Bob Koehler: Abolish the CIA, interviewed by Cindy Sheehan

Stop Wars

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by Cindy Sheehan
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Blog
Jan. 4, 2015

Welcome to 2015 and to the beginning of the 7th year of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox!


Guest: “Peace Journalist” Bob Koehler

Topic: Abolish the CIA

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12 thoughts on “Bob Koehler: Abolish the CIA, interviewed by Cindy Sheehan

      • Thanks Lo that’s great! I don’t use fb myself much but I’ve retained it ever since joining when I attended the 2008 (US) Association for the Study of Esotericism biennial gathering in Charleston.

        I’ve just got back from Oxford here in UK from the annual Real Farming Conference that was just amazing this year, totally brilliant. we were bigger this year thyan the “mainstream” corporate agribusiness mob ~ quite a result!

        So a lot to follow up on, Dave Murphy was there from, and both the Kucinich’s….also Dr Elaine Ingham gave the first presentation on soil biology, just superb….

  1. “Western intelligence” agencies must be ferociously stupid if they can’t pre-empt the very things they purport to prevent.

    It’s rather strange, that with all the colossal franchise of surveillance that the USA has promoted world-wide at staggering expense, that all these frequent “jihadist” shooter episodes ~ in the US, Canada, Australia and now France ~ fall into a suspicious pattern of stunts pulled by “well-known” and closely monitored individuals. So, how come they were not stopped before perpetrating their heinous actions?

    Seems to me the eponymous NATO “strategy of tension” is astonishingly alive and very well indeed. It took 85,000 mobilized personnel to “eliminate” those alleged Algerian felons in France….a bit like trying to swat a few pesky flies with a fully equipped aircraft carrier.

    The CIA and its crony colleagues all around the suffering globe should consider adopting the motto “We are the devil we know only too well ~ the enemy is/(R) US.”

    This is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, that is being rather cringingly trumpeted already here in the UK, as the most influential event in the history of international civilization.

    Maybe, since the good ol’ USA is acknowledged to have been so profoundly influenced by the Great Charter, through the Constitution & Bill of Rights, it is a timely and appropriate opportunity to remind everyone that no-one ~ not even a King, Pope or President even a billionaire Corporate Boss or whomever ~ is, according to that historical convention, ever actually exempt from this universally applicable and fundamental Rule of Law.

    That appears to be a salient fact that has slipped past the eagle-acuity of even the most devoted guardians of media sanctity like Fox News and all the rest of the hibernating morons, that infest the American airwaves with their semi-delirious comatose hallucinations, specious dribbling, revolting imbecile farts and genetically contaminated burps.

    • Excellent points, David.

      We need to understand why there is a surveillance state. It is to control the people, certainly not to secure our “homelands”. I would think the people in the UK already understand this as they are constantly under surveillance with the CCTVs everywhere. Their behavior has changed.

      • The Rothschilds and allied finance corporation who employ think tanks on controlling the mass population perception of what reality they desire to propagate, would have some concern with blogs such as this, as at this moment in media propaganda, these controllers would have little concern because of the limited followers on this site, what is of concern is if the followers of this media is implications of the future of influence, also the general public are involved with debt that the Rothchilds are owed, and the mind set of the public being so indoctrinated that it may be a century or more in things before getting out of hand, also in the future will increase war on the public using infection and disease through food being poor quality and nano polution of food such as fish, and so on.

    • It is so the military and police of some 88 thousand to corner two individuals of crime, if a number of individuals thought to be terrorists simultaneous committed to terrorism, would be a considerable strain on controlling forces of law and order, considering these people whom are agents described as nothing or cowards and other derogatory labeling, is this creating a possibility of nothing becoming something? like the Universe coming from nothingness becomes somethingness? if we look at the recent atrocities of the Israeli assault upon the Palestinians of some two thousand or more and the destruction of their infrastructure, is this contributing and creating hurt and pain for those who have association either culturally or by blood? the outcome of targeting the publication offices that having a policy that any aspect of human endeavor is fair game to use derision bearing in mind the sensitive nature of those who feel they are victims of the Western Alliance? meaning Israel who supported by three mainstream powers, America, Britain and France?
      Australian TV, has had a endless commentary of so called experts savoring and analysing for our well being and safety, we should not panic nor become perturbed over terrorist activities? although we have to protect our population with semi automatic weapons that police now use as a every day event, when in my birth town, London, before coming to Australia, in 1977, it was unheard of to see police armed in such a way, before the time the greatest threat British police had was the threat of the Hippies? and their philosophy that had to be dealt with as slogans such as “make peace not war” is a serious threat to the war Lords of the Western Allies, in fact worst than terrorism, in terms of diminishing arms sales for Britain, and worst a revolution that threatened a war like nation with a history of violence, with a concern the privileged 1% may loose its comfort of existence, in particular having the pleasure of seeing the masses as a low grade stock that deserves contempt for being born as lowly stock and even Buddha had the same idea, if you are of low class stock you have to be born again to be as say Buddha, being of Royal stock, this is why the untouchables of India, have to suffer because of their misdeeds of former lifetimes of evil?
      The surprising thing of Britain, is how Britain became in such a short time morally impeccable? as Cameron states in Parliament these despicable terrorists? with a encore from his mates cheering this pop star on, I have not worked out the logistics but being born in 1937, I would say my great great grandfather would have witnessed the public hangings in Marble Arch, of those who having committed some offence? such as stealing bread, for the edification of the entertainment of our public, how can such a macabre country as Britain become the beacon of light on moral purity? the aspect of pedophilia in high places no doubt is a slight contradiction of Buddhistic philosophy? here we are not looking at a few omissions of considerations of a tangled maze, meaning here the cartoon artists having karmic repercussions of slaughter no worst than the hangings of Marble Arch.

      • Well said, DW.

        I’m ten years younger than you, and although I grew up in the UK I escaped to Canada when I was 20 & stayed there for 23 years.

        My experience of our Britsh (brutish?) establishment revealed how it has always hidden behind a facade, a mask of “respectability” ~ an almost totally crapulous (…etymology = drunken, dissipated…) pretence, that I’ve never fallen for, in fact I’ve called its bluff all my life despite struggling with the epigenetic contamination it confers!

        British arrogance still exists and is only thinly disguised as good will. It needs to be challenged intelligently and called to full account far more robustly.

        The bleeding-heart spectral displays of the crony-creepy classes, belie the reality under the surface, that is ruthless, hierarchic, landed and insidiously destructive. The arms trade is the root of it, big industry, big agri-business, all morally contaminated by the debt-money disease that drives the religious contagion of consumerist war-machinery, state terror & fake “development-ethics.”

        The best medicine is real education from lived experience and rigorous self-examination.

  2. I have never thought of the CIA, being abolished, what a great idea, in view of these people working outside The American Constitution, therefore making this organization a criminal institute that avoids and evades the law, these people are culpable.

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