Chris Hedges: How Prisons Rip Off and Exploit the Incarcerated, Part 2

Decarcerate PA rally #occupyPhilly

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Jan 7, 2015

Eddie Conway and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges continue their discussion about the forms of slavery and exploitation thriving in today’s U.S. prison system


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18 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: How Prisons Rip Off and Exploit the Incarcerated, Part 2

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  15. Chris ends by talking about predatory corporate entities like the defence, security & surveillance “industries.”

    As Jerry “Peacemaker” suggests, the hypocrisy of exploitative incarceration is just legion. I’d add another to that corporate list ~ the “deception industry.”

    This really is the lowest, most base and depraved epoch, because of the sheer lunacy of greed and paranoia, an age that’s witnessing the death throws of capitalism. The cadaver is writhing with corruption that is devouring it from the inside.

    It is a hideous seething spectacle of dreadful terminal corruption. The stench is simply appalling, all branches of “government” are afflicted with the disease.

    If we must have “prisons” why not model them on earlier monastic principles, and cultivate inmate-run market gardens at the very centre, so they could grow their own wholesome food-stuffs, prepare them for themselves and discover healthy self-sufficiency, even selling their surplus or adding value by establishing canning, juicing and freezing facilities?

    Sure, it would take some imagination and a steel will to make a real difference ~ but, why not?

    Organization is indeed the key to everything and nothing organizes more efficiently and effectively than Nature…ultimately She is our noblest and truest Teacher, the authentic arbiter of our collective destiny..

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, David. In other countries, there are prison farms.

      Just posted this article,, which states,

      “Will there be cops when classes are gone?

      One way for a Marxist to judge whether a specific social group in the present capitalist state setup is parasitic or really performs socially necessary and useful work is to ask whether such groupings would be needed in a socialist system after the abolition of all class rule. Clearly police will not be needed. With the abolition and disappearance of all vestiges of class privilege, the need for a coercive special force, even a workers’ militia, becomes superfluous.”

      We must look at the big picture. End Capitalism!

  16. Corrections Corporation of America. Prisoners who earn degrees while serving time have a 4% recidivism rate, compared to 60% for those who don’t, $40-50,000 per prisoner per year, while university graduates in all fields, fully capable of teaching in prisons, are unable to find full time positions.

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