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Please watch to the very end past the credits. Enjoy and think. ~ DS

October 2014

A short computer generated film about revival and hope, with a flock of elegant slow motion butterflies.

a frame from Gone? - a short folm about hope and beauty, with slow motion

Image by Elitsa Dimitrova via Flickr

Storyline: Revival of endangered butterflies, who come to life and fly away from the picture frame where they were initially constrained. Slow motion of their flight shows their sheer beauty.

Main characters are three butterfly species:

Large Copper (Lycaena dispar) – extinct in Britain since mid XVII century, rare in Europe;
Wood White (Leptidea sinapis) – rare;
Large Blue (Phengaris arion) – critically endangered, became extinct in 1979 on the British Isles, then successfully reintroduced – in essence: revived.

The end scene shows the Large Blue butterfly as a symbol of hope.

Environment: The interior is based on the Great Hall of the Queen’s House (in Greenwich, London), the first truly classical Renaissance building to be erected in Britain, currently a fine art gallery.
“Renaissance” means revival and the setting was chosen purposefully to symbolise the revival of the endangered/extinct beautiful butterflies.

Direct: Endangered species can be protected, extinct can be revived, we just need to care about them. Noticing their beauty is the first step.

Hidden: Your soul and what matters to you can escape any confinement and be set free and reborn, and be beautiful in its flight.

A production of Elyarch (elyarch.com)
Created by Elitsa Dimitrova and Graham Macfarlane
This film has not been commissioned, it shows what we can achieve.

Special thanks to:
Russell Pennington, Tsvetelina Tsvetkova, Slav Trifonov, Adriyana Dimitrova, Ivo Simeonov, Teo, Spiros Kalomiris
for their continuous support and constructive criticism

Chaos Group Vray and Phoenix PD, 3D Studio Max, Adobe After effects and Photoshop, Red Giant Trapcode Form, Frischluft Lenscare, Video Copilot Optical Flares, Acoustica Mixcraft

Creative Commons License: by nc nd


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  2. Hi Dandelion Salad,

    To ensure consistency with all our online channels I have replaced the Flickr images from Elyarch’s short “Gone?” with higher resolution frames.
    As a result the images you have linked to on your blog no longer exist (display) and you will have to relink them.
    Quick links to the new versions:
    a frame from Gone? - a short film about hope and beauty, with slow motion
    a frame from "Gone?" - a 3D short film about freedom, hope and beauty
    a frame from Gone? - a 3D short film about freedom, hope and beauty
    a frame from Gone? - a short film about hope and beauty, with slow motion

    Sorry about this!


  3. Thank you very much for featuring our short film!
    We are glad that our intention of thought provoking has been appreciated and even associated to new meanings…
    Elitsa Dimitrova,

    • Hi Elitsa, thank you so much for making it and allowing us to share it with our readers through Creative Commons. It’s beautiful work you’ve done. I’ve watched it several times.

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