIII – The Calm Before The Storm

StormCloudsGathering on Dec 21, 2014

In historical terms these are the final seconds of the 11th hour, and the clock is ticking.

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16 thoughts on “John Pilger: Ukraine Crisis Could Start World War III + WWIII – The Calm Before The Storm

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  7. Korean veterans, British veterans,of the Korean war, I have many years ago heard of a account of a American soldier, machine gunning thousands of Koreans, with bodies piled upon each other, it was described as mesmeric , in this situation the so called enemy are no longer people, nor humans but a technical exercise.
    Nothing radical will happen to change what is happening such as war, corporations, and the Rothschilds, and so on, something will happen when people are no longer comfortable, as you know how a common to say, I am comfortable with that, we must all be comforted in case we have the realization that we dread the reality of what is, that is as long as it is not us, unless as the Sydney saga shows that two decent people died, the same day one hundred eighty children were killed in Pakistan shot, they are foreigners, and no doubt are not as hygienic as us, on the day the two killed in the cafe, the question of who? it was implied Man Haron monis had used a gun before the police entered, triggering the police entry, this also conflicts with Monis had been so tired as to start nodding off, the truth is more likely the police knew Monis was on the nod and made a drama of entry, this pantomine would enhance security police and Abbotts, ideology of looking after the public’s welfare, whereas the intention of Abbott would be to instill fear into the public, so Abbott becomes a quasi saviour, rather than a immature prime minister and having lost his calling to be head scout master.
    In the haste of the moment it is unfortunate two people died from being shot by security police, this is a high price paid for the greater glamour of popularity and the pop star culture.
    It is significant the Australian media says that Monis was a nobody, it is significant that the Islamic faith implies all are equal before God, if as Thatcher said their is no society only individuals who by and large are nobodies, would it be reasonable to think by joining the Islamic faith you become of significance, as opposed to the individual becoming increasingly alien, is it surprising the youth find inspiration in a direction other than profiteering?

    • Don: It’s a sad commentary when you have to worry about whether or not you’ll be safe while sitting in a cafe, having a cup of coffee and perhaps conversation without being shot.or blown up by a disgruntled person.

      John Pilger is a remarkable film maker and able to separate fact from fiction and explain things in a clear way for even the most uninformed person to understand.

      Good news from “The States.” I was at a Christmas Season get together yesterday and talked to several people I know who are leaving the pro-war, pro-corporate, pro-imperialist Democratic Party, in disgust and joining the Green Party.

      Unfortunately for Planet Earth, I think WW3 is on the horizon, with the Ukraine being the catalyst to wage war against Russia by the Wall Street puppet in the White House, the war-monger degenerates in the Pentagon, and the European sociopaths and psychopaths of NATO.

      All because of a disregard for Universal Law which supersedes any man-made religion or creed. Hence, The Law of Cause and Effect.


      • I agree Frank on your appraisal of Pilger, he is understandable to all, and has the courage, to be a outsider, also David, I having been trained more in the visual arts, starting with Hornsey College of Art, London, no longer known as such, having retired from hot glass work, feel on the whole visual arts are a restrictive and limiting factor for some time, in relationship with the impending possibility of WW3, looming, makes the visual arts somewhat absurd, if it is a nuclear assortment, a pretty picture can look messy, although having not been trained in the art of writing, I attempt to deal with written ideas to the best of my abilities, if I divert and mention class distinctions, little if anything written in the 18th and 19th century and before is a blank sheet of working class commentaries or the written word, for obvious reasons, therefor, The horse that starts the race with a 50 kilo handicap nevertheless may not finish first but has contributed to the performance.
        My problem is in part a major issue of world leaders and their condescending attitude to the general population of the world, Australian TV, today we are informed Australia having paid $40 million dollars of taxpayers money to FIFA, for the game, with no result, we are told cut backs are necessary, Sol Trujillo, having made a tidy sum of Australian taxpayers money of tens of millions of dollars, leaving our telephone infrastructure in a mess, having swanned back to the USA, with the cash, the present system of world government and the politicians have become the some of the lowest grade human beings to run our planet, they are just up themselves, divorced from human values, is it any wonder we are heading towards WW3? I believe the leaders think they will escape in their bunkers and carry on their dreams, with a depopulated planet?

        • Don, “politicians have become the some of the lowest grade human beings to run our planet…” how apt!!

  8. John Pilger never fails to deliver bone-chilling political and moral truths.

    We should heed his powerful words, and pay great attention to the implications he so adequately describes. This is not a time for half-hearted procrastination and denial.

    He is not alone in raising the alarm about the present situation. Jeffrey Sachs among others, recently made a similar plea for sanity with respect to Ukraine

    My real fear is that the infantile stupidity of our current career politicians here in the UK, will blunder us into an appalling catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions; by their feeble surrender of Britain’s sovereign responsibility to media-fawning gestures of support for the corporate cheerleaders of exceptionalist US tyranny.

    US hegemonic oligopoly is now so toxic and so dangerous, it threatens to undermine all life on Earth. The big plutonium stick of full-spectrum dominance is so unwieldy and microscopically lethal, it may in fact precipitate the strategic collapse of the NATO alliance, if these Strangelove imbeciles persist in their obsessive quest for ultimate maniacal control. This is Napoleonic ambition run to (GM) seed. Colossal folly.

    Fracking companies? Cargill? Monsanto? These are the zombie capitalists from hell.

    Mr Putin, as we are only too aware, is a black belt in judo/jujitsu, and a tactical genius, arguably now an adopted protege of M Gorbachev; however, we should also not fail to consider that the full complement of 64 traditional martial arts are said to have originated in China ~ as did the “Art of War.”

    Korean veterans from Britain still speak of the blood curdling intimidation of wave after wave of Chinese infantry, an endless human tsunami of overwhelming numbers that vastly outgunned those serving troops, in bitterly sub-zero temperatures during the 1950’s.

    The sick US priapic phantasists may love their oh-so-smart weapons systems, and smugly bask in the vain-glorious comfort & bunkered hubris of their global McBases; but consider the wealth of a United Eurasia, once it is prudently translated into potential asset value.

    The United States is/are seriously over-extended, horrendously polluted, short of water, beset with grievous social problems, struggling with redundant infra-structure, while their forests, rivers and soils are gravely over-exploited and degraded.

    So what will the derivatives junkies do when that Mickey Mouse money bubble blows up in smoke? Ask China for a bail-out? Or just provoke yet another European war?

    “NATO” is no longer part of any acceptable solution, it is our greatest liability, simply because it is not in the least accountable or answerable to the ecological rule of law, but serves the repulsively sinister forces of ph/farmageddon, cancerous ecocide and genocidal indigenous displacement.

    • David, you nailed it again. Great post! Ah, Pilger is one of those extraordinary “Lights of the World,” and bearer of the Truth. I love that man.

      To sort of sum up your comments above, I would call it American hubris which may well cause our demise as a nation, sooner than we think.It reminds me of an article by Paul Craig Roberts some years ago.

      PCR mentioned the fact that within eighteen months, Germany conquered about twelve countries, but that was not enough for Hitler, whose main focus was the destruction of the Soviet Union. Thinking they’d beat the Soviets in about three months launched Operation Barbarossa because of that same hubris. Consequently, Zukov’s Red Army shortened the Fuhrer’s “Thousand Year Reich” plan for peace and prosperity under German leadership by 988 years.

      Master Race? American Exceptionalism? Hmmm…two “terms” with the same meaning.

      “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

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