If Hope Remains Dormant, Freedom Remains Elusive by ashiftinconsciousness

by ashiftinconsciousness
Guest Writer, Dandelion Salad
December 26, 2014

Look at the things we teach our children: that it’s OK to do horrible things – just don’t get caught.

a frame from Gone? - a 3D short film about freedom, hope and beauty

Image by Elitsa Dimitrova via Flickr

Imagine someone was caught teaching their children it’s acceptable to torture, but not acceptable to talk about it because people would then hate you. That person’s children would be taken away.

However, when the CIA tortures people for nothing more than the suspicion that they MIGHT have done something wrong (according to the “moral” code of the dominant war-machine culture) and corporate media complains about the people bringing up the issue instead of complaining about the torture itself, something is seriously wrong. We’re obviously being conditioned to accept violent, aberrant behavior and to exist in an amoral society.

Is American exceptionalism merely American expressionism? Or American Impressionism? Corporate Media paint pictures of the U.S. that no one else sees. (Of course, you’ll always have your mentally ill dystopian fantasy freaks like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh who see ludicrous images that seem as if they’ve come out of dysfunctional comic books written for violently narcissistic adolescent boys who get off on hurting girls and animals – and basically anyone or anything they don’t understand).

Corporate tools like these obedient clowns of pompous ignorance have caused a desertification of culture in our society that should terrify everyone – yet they’ve become wealthy through the mass distribution of their bile sermons of irrational banter and bizarre rants.

Perhaps American Reactionism would be a better description. The talking mouths of the U.S. Fear Industry love to react animatedly to ANYTHING that supports compassion, tolerance and inclusion, then to use fear and hate speech to induce violent reactions in the masses. The better to keep people misdirected through fighting and struggling so as not to see the structures of society collapsing all around us. Even as they walk their pathetic walk of the living dead, people don’t notice their own footprints in the dust after the collapse.

Imagine a society in which more money is spent on incarcerating people than educating people. Or imagine a nation spending more of its resources on a military than on housing, food, education, energy, the environment, science, transportation and basic community services combined.

Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine that. We DO that here in the good ‘ol U S of A (according to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget).

No wonder we’ve become a nation of sterile, soulless automatons who’ll trample women and children to death for the latest new toy, but won’t take the time to exercise our constitutionally protected right to have a voice in OUR government.

Stimulating conversation has degenerated into a mindless ritual of swapping cliches. Creativity has been contaminated by the mediocrity of an obedience-obsessed desire to appeal to the largest number of people from something natural and vibrant into something barren, impotent and comfortable (making it easier to sell violence and dysfunction packaged as music, art and storytelling).

If a society loses the right to be honest, it loses the ability to distinguish truth from myth. And, it loses something vital to being human. The ability to express one’s own ideas is one of the basic necessities of civilization. Without it, we are caged animals who don’t have the sense to see our self-enforced limitations or the courage to attempt to free ourselves from certain slavery.

Censorship of any kind is a definite sign of the degradation and eventual collapse of a society. That includes the disingenuous practice of sellouts in the media being paid to “express” what appears to be dissident opinion but only goes far enough to get people to scratch the surface of their discontent. If it rings true in your caged mind but doesn’t ring true in your heart, then something is missing.

(The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth…) 

The educational system of a civilized nation would stimulate (not simulate) creative thought. It would encourage diversity instead of throwing everything into the vaunted melting pot to come up with a homogenized brew of bland sleeptalking baby food designed to instill obedience and complacency into our children.

It would tailor education to address the specific needs of all of our children instead of relying on standardized tests that are inherently biased against non-white students. Instead of fortifying the school to prison pipeline with class warfare, racist legislation, building more jails and hiring more prison guards; we could invest in quality education by using creative teaching techniques which have been shown to spark the imagination of a child. This would allow a child to enjoy learning and arouse a healthy sense of curiosity.

We need to take a close look at the drab insipidness of our current educational system and instill a vibrancy that will generate a higher level of thought worthy of a civilization. Truth can be buried by the tedium of vapidity and bland, lifeless discourse. This causes a putrifaction of the human race which inevitably leads to a lower level of consciousness. We all need to be inspired to achieve our potential.

Inspiration can come from many sources, but not from selling our minds to the highest bidder as if we’re nothing more than objects at a twisted auction of humanity. To ignore this truth and acquiesce to a barren state of stagnancy is brutally criminal for the manipulative slaveholders and suicidal for the masses who welcome it.

If truth is obscured, life loses meaning. And if hope remains dormant, freedom remains elusive. And, after all, what is life really?

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25 thoughts on “If Hope Remains Dormant, Freedom Remains Elusive by ashiftinconsciousness

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  9. Dear ashiftinconsciousness,

    Thank you for summing up just about everything wrong with “modern” society, which, in spite of technological “advances” have led the mass of people astray by the very adept and subtle social engineering by the “black magicians” of mammon who have created majority populations (headquartered here in the United States) of non-thinking consumers and wage slaves, with enforcement by police stormtroopers (American black shirts and brown shirts of Europe’s past) who are willing to turn on their fellow citizens (and so would the armed forces of the military war machine) all for “thirty pieces of silver” (meaning a steady job with a steady paycheck and excellent benefits with early retirement) when instructed to do so by their behind the scenes masters who control the politicians and who are subservient to the monied-class.

    Great and profound comments by all! Thanks, DS with sharing this article with the readers.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and insightful commentary on modern society. If only more people could (or would) see through the smoke screens set up by the mind warriors of the dominant war culture we might actually have a civilization. Peace.

  10. “mentally ill dystopian fantasy freaks”…I love this description of those who endlessly cheerlead and stoke the seemingly endless capacity for inflicting pain and suffering on fellow human beings that the U.S. has demonstrated both at home and abroad. Torture is pretty much the end of the line for any so-called civilized society. This is a thoughtful, well reasoned essay from an outstanding fellow blogger (who also happens to be a helluva musician).

    Glad you shared this piece, DS.

    • Thanks, Jeff. Hope you’ve been well. I so agree with your statement about the end of the line for our society. Shameful.

      Yes, I did have to share this excellent piece with the DS readers.

      Cool, didn’t know he/she’s a musician, too.

    • 🙂 Thanks for your (as always) insightful comment (and compliment).

      Glad you liked that description. 🙂 I often see those pathetic mouthpieces as cartoon characters (Ronnie Raygun, too, who I refer to as the cartoon president ). Though those people stoke the flames of fear and hatred so obediently and cause damage to our perceived democracy, I still have a difficult time taking them seriously.

      Now that I’ve been “outed” as a musician, do I have to post more of my strange, low budget music? 🙂

      Thanks, again.

  11. Thanks for this thoughtful and highly expressive piece, it says it all in ways that are exceptionally clear.

    Whatever happened to common sense?

    I believe the psychopathy that rules the United States is almost entirely a consequence of the genocidal history that produced the “American dream.”

    The total annihilation of indigenous peoples and their cultures, has generated a massive psychosis & diseased climate of wholesale denial, expressed through unprecedented violence and machine dominance.

    When everything is reduced to a soulless mechanistic commercial transaction, nothing is real unless it has a price or a function. Even your thoughts are now a commodity. Instead of free and fair exchange being the key, the tokens of exchange have become the “sacred” operants that dictate the terms of the whole society. This is actually institutionalised insanity.

    OK, if that is so what is the next step? What’s the cure?

    In my opinion, the change can only arise through intelligent localism, the proactive recognition of community consciousness, primarily cultivated at the state level. Once you have that seedbed of lived experience, as a thriving and flourishing example of the reality of a biophilic, responsible & creative existence, then all things become possible.

    • Thanks, David, so glad you enjoyed this piece, too. I read it from the author’s blog and had to ask to republish it here.

      Truly, localization is an answer. The corporate control over so many aspects of our lives is thoroughly out of hand. We must do something to resist.

    • Thanks for the incisive comment.

      The U.S. was born of genocide; raised on war, manipulation and oppression and continues to feed off the working class of the world. The major product made in this country is a large class of obedient automatons.

      Your opinion for a “cure” for our collective illness is on point. Unfortunately, not enough people can see through the smokescreen of obfuscation and recognize their own responsibility for our dilemma.

      Thank you.

  12. Take the time and take a good look at the American cartoons. Too many depict violence and cruelty while interpreting it as being funny. To a young child, not knowing better, this becomes the norm. But then so much in American society relates to violence.

    • Excellent point, Vera. Parents need to watch TV with their children, too, so they are available to answer questions and/or point out things in the TV show/program. Limiting TV for children is a good idea, too. Generally neither happen and children are left alone watching whatever TV programs they choose to watch.

    • Yes, it does. We in the U.S. are conditioned to accept violence and dysfunction every day of our lives to help deaden compassion and cooperation. This, obviously, distracts from the masses realizing the depth of indoctrination perpetrated by the corporate media. We can’t have people becoming aware of the virtual slavery we are cunningly led into.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

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